Wonderful New World

“I do not have the answers that would continue to make of me a teacher and you a student. The answers to the elevation of the personal self and the living of Christ-consciousness in form are yet to be revealed and shared. This is the time that is before us, the time of creation of the future, the time of the creation of a future not based upon the past.” (ACOL, T4:12.32)

This quotation is a very important one in A Course of Love. Jesus’s words here explain why he won’t be our teacher anymore. He is Christ-consciousness, and he remains the “I Am” of true reality. He actually doesn’t know how our future will play out, because we (and he) are creating that reality right now. The best that Jesus can do is to lead us to that future, lead us to sustenance of Christ-consciousness, and then he does know that all will be well. There are no guarantees that we will follow his lead into Christ-consciousness, but it is indeed probable. And on this probability we rest content.

Our future will not be based on what we have known in the past, a past that we often rue. Our future will be new in every sense of the word. We will not lose Jesus in this future. He will be right here with us, embracing us, giving us love, giving us reassurance. But he is not our teacher any longer at this culmination of the Fourth Treatise in ACOL. He is much more for those of us still willing to listen. He is a companion and a partner in creating this wonderful new world.

The time of the future is yet to be revealed. We already know that Jesus will not be predictive, for probable realities differ, and there are many branches that stem from probable realities. But we can reach toward Christ-consciousness, and with this reaching forth, we will create a future that is unlike the past. We can envision a better future, and in this we have Jesus as our partner in creation. The future could not be more promising.

The self will be elevated in this new time. We will be in unity with God and humankind, in unity with heart and mind, and living in Christ-consciousness—if we are as fortunate as Jesus hopes. We will be the elevated Self of form, a new dimension of selfhood yet to be realized, but one that holds much promise for human beings who are living ultimate salvation.


Help me today to live in the present, a present that is safe and secure, because it doesn’t partake of the fear that looking both backward and forward does. In the present moment, life is easy, for I am looking in only one direction, the direction of here and now. Thank you for guiding me to know the truth of this idea, the true reality that it is.

I would be my Self today, for my Self is courageous, peaceful, contented, and harmonious—for my Self lives in love every moment of the day. I thank You for the glimpses of this Self that You have afforded me over my lifetime. I would begin sustaining that Self sooner rather than later.



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