Envision a Better Future & Create It So

“Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“I come to you today as co-Creator of the Self you are and the Self you hope to represent with your physical form. I come to you today not as a personal self who is “other” than you, but as a divine Self who is the same as you. In our union we bear the sameness of the Son of God. In going forth with the vision of unity you become as I was during life. You “receive” and you “give” from the well of the spirit. You need not prepare or plan, you need only to claim your inheritance, your gifts, your Self.” (ACOL, D:1.1 – 1.2)

With the quotation for today, we begin to consider the final, third, part of A Course of Love, the Dialogues. This culmination offers much solace to those who are ready to receive it. We are stepping into our own in this final part of ACOL. We are dialoguing with Jesus, assuming the same Self that he embodies, for all, at the Self level, are the same.

We do not need to prepare or plan for what we will do next. Revelation will give us our marching orders. And we most certainly don’t need to fret about what lies ahead. Our judgments and our fears need to be left in the dust at our feet. And our separation from God, healed now, will take us into a future that will ultimately be brighter than anything we have known previously.

The future of the world might not seem bright to all reading these words. Many are still going through hard times, but it is by the grace of God that we will survive, and survive well. Our emotional well-being is paramount in deciding what our future will look like. Our best scenario is a world in which people turn to the best that is within them, and that best is the Christ-Self, lying dormant in so many. If we pay attention to the words of ACOL, the Christ-Self will no longer lie dormant within ourselves.

Be gentle with ourselves. Let relaxation sweep over us. Take it easy. This harmonious frame of mind is the best one in which to envision a future of peace, and all of us want that. Envision a better future, and even if the world seems to disintegrate around us, we can know a quiet happiness, an assurance, that all will ultimately turn out well.

There is no trick to believing so. Our faith sustains us. Our trust in Jesus’s channeled words will see us through. Just don’t return to fear and judgment. Let those unfortunate traits remain in the past. And pray that Christ-consciousness, with its equanimity, will embrace us even as the arms of Jesus embrace us. The God deep within will answer every need at the point of our recognition of that need, and so there truly are no needs. Ask today for what wells up within as a need, and watch the solution form. There is no delay.
We are co-creating the future with Jesus. And he is here for us, guiding us as an equal partner in the working out of our world’s future.


It is hard for me to see a bright future sometimes. I need Your reassurance that all will truly be well. I have been saying that, for I feel it internally, but I still need reassurance often.

May this day go well. May I be calm and relaxed, at peace, and feeling love. This is Your way for me. This is Your way for everyone.


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