Indwelling God

“This is akin to thinking of a god who exists outside or apart from your¬self. If you fully accepted your true identity, you would no longer look outside of yourself for guidance for you would realize that your Self is all there is. We are one body, one Christ. We are one Self.” (ACOL, D:1.23)

Surely this assertion of Jesus’s means that we have a mystical touching with God, a mystical touching that reaches into our depths. We know, from what Jesus has said elsewhere, that the Christ-Self is a part of God, this Christ-Self who we embody deep within. And he also tells (here, too) that this Self is one with all (“one body, one Christ. . . .one Self”). It takes a mystical understanding to comprehend, even a little bit, what this means. If we are One with all, we are One with God, the All, the One.

We are not omniscient, though. And we have long seen God as omniscient and omnipresent. So there are mysteries in what Jesus is saying here. The overall point is, though, that we are not to look outside ourselves, to try to pray to an external God. We look to the Self within, the part of God Who is within each of us. And we still get the guidance that we need.

Pray that God’s warmth will surround us today. Pray to be certain of His existence, maybe in a way of existence that we have never imagined before. Look within for counsel and for solace. And isn’t this better, a better concept? We could never be sure that a watchful eye from outside of us really had His attention on us, but we know better when we look within. The Self within is the core of ourselves, and our heart is the center of that Self. Let our heart tell us what we need to know today. Always let our heart tell us what we need to know.


I thank You for this day. I thank You that I know to dwell within the center of my being as much as it is humanly possible. Your Entity is mine. You and I work together, for You live through me. Help me to give You a good day today. Help me always to give You a good day.



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