Soothe Our Souls

“Patterns are both learned systems and systems of design. The pattern of learning was a pattern of divine design, created in unity and cooperation to enable the return to unity. This pattern has achieved its desired end and so is no longer needed nor appropriate. While it was once a pattern whose design was perfect for the desired end, continuation of this pattern will but interfere with your full acceptance of who you are in truth.” (ACOL, D:2.4)

Perhaps the idea that we are properly finished with learning is a concept hard to grasp. But I think Jesus has in mind our constant and continual seeking, something that really needs to have an end point, and that end point is now. We have, many of us, spent years on the spiritual path, sampling from a smorgasbord of theories, sacred scripture, channeled writing, and inspirational writing. When we found good concepts in one, we were intent on moving on to the next, something next that might be even better. And we did learn much. But we are in a habit now that needs to be broken. With A Course of Love, Jesus gives us enough for us to end our seeking. He gives us the truth of life on earth, and he gives us the truth of the ultimate salvation that awaits us, Awakening or Christ-consciousness. To continue to seek, thinking that we have not yet found, is a misrepresentation of the truth.

We listened to learned authority, but now is the time to turn inward, to the Christ-Self, the part of God Who dwells in every living thing. Learned authorities will not do it for us any longer, and we do realize this, for the longer we sought, we more we realized that everybody was saying the same thing in slightly different words. Now we need to rely on our own authority, our God-given nature of Self that has just been released in many of us. This Self gives us the guidance that previously an intermediary, the Holy Spirit, did. The time of the Holy Spirit, Jesus says, has ended, and we are now in the time of Christ. This change in terminology is because we are no longer fearful of God in the way that we were for eons; we don’t need an intermediary to soothe our souls because we are afraid that Divinity would damn us.

We know better now. A holy spirit does indeed dwell in each of us, and this somewhat mystical concept has not been abolished. But we need to look to our own indwelling guidance rather than to believe that something external to us is speaking to us. The Holy Spirit was not external to us, but many of us believed that He, as well as God Himself, existed externally. Jesus has corrected this misconception in both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, as well as other channeled works such as The Way of Mastery.

So: Decide that the time to seek from anything external, especially including external authority, is over. Commune with one’s inner depths, and solace will surround us. We will know that Jesus’s way works. We will know that God takes care of us from the inside out. God is living through us. And we are all One with Him.


Thank you for the guidance that comes to me when I write in my journal. And I write often. Thank You for letting me know that this is one good way for us to commune. I would commune with You often and well.

Thank You for another good day. I sometimes obsess about wanting good days, as though You didn’t also want good days for me. Help me to give YOU a good day, for You live through me, and this is a revelation that speaks to my soul.


One Reply to “Soothe Our Souls”

  1. I came across your blog by chance but it’s truly one of the inspirational blog I have gone through.
    And i totally agree with you at the end it’s only the inner solace and peace that counts.. Great post..

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