Better Way of Living

“Although they may not have seemed so, all patterns have had to do with learning because you were, as a separated self, a being whose only function was learning. The function of all learning was to return you to your true iden¬tity. Because we are working now for the integration of your true identity into the self of form, or the elevation of the personal self, new patterns are needed.” (ACOL, D:2.15)

The new patterns of which Jesus speaks in this quotation are the ones having to do with observation and the in-forming that comes to us from the Self. We are in the midst of elevating the self of form, elevating the personal self into the Christ-Self. Hereafter the personal self will only be what we show to others; it is still just a persona, but a justified persona, a saved persona, saved from the wiles of the ego.

We are being returned to our true identity, and this true identity is the Christ-Self; this is the identity that God created us to have, and it was only the detour into fear that ran us aground. Now we are fast approaching a better way of living, a better life. And this better way will allow us never to turn pain into suffering and it will allow us to transmute pain into something better.

We have previously sought to learn all that we needed to live in this world. With observing the world around us, we are not learning per se. We are simply observing. And this observation will inform us of what we need to know to live successfully.

We are used to learning; this pattern has been with us for eons.  And so the logical thing, though not the right thing, is to continue what we have been doing–learning.  But are we satisfied with the lives that we are living?  Are we really satisfied with struggle?  No, emphatically no.  So it behooves us to try something new, something better, and something that will take us out of the mess that we have made for ourselves.

We need to take the radical step of leaving behind our seeking through the learned patterns of the past.  Turn inward.  Turn to the Self whom we are just now coming to know.  Our new guidance from within will save us, save us from the egoism of the separated self.  Our new guidance will take us home to God.

We are fast heading into Christ-consciousness. When the peaceful moments come, seek to elongate them. When spending time in solitude, let the silence of God’s harmony envelop us.

The way back is not hard, but it does take patience.


May I have another day of calm. As I string together these days of calm, I begin to feel ever encouraged that I will be able to maintain, and then sustain, a new state of being. Glimpses of Christ-consciousness, while good, are not sufficient to bring about the change that Jesus wants in us. Glimpses are meant to welt my appetite for more, meant to encourage me. And thank You for the encouragement.

Be with me today and always. I seek a calm and unperturbed manner, inside and out.



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