We Need Each Other

“You were told within this Course that what you learn in unity is shared. This language was used because you were still, at that time, a learning being. Now we will adjust our language somewhat to represent the new and restate what was said earlier as “What you discover in unity is shared.” Learning does not occur in unity, but discovery is an ongoing aspect of creation and thus of the state of union in which you truly abide.” (ACOL, D:7.2)

We know that we share with others when we are being loving toward them, our brothers and sisters. Jesus calls this being in “unity,” and unity is used in A Course of Love to mean many different things—sharing, the merging of heart and mind to form what he calls “wholeheartedness,” the joining of the little or personal self with the true Self (the Christ-Self), and the like. Jesus also has particular meanings for various words, and here we see him rejecting “learning” in favor of the term “discover.” By rejecting learning, we are realizing that we remember true reality; we actually are returning in time to a recollection of true reality that we left behind when we formed the ego. Now we are discovering what it is like to be without an ego, and of course this is an exciting time for us.

We need each other. This is why unity is so important, why sharing is so important. Nobody can live in this world as a solitary creation of God’s while trying to remain independent of everyone else. Even when we were living in egoic separation from God, still this was true. We often, then, held up autonomy or independence as a state of being much to be desired, but we always fell short. This is because God created us an interdependent whole, entities who, in relationship to each other come to know what Life is really about. We are in unity, for we are One with all of creation. We don’t need, anymore, to imagine how wonderful life would be if we could be independent of the need of having others in our lives. We know this is a lie.

Reach out to others today. With so much change going on in the world, we are likely to become overwrought with the uncertainty that we face. In A Course of Love, Jesus provides a way for us to know real certainty at last. He says that certainty is the way that we were built, that it is unnatural not to know anything for sure. And we have lived without being sure of anything for a very long time. We have been unnatural for a very long time

The times we are living in can seem dire indeed. We seem to be pulling apart from each other. Only with a return to unity (meaning we are One) and relationship (meaning that our diversity nevertheless is shared with one another) do we have any hope of living happy and viable lives. Now is the time for certainty with our religious faith in the midst of uncertainty all around us in this world. Cling to the true reality as we perceive it. And in this clinging, we have Jesus holding our hand.


Help me to be at peace in a world that has seemingly gone mad. Help me to stay calm in the midst of the turmoil that rides our airwaves. Help me to reach out, in love, to those I encounter. And help me to do some good in this world, though I know that Jesus does not want me “planning” for what I will do.

Be with all of us as we face uncertain times. Be with our faith to make it strong. The world may not know that we exist, but we do know that the world exists. And we need a strong faith to make it through. Thank You for always being here, in me, living through me. Your way will work out eventually. In this I have great faith.


There Is More in Heaven & Earth than We Have Dreamed of

“The elevated Self of form, however, being a form that still exists in time, must realize the consciousness of the true Self in time. What this means is that the elevated Self of form may still need “time” to come to know the changes that only occur in “time” although they are already accomplished in unity. This is why we have spoken of miracles and of the collapse of time the miracle is capable of providing. We have rede¬fined the miracle as the art of thought, or the continual act of prayer that sustains the unity of Christ-consciousness.” (ACOL, D:6.27)

The true Self is outside of time, but we draw upon this Self for ideas that will allow the elevated Self of form, the Self in time and in body, to create a new world. We do not necessarily have to feel bifurcated, though, because both the Self in time and the Self outside are actually One—and not only for a given entity, but for the All. That is why we can say that we are one Self with all of our brothers and sisters who share this universe with us.

The Self outside of time is in unity, just we are also when we have joined heart and mind to be wholehearted. This unity is the unity of the One, the God Who is the All, for all of us are mystically One with God, part of Him. Miracles will help us to be our new Self, the elevated Self of form. Miracles will collapse time, a tenet also of A Course in Miracles. Miracles will allow us to be who we truly are, an expression of God’s grace. As we express ourselves in and through love, we are thereby being who we truly are. It is a newly constituted Self, living in true reality rather than in illusion. And with reality comes great blessings, great blessings that will create the new world that Jesus longs to see.

We too long to see this new world. No time limit has been placed on when this will come about, for Jesus says that he will not be predictive in A Course of Love. He is Christ-consciousness, the I Am of reality. Probable realities do apparently exist, and so the future may look different, in a different time frame, for all of us. This should not be reason for worry, just an acknowledgment that there is more in heaven and earth than we have dreamed of.

Be patient with ourselves to see what will be wrought by time. Be patient as the future unfolds. Our new Self, even though elevated, is a new creation in this world of ours, never before seen on earth. We will see that we need our form as others are attracted to our message. We don’t go out seeking for converts, though, but simply live our lives as we understand life is meant to be lived. Ordinary people will live extraordinary lives in this new world, and that will be the attraction for individuals still living in the house of illusion. Our place is the Kingdom of God, the House of Truth. And in this we will know truth, peace, and love in great measure.

Things look good to us for the extended future.


If the short term looks difficult, let me take the long view. I know that bad things will still happen, and that I will observe those bad things. But I don’t have to let my peace be disturbed. You are here with us, comforting, sustaining, living through us. Help me always to be grateful to know that it is really You Who is living this life through me.

Be with my brothers and sisters today. May I say the right thing, do the right thing, and love always.


Harmony in the Christ-Self

“Outside of time and form your Self has always existed in the perfect harmony in which it was created. Now that your Self has joined the elevated Self of form, you exist together both in time and outside of time. Remember, the elevated Self of form will never be all that you are. This does not imply however, that there are portions of your Self missing from this new experience in form you now enter into, but that the elevated Self of form is now able to join with the Self in the unity of shared consciousness. You are whole once again and your form will merely represent one aspect of your wholeness in the field of time.” (ACOL, D:6.26)

This idea is a bit complicated. Jesus explains it elsewhere by having us imagine a black dot, representing the body, in a field of white, which represents the Self—the Self beyond what is just the Self that seem to be in form, the elevated Self of form. We get ideas form this larger Self, ideas that don’t originate in the brain, of course, or in our form, our body. The larger Self, outside of the elevated Self of form, is something more than the Self holding to form. But it is all One with us. We know much that this Self has already accomplished, and it is at least this in part that explains why we are called The Accomplished.

We are into new creation now; the Self has never been elevated in form before. Before, all that we had was the personal or little self in form, and this self gave allegiance to the ego and to separation from God. Our larger Self is a part of God, and gives allegiance to Him. We are embarking, as the elevated Self of form, on creating a new world. For this we need not plan, but just stay open to the guidance from our Self. This Self, of course, is also the Christ-Self who is rapidly maintaining and then sustaining Christ-consciousness.

Our elevated Self of form has a united heart and mind that makes that Self One in fact and in being.

Listen to our heart today. Let the mind be informed by the heart. And the things that come along will seem easy. Struggle is behind us now.


Thank You for the calmness that You are giving me. It is very reassuring to know that struggle is not called for, that struggle was always of the ego.

Be with me for the remainder of this day, into the evening and night, and tomorrow as well. With struggling gone, I will find a peace that I have not known before. Thank You.


We Are Not at the Mercy of Blind Fate

“What fate may offer is itself an attitude that puts life at the risk and whim of an external force that has no reality except in your imagination. What is this thing called fate? Like all the systems you believe in, it is a system too, an internal idea given a name, externalized, and blamed for all that you do not understand, all that cannot be made to make sense, all that seems unfair and beyond your control.” (ACOL, D:6.20)

“Fate” is largely a misguided idea, chosen as a spurious explanation for all that we don’t seem capable of understanding. We are living in our imagination when we choose fate as a way of explaining what is happening to us. Of course, it is not a bad explanation, for nothing is “bad” in God’s world of love. But it doesn’t really say anything. It implies a God Presence, and anything that implies a God Presence is a good thing. But it doesn’t help us very much to make sense of our lives.

Fate is one of those systems of thought that we will be leaving behind. When we blame fate, we are really blaming God, and blame elicits bitterness in the heart—surely the least lovable of characteristics. It is a handy way of explaining away circumstances that seem to engulf, circumstances that defy explanation. But, in the long run, fate doesn’t really explain anything, and it allows us to be fearful of God, something that goes against the grain, and goes against all that Jesus has taught and is teaching.

In place of fate, let acceptance lead the way. Acceptance is ACOL’s term that comes the closest to the forgiveness that A Course in Miracles champions. We just go with the flow, accepting what life brings. This sounds passive, but it is not. We are willing to have it so, as a Buddhist monk once said. That is our secret to equanimity, our secret to reaching peace in our daily lives. And it works. The peace that we feel is palatable. Most of us are far more peaceful at this point in our reading of ACOL than we have ever been in our lives. And that counts for something.

So: Let ruminations about fate fall from our minds. We create our own reality; we are not at the mercy of blind fate. There is much that we don’t know, but we can know that we are at the helm. Nothing happens that we don’t allow, and in the allowance, fate falls by the wayside.


I feel the need to comfort today. And Jesus has said that my Self can provide the comfort—and love—that doesn’t seem to be outside of me in abundant blessings. It is easy to feel sorry for one’s self when seeking comfort, and I would not allow that emotion to come forth. Let me instead come to see that the inner Christ-Self comforts and loves and gives me peace. I would know peace today.

Be with me as I walk through this day. Thank You for the glimpse of mellowness that overcame be yesterday; I ask for this again. And with this comes a glimpse of what Christ-consciousness will mean when maintained and sustained. Help me to be patient in the place that I occupy, a place where I don’t know all that I would know. Help this knowing to come. Thank You.


Discover New Certainties that Are Based in Love

“For in this time of revelation, discovery is the new divine pattern that will replace the “thought” systems we have spoken of. To discover is simply to find out what you did not previously know.

“Creation of the new will be predicated on the discovery of what you did not previously know. This will not happen if you cling to “known” truths. Revelation cannot come to those who are so “certain” of what is that they cannot allow for the new to be revealed. Your certainty about what is is a false certainty, a learned certainty based on the fear that caused you to order the world according to a set of facts and rules.” (ACOL, D:6.14 – 6.15)

In the new world that we will be creating, there is no room for fear. We have reached certain certainties in the past that were based on fear; now we are being asked to discover new certainties that have a basis in love. And we are asked to respond to love; that is the difference that has heretofore been missing when we were told that love was the answer to everything. Giving and receiving are identical. And it is in the giving that we know our greatest happiness; this is the response that we are asked to give to everybody and everything thing.

This is all part of the theology of A Course of Love, and theology can seem confusing when the whole rationale for that theology is not given. Take nothing that I say unto yourself unless it find a place in your heart. I think Jesus would say the same about all of his words in ACOL as well. We are not being driven, kicking and screaming, into a new world. We are being led, gently and without coercion, into a better place, a true reality that is based on our response to love. Something is asked of us, and we will be given the great blessing when we have responded with a united mind and heart.

We are discovering now, at this point in the Dialogues of A Course of Love. We have left learning behind. This may seem confusing to some of us, but learning has been accomplished by those who have read this far in ACOL. The Christ-Self deep within us has learned (even though we sometimes find it hard to understand why a Christ-Self would need to learn anything). Now Jesus is using different terminology; we are discovering the world around us by observation, and then we will discover the world around us by being in-formed by that world. In the final analysis, though, it is not necessary to comprehend what all these terms mean in order to understand the gist of A Course of Love. We are prepared, and when we let our heart lead our mind, we are well-satisfied, calm and serene as we walk into each new day.


Is fear necessary to be walked through? Or do we reach enlightenment purely by calm and serenity, tranquility and faith? Jesus’s channeled writings have contradictions around the purpose of fear, and I would wonder if any purpose of fear could ever be called good.

I ask for an Answer today to these wonderings. This seems to be a need, and I know that needs are answered at the point that they are recognized, thus ceasing to be needs at all. I would pray about this quandary. I would seek Your Answer. Thank You in advance for Your response, for I do have faith that an Answer will come, and will come soon.


Jesus Encourages Miracle-Mindedness

“There are many stories in many cultures that celebrate and bear witness to the happenings that reveal that the laws of spirit and the laws of man coexist. Yes, there are natural laws, but these “natural” laws are not the sets of facts you have defined them to be, but rather a staggering series of rela¬tionships, relationships without end, relationships that exist in harmony and cooperation. This is a harmony and cooperation that might one day extend to the sun and a demonstration that the sun need not rise—or perhaps need not set—and the earth would still be safely spinning in its orbit.” (ACOL, D:6.12)

An astonishing thing for Jesus to say—that a natural law might one day reveal a sun that doesn’t rise or set!

It is hard to know what to make of this assertion, but then Jesus says many things in his channeled writings that are hard for our finite, limited minds to comprehend. Moreover, he says many things in the New Testament that we still don’t comprehend.

I think he wants us to open our eyes a little into the realm of miracles. Or what we would view as miracles. Elsewhere he reminds us that Native People (American Indians) say a prayer that is thankful for a rising sun. They recognize that spiritual law and natural law might not be the same. And Jesus wants us to see value in knowing that there are things in heaven and earth that we don’t dream of. We have kept our eyes too long focused on the ground beneath our feet, when we need to lift our sights higher.

I do not personally know how the earth could safely spin in its orbit without the sun rising and setting. But I am willing to entertain the likelihood that Jesus knows things that are beyond my comprehension, and I listen to him with utmost respect. I also give him plenty of latitude. If we take all that he says in A Course of Love, and keep an open mind, we will know a world that has been closed to us until now. And this closed world is going to open as the new world that our Christ-Self will create, not with planning, not with effort, but with guidance from deep within, guidance that we discover at the point of need.

Above all, don’t get hung up on feeling that one must “believe” or “have faith in” the details of what Jesus says. He astonishes us with his words sometimes. But when we listen with the art of thought, which is miracle-readiness, miracle-mindedness, and simply the miracle itself, we will know more. Our closed minds need to open to possibility, and maybe this astonishing statement from Jesus is meant to encourage an open mind above all else.


Thank You for guiding me today. Thank You for opening my mind to possibility. Scientific law is not God’s law, and it behooves me to remember that. Scientific law just may not have gotten big enough to be God’s law. But I do not force myself to take on imponderables by blind faith. I ask to be shown what Jesus has in mind.

Thank You for opening my mind a little further today. With enough love, there is just no telling what natural law can stretch to do.


God’s Way Is Our Way

“Your true Self is beginning to reveal itself to you in ways of which you will become increasingly aware. As you identify more intimately with the Self you truly are, the self of form is likely to grow more and more foreign to you and less and less comfortable. Thus what is required now is a new way of envisioning the body and its service to you.” (ACOL, D:6.4)

Have we begun to feel uncomfortable in our own bodies? Has our desire to BE the Self seemed to diminish the physical form in our eyes? This may start happening, especially now that we are aware of the possibility. But form is certainly not bad, for of course Jesus is recommending that we embody the Self in our bodies, a new way of being, a new creation of God Himself.

Heretofore we have thought that the personal self was all that we were. This is also considered the “little” self, and it has just been shorn of the ego. But the personal self remains, and if we haven’t yet embodied the Self, we may feel adrift. Previously this personal or little self was all that we thought we were. Now we know very differently.

The body is a communication device; both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love say this exact same thing. But ACIM gave more credence to the unseen, our intangible qualities of love, harmony, peace, equanimity. ACOL recognizes that the form that we occupy can be useful to us and to God, and Jesus recommends that we envision our bodies differently. He then proceeds to help us do just that in further writing.

If we envision our bodies not as a source of complaint for our ills, we will appreciate it more. Jesus says later on that this choice of occupying bodies on earth, occupying form, can become a permanent choice, fully in line with God’s will, if we decide that we like the physical experience and want to prolong it. He hastens to add that he is not talking of immortality here, or occupying the body longer than the normal span of years. He doesn’t specify, because he is hesitant to get controversial, but he must be talking of reincarnation (in my view). Would we like to return to earth indefinitely, for eons, but occupying the elevated Self of form.

Let us make that decision when we have actually occupied the elevated Self of form. And Christ-consciousness is the consciousness that allows us to do so. Invite a glimpse of enlightenment today. Let the mellowness enfold us. Let the tranquility come. This new way of being is quite addictive, but in a good sense.


I would be mellow today, to invite a glimpse of enlightenment. Jesus never says that we can influence these glimpses, but perhaps it is possible that we can. I hope so. Your way is my way today; help me to keep that in mind.

Thank You for the many blessings of the Christ-Self, blessings that are just now becoming real to me. May I come more fully to understand that the Self is the only savior that I have.


We Are the Prodigal Sons & Daughters Who Need to Return Home

“Within the text of the coursework provided you heard many ideas that either changed or reinforced those you already had about yourself. A Course of Love is a teaching text and the goal of its teaching was stated and restated many times so that you would not forget the purpose of the learning you were participating in. Eventually your learning reached an end point as the learning goal of this Course was met, and this you were told as well. I say this to remind you that the time of “teaching” like the time of “learning” had its place as well as its methods.” (ACOL, D:6.1)

The goal of A Course of Love is to establish a new identity; it thus takes the next step after A Course in Miracles, which had as a goal to dislodge the ego. Now we are finding in the third book, the Dialogues of A Course of Love, that our ego is gone—for all of us who have come this far. Can we believe it? Dare we believe it?

Yes! The ego is not exactly just being egotistical. It is a persona that looks to our own self primarily, but it is the personal self that doesn’t place God as our Creator, that somehow has this authority problem that thinks that we created ourselves. This is nonsense, of course, and when stated this plainly, the nonsense becomes apparent. But we do have misguided notions of Jesus’s concept of God as Father. Basically, we are the prodigal sons and daughters who need to return home. And to do so, a first step has been to stop putting ourselves in the center of the universe. We belong in the universe, but we share it with all living things. We are necessary for our brothers and sisters to make their way safely through our world. And an egoic bent means that we put #1 first all too often. We don’t need to denigrate ourselves, but we do need to share our good fortune with everyone we encounter.

We don’t have to run after new and better techniques to get to God. Jesus says that, after all (and this makes sense to us), there is an end point to our seeking—once we have found. And we have found in ACOL. If we rest easy and don’t try to form a new egoic personality, we will be home free. Let us all choose to do the non-egoic ways of thinking. Let’s all be at ease in returning Jesus’s embrace.

Jesus will shortly resign as our teacher, and choose to be our partner, companion, fellow worker, and the like. We will be in dialogue with him, adding to the future piece by piece. He says that he will never be predictive, because he is the “I Am” of Christ-consciousness. So, as we create this new world, we won’t be able to “figure it out” the way that the ego functioned previously. We don’t need to effort to bring about a new world, though; the things that we need to do will occur to us at the appropriate time. We are receiving guidance from our Christ-Self all along.

So: Keep the faith. Be thankful for this day’s opportunities. If bad things seem to be happening in our world, know that we can live above the fray. We don’t have to be influenced by negative happenings. Stay close to our inner God in prayer. And the day will take on a complexion that will astound us.


Thank You for guiding me, as always. Help me to stay positive, not to fret about anything and everything. Fretting is worrying, and that is a symptom of egoic thinking. Trusting in You is the whole Answer. And I aim to do just that.

Thank You for teaching me how to navigate this sometimes difficult world. May I realize that I sometimes have more time than my brothers and sisters to speak to them. Many of my brothers and sisters occupy a very busy world, and when they don’t respond to me, it is a symptom of their busy choices. Help me to be ever understanding.


Day that Will Usher in a New Day

“So let today’s dialogue serve as a final call, a most emphatic call, to acceptance. See the importance of this acceptance to everything that is still to come. Hesitate no longer. Let your willingness exceed your trepidation. No longer wait to be told more before you accept what you have already been told. Do not wait for a grander call before you accept the call that has already sounded in your heart. Let this be the day of your final surrender, the day that will usher in a new day.” (ACOL, D:5.22)

This quotation is the strongest call for acceptance in A Course of Love. We have been so caught up with separation, and for so long, that we think that we could not ever forgive ourselves for our mistakes, nor do we believe that God could so forgive. While not the same, forgiveness and acceptance are closely aligned, and forgiveness was the great hallmark of A Course in Miracles. Acceptance might be said to be the same for A Course of Love, but we have traveled farther now, and we are better equipped just to relax and let transformation come.

If we don’t like all of our character traits, we can make a calm resolution to see them gone, and they will go. These evidences of “imperfection” do not bother Jesus; he indicates that even negative traits are a part of our personality, our personal or “little” self. But we are no longer egoic, and we are better suited to make decisions about eliminating anger and attack, guilt and meanness, from our personalities. Just make the decision, if you don’t want these traits, that they will be gone, and Jesus lets us know that they will go subtly.

Jesus is very big on acceptance. Shortly he will ask us, finally and conclusively, to accept him—as the leader who can get us out of this mess. He cares not what religious faith we cling to, or what god we worship, but he asks us to accept him as the one who came earlier and led the way, even as he is now leading the way through channeled works. It is too simplistic to think that this acceptance of Jesus is the same as some traditional Christianity asks, that we accept Jesus as our personal savior. If some individuals read his words this way, it is of course alright, but he is not asking this of everyone. He does say that if we can’t believe that it is he who is saying these words, giving us this counsel, we will miss some grand experiences that those who accept him will receive.

Accept the personality that we now have, not an egoic personality, and no longer a personality lost in separation from God. We are coming close to Christ-consciousness, and coming close means that we have all had glimpses of enlightenment. These glimpses, if we stay true and don’t form a new egoic self, will elongate until the great blessing, from God, will descend upon us. In quietness, for we have been prepared.

And this, through Jesus’s channeled works, is his doing.


I would walk mindfully through my day, accepting the various mundane activities that occur even as much as the grand gestures that come to me from You. When I accept life, I find that life is improving. When I resist anything at all, it can grow stronger in me. I would give up the negative traits that You know about, and I would refute them forever.

Be with me as I seek to be happy, for happiness is Your gift to me and to all others. When I am happy, I can work better for You; when I am unhappy, I am so self-centered that I really can’t do very much for anybody else, because my neuroses entangle me. You can heal neurosis, and I ask you to free my mind and heart to rational and positive living today.

I am claiming Your promises of healing. Thank You.


Let Us Run with Patience the Race that Is Set before Us

“That you want answers while I tell you to await revelation speaks to the impatience of the human spirit, the longing that has so long gone unfulfilled that now that you are close you cannot bear to wait another day, another hour. You want release from your prison now, and so you should.” (ACOL, D:5.17)

In this quotation, Jesus lets us know that we are enmeshed in the human condition, which moves toward impatience. We have been told that the separation happened when we became impatient in occupying form, that we didn’t want to learn all that was necessary in occupying this new form, and so God “let go,” letting us imagine separation from Him. Now, if we aren’t careful, our impatience will once again not serve us well. We want release from all that has bound us; we don’t want to wait for the revelation that will surely come, and come from God Himself. So what do we do?

We settle down, relax, and realize that this longing for God and Love is evidence of what we really need in life. And we will be satisfied. Much good is on the horizon, and much good will satisfy not only our longing, but our impatience to reach Christ-consciousness. If our desire is great enough, we are ready to reach this Awakening. It takes a sincere desire added to the cleansing of subconscious thoughts that would hold us back. Contemplation will help, though a significant other will help even more—a holy relationship with that significant other. A Course in Miracles uses as its method the relationship that we have with our “brother” (and this means “sister” as well). ACIM says that contemplation can become tedious, though it too will work because of our intent. The love that we feel for our brother is a shortcut, is the saving grace that ACIM trumpets. Invite that love into our mind and heart today.

I feel impatient as well, impatient to have the transformation occur. When I am mellow and in harmony, that transformation feels very near. When I am impatient, that transformation seems to recede in the distance. It may be the same for you.

Let us run with patience the race that is set before us. Impulsive acts are usually fraught with danger to our own peace of mind. Impulsivity is a trait that does not wear well as we grow older. And impulsivity is almost by definition the reverse of patience.

Turn to our brother Jesus in all such times. We will soon, in reading the Dialogues, accept him as our leader, the one we have chosen to lead us back home. And he holds our hand. He also embraces us as we our heart begins to beat with his. This embrace will cure any and all impatience.

Transformation is coming, and not a minute after we are ready. But right on the dot of our readiness.


Thank You for the solutions to problems that You have given me so recently. The solution is always right with the problem. And there are no needs, for as soon as the need is recognized, that need is met. Thank You for letting me realize that this matter of need fulfillment is at the heart of giving and receiving as one.

Be with me today as I quell my impatience. I give in to it, and it is miraculously smoothed out. Thank You.


The Way Will Be Clear as Day

“What then is the call to creation that has been spoken of? This is the acceptance of the new you—acceptance that you are going beyond simple recognition and acceptance of the Self as God created the Self—to the living of this Self in form. This is an acceptance that recognizes that while the Self that God created is eternal and the self of form as ancient as the sea and stars, the elevated Self of form is new and will create a new world.” (ACOL, D:5.15)

The theology of A Course of Love includes the idea that there is a Self apart from our bodily form on earth, that this Self is part of unity and has heretofore been eclipsed by the little or personal self that embodies an ego-oriented form. Now that Self, who dwells within each of us (and every living thing) is being let out to play. We are no longer struggling against the “reality” (actually illusion) that a egoic personality sought to use to make life bearable. We have let go of the ego (as we learned from yesterday’s quotation), and we are inviting the Self to truly occupy our form.

We are inviting an “elevated Self of form.” Elsewhere Jesus tells us that the Self that occupies form will never be all of us, but I interpret this to mean that we will understand the larger Self, the one who doesn’t occupy form, in a mystical sense. Our body is like a dot on an expanse of white space, with the white space between everything that exists in unity, especially including the unembodied Self.

These descriptions get tricky, because nothing can really articulate what and how the true Self is in the cosmos. But we do know, and it is summarized in this quotation, that we are about something new, a newly created Self of form. That doesn’t have to mean that form is “real” (though some readers of ACOL see it that way). I view the non-dualistic universe of A Course in Miracles to be continuing in the exposition of Jesus in ACOL. How might we imagine otherwise, when ACOL is stated to be a “continuation” of ACIM?

Again and again Jesus returns to the idea of a new world, a newly created world. Obviously some of us will only change the world by our thoughts and actions, but others will bypass changing the world in favor of creating something new. And this something new is what Jesus is really after. What might such a world look like? Let day flow into day, guidance inform our every move, and we will live into this new reality. We don’t have to “do” anything by way of planning or conjecturing. The way will be clear as day, and we will wonder why we wondered about the means previously.


Thank you for this joy that overwhelms me even as the rain comes cascading down on this warm winter day. Jesus, I have sensed, has been near to me as I have dialogued with him in my journal. Thank You for pointing out this means to me. I know that some of what I write is my own imagination, but that is how You speak to me. I can still make mistakes in comprehending, but I hope not many.

Help me to do my part in the new world that we will all be creating. Don’t let my feet of clay intrude on what could be a wonderful future.


Jesus: “The Ego Is Gone”

“The ego but seemed to be who you were for a time. Now that you know who you are in truth, the ego does not remain, a separate entity with a life of its own. No. The ego is gone. Because it was a lie its exposure to the truth dissolved it.” (ACOL, D:5.8)

This heartening word comes early in the Dialogues, and Jesus here refers to all who have read this far. He once said that we would not have continued reading unless. . . .and this is one of those “unless” happenings. The ego is gone! We can and really ought to rejoice. We probably don’t even realize how great a handicap the ego has been—and for long eons. We thought that we were alone, isolated, and separate from our Maker, and this could not help but bring terror to our heart. If we had embodied form without imagining that we were actually separate from each other and from God, a split in our own mind and heart, we would not have encountered such trauma.

Our traumas have been very real—to us. In actuality, all of our trauma has been illusion. Nothing about us has been hurt, though it certainly felt like that to us, inside our fragile bodies. We have been projecting illusion and seeing what has appeared to be an imperfect world. We see tragedy, and rather than classify it as unreal, we take it seriously, and while this can be a component of compassion, more often it is simply a reason for fears or judgment. One of the worst things that happens in our New Age world is that we think that we brought bad things upon ourselves because we haven’t been thinking “right.” And then we blame the victim of these bad things as though it were something that could allow the placing of blame. Jesus says categorically in A Course of Love that no individual is responsible for the tragedy that may engulf them; all of us are due compassion when things go sour. Yet we do create our own reality, and so this idea of Jesus, and this idea of New Age thought, seem to be on a collision course. It is not really thus. When we enjoy unity again, we will see much that is paradoxical in our world, but paradoxical aspects of reality can be loved into greater true being. Jesus calls us all to that unity today, now, immediately. We can’t “understand” the truly real until we are joined as one with ourselves (heart and mind), our brothers and sisters, and God Himself.

With the ego gone, the only warning that I would issue is the one that Jesus gave in ACOL: that we are free to assemble a new ego. This gesture would take us back to the old, and he has given us many clues as to how to bring the new into being. Jesus wants us to create a new world, and his channeled messages are attempts to influence society to change its course. A Course in Miracles has changed the course of how our culture is going. Now, I believe, it is the new identity that A Course of Love leads us to that will alter the destiny of humankind.

This is a daunting task. But in another of those paradoxes, it is easy and effortless when we listen to our united mind and heart. Let’s create a new reality while showing compassion for those who are not ready to join us. They are as holy as all of us. But with millions not listening, our task becomes clear. Not to proselytize, but gently to guide others to a better world through the love that we are ever more free to offer, no questions asked.


Thank you for the joy that I feel today. You have granted me joy several specific times in recent days, and it is a blessing that I love and greatly appreciate.

Thank You for guiding my thought processes, keeping them relaxed so that I can write effortlessly. Thank You for this way of sharing Your good news.


See Clearly

“The world without was created as a true representation of the world within, and as you become aware of the truth represented in all that encom¬passes and surrounds you, the boundaries between the inner and outer world will diminish and eventually cease to be.” (ACOL, D:5.4)

I think this quotation exemplifies the assertion in A Course in Miracles that “projection makes perception.” We are projecting the world that we see surrounding us. Certainly before the real world rises before our eyes, we are seeing illusion. There is a difference of opinion among A Course of Love students as to what happens when reality sets in. And this difference of opinion could even be a controversy that reminds one of the medieval, “How many angels can perch on the head of a pin?” Actually only our heart can guide us here. We don’t, any of us, know for sure if the world we see that is called “reality” is really real, or still an illusion that is projection only, but from a better place within.

We need to realize, regardless of what we believe about illusion and reality, that changes are afoot. Within and without will merge, as this quotation tells us. What this will mean is a mystery. But if the Self is real, then the “without” may become real also. I don’t believe in form, though, but in intangible qualities—love, harmony, peace, joy–that can’t be seen by the physical eyes. This vision doesn’t depend on form at all, and that is why we must be careful to see clearly, as clearly as we are able.

Within is the Self who is going to make it all better for us. This Self will allow us to receive as well as give, to see that means and end are the same, that there is no loss but only gain, and the like. Paradoxes abound in this theology of ACOL.

If we feel a loss of love, we are told that it is only because right now we are incapable of receiving love; that is all, the “other” has not actually withdrawn love at all. And if we feel this loss of love, our Self can and will remedy this. Our united mind and heart will encompass us with a warmth that is unmistakable love. We are never without love, and it is only our misconceptions that lead us to think that love can be lost to us. Even if a holy relationship ends, it is not really an ending, for all love is forever; if one has once loved, he/she continues to love into eternity. And it is within, the united mind and heart, that tell us this truth.

Let the within merge with the without. Look within for Love, where God is, and then project this Love without, onto every relationship that we have, including the one that we have with ourselves. Nothing could better ensure that we will walk a smooth pathway ahead, a path filled with love and loving kindness.


I am ready for any and all suffering to end. Pain may still come, but I choose not to escalate any pain into suffering. Help me to effect this determination. It is within Your will. And that makes me certain that this pathway is the right one for me.

The time of tenderness, outlined in ACOL, is a time of emotional pain. But it is a necessary stop on the road back to You. I would relax in Your arms, sure that You will hold me close. This is Jesus’s embrace. And it speaks of love to me. Thank You for this reassurance on this rainy day.



“Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I hear your protests and the reasons that you feel must prevent you from the acceptance I call you to. Yet as you fully accept that your right to your inheritance, your right to be who you are, and your commitment to the Covenant of the New, are one and the same, these reasons will disappear. All the different reasons you would cite become what they are—one reason, the same reason—and you will see that what is one is neither the same nor different. You will see that there is one answer, an answer different for everyone and yet the same for everyone. That answer is acceptance of your Self. That answer is acceptance of the new you.” (ACOL, D:4.31)

Jesus uses the word “accept” and the word “acceptance” in much the same way that he used the word “forgiveness” in A Course in Miracles. He makes clear, though, that the two concepts, while similar in how they encourage us to react, are not the same concept. When we accept our Self, we realize for once that we are justified in the sight of God. We are OK. The egoic self might not have been OK, but the egoic self was always a mirage, an illusion, nothing real. Now we are embodying the Christ-Self, and this is our real and true Self. We will have no problems now when we accept that this Self is the only one that we would want.

When we commune with God, we are expressing our highest form of devotion, and in this endeavor, we are realizing that to accept our Self is to find our way back home. Not by our own steam, but in the capable hands of Jesus (who asks us, later on, to “accept” him). Jesus is our emissary from God, if you will. He has made the journey for all of us, and now he simply takes us by the hand and leads us to God Himself. When one separated self has made the journey, it is made for all, and Jesus indicates in A Course of Love that it is he who made that journey. And he made it for us.

Give Jesus a chance. Drop self-doubt (always a bad thing to hold onto), and talk to him. He is with us if we want him, and how many of us don’t need a comforting and loving presence to soothe us, to let us know that things are going to be alright, to guide us back to Love Itself.

We are embarking on what Jesus is calling the Covenant of the New. We are being who we are, for the first time in our lives. This is not a state of aloneness, though it can feel like that. It elicits a sharing with our brothers and sisters that lets us know that not only is Jesus with us, but so are they. In the newly created world that we embark upon, sharing with others is the way that we know God. Sharing, not isolated, separated selves. But one Self Whom we share with all. We are One, One with God, one with our brothers and sisters. Now that we have accepted a united heart and mind, we are also one with ourselves—the gesture that started this journey without distance, to a goal that has never changed.

Ask today what our part will be in the Covenant of the New. Just ask, with acceptance of who we are and who others are. Hold no grievances, choose to be loving. The way back is not hard. Jesus says that the way back is effortless and easy, not requiring that we “do” anything. And not requiring that we any longer learn anything. The full walk along our pathway cannot be learned in the way that we have learned in the past. Much of it is still mystery, but mystical insight smooths the way.


Be with me today. Be with me every day. I need you. I need Your love. And I need my Self, the overarching identity that I have previously not known nor welcomed. I am finally ready to welcome that Self of mine today.

Make of me something bigger than what I am. Not in an egoic sense, for I am through with that little self that indulged in the ego. Make me able to be loving in the face even of rejection, for there is never any loss of love; loss of love is a myth that the Self can overcome.

Thank You for being with me through the night. I ask that You be with me through the day, now and every day.


Return Our Lives to Divine Design

“You accept that what has been given is available. You accept and you receive. You realize that the first order of creation of the new is restoration of the original order, or original design. As you have been returned to your Self, now your life must be returned to where it fits within the divine design, to where it is a life of meaning and purpose. This return is the return of wholeness. This return is not selfish on your part, but magnanimous. It returns wholeness to you and wholeness to the divine design. It returns creation to what it is.

“Understand—this cannot be fearful. This cannot fail. This will not bring suffering but will end suffering. Your part is to invite it and accept it when it comes. State your willingness, accept the coming of your release, and prepare to leave your prison behind. Invite this simply by inviting what brings you joy. Invite yourself first to this new world, but leave not your brothers and sisters behind. Invite them too. For those who are imprisoned are one with you, and need but your release to find their own.” (ACOL, D:4.29 – 4.30)

Who among us would not do anything reasonable to remove suffering? To end suffering? Jesus says here that the return of the Self (the Christ-Self) within each of us will be a return of wholeness to our entity and our personality, and that this return of the Self will end suffering. Now this is a promise to claim, and to claim right now—immediately! Do we find it too good to be true?

Remember that pain and suffering are not the same thing. Any pain can escalate into suffering if our minds and hearts are not in the right place. The body, as long as it exists on this plane of this world, will sometimes have pain. Not necessarily, but perhaps frequently. But the pains of the physical and emotional bodies do not have to escalate into suffering when our practice of the art of thought is complete. We will then know the miracle, the miracle-readiness, and the joy that the miracle and miracle-readiness can bring. We will find in that inescapable joy, the way to keep pain as pain, and not have it escalate into suffering. Our emotional healing will often heal our physical discomfort.

Wholeness of mind and body, into wholeheartedness, is part of the divine design. Now that we are moving beyond learning to observation (and then on to in-forming), we live with miracles ever-present in our lives. We can revel in this divine design. Our troubled pasts are just that—past. And our present and the future that ensues from that present, can be and will be a different thing entirely. A good thing. Better than we have been led to expect.

When we return to wholeness of mind and heart, we aren’t to leave our brothers and sisters out in the cold. Their Self is a part of our own. We are One Self, with God, with our little self, and with our brothers and sisters. When we return to our own in Christ-consciousness, we will make a difference in the lives of millions. Jesus actually says this in A Course of Love. Millions.

We can effect, therefore, much more than we imagine ourselves to be capable. We effect change, we affect lives. The two words are similar, and they are similar in meaning as well.

Trust that this day can bring all of us closer to Christ-consciousness. May we invite the peace and harmony that give one a glimpse of what will happen shortly. Then pray for elongation of this state of mind and heart. This return to Christ-consciousness is the sea change that Jesus is about in his newly channeled writings (A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, and, I think, also others that are less well-known and less read). We need to cooperate with Jesus to bring this sea change about. Divine design is at work here. And divine design, God’s own plan, will, of course, win out in the long run. Only our own stubbornness can brook delay.


I know that my genuine need is always met at the point of its recognition. My want is not always met. Help me to differentiate between these two states of mind and heart. I seem to feel a need today, and I do know that if it is a genuine need, You will be there to satisfy it. Give me a bit to come to terms with this. Help me to accept Your help.

I know that a speed-up to Christ-consciousness is always happening at the edge of fear. This from The Way of Mastery. I would leave behind my edge of fear as I step, undeterred, over the abyss. Help me to step out on your promise of support with full confidence that You will catch me.


Step Out of Prison

“Beware of gifts offered in exchange for your newfound freedom. A hungry ex-prisoner may soon come to feel the three meals a day provided in the prison were gifts indeed. So too are the gifts many of you have desired and still feel as if you need. If you have imprisoned yourself in order to earn a living by doing work that brings you no joy and allows you not to be who you are, then you are called to walk away. If you are tempted by a relationship in which you cannot be fully yourself because of the security it will provide, you are but tempted by a false security, and are called to turn away. If you are lured away from who you are by a drive to succeed, if you fear doing what you want to do because you might fail, if you follow another’s path and seek not your own, then you have imprisoned yourself for the “three meals a day” of the old way.” (ACOL, D:4.22)

Jesus makes a great deal of comparison with the prison system that we have in our world, and the place that we occupied as separated beings. It is true that sharing in unity with our brothers and sisters is much to be preferred to isolated living apart from God and others. We have suffered much with the old way, the way prior to living in unity and relationship, in the certainty that we are part of God and all humankind. This mystery of the new way is not a mystery when we pay attention to what the center of our being, the heart, tells us. But mystery does still cling to it. I have described this unity and relationship as a mystical understanding, for we are one body as well as one mind and heart with the All. Jesus goes to great lengths in the Dialogues to explain what all of this means. It is enough now, though, in these early pages of the Dialogues, to know that we are embarking on something never before considered by humankind. We are seeking to create the new, when we leave traditional learning behind in favor of sharing in unity and relationship.

If we can’t seem to leave the learning behind, we will change the world. But if we leave learning behind, we will create a new world. Now which do you think we would really like to do? Of course, most of us will say that we would like to create a new world, for this illusion causes much suffering and pain, and causes experiences that we rue. It may not be an easy thing to leave learning behind for those of us who have championed the mind. For those of us who have championed the emotions and the heart, the way might be easier. Jesus doesn’t say. He lets us make our own decision about which option we want to explore.

We were never meant to be in bondage; freedom is of God, and freedom is the way of the newly created future. When we leave our prison behind, we will know this. But we did have an imprisoned will when we were separated from God, for God set the limits on our ability to miscreate. This is explained very thoroughly in A Course in Miracles. Yet God, as our Self, would choose freedom for us now, for we are seeing glimpses of a new way, glimpses of Christ-consciousness, as every day unfolds.

Prison is not for us, despite three meals a day. Freedom offers many advantages, and it is the lack of bondage in the new way that is extremely attracting to me. Intuition is of the Self, our Self, and this is how we will make decisions in the new way of Christ-consciousness. And we will know certainty that we have lacked heretofore. In unity, we are One, but in relationship, we are the individuated many—and it is this mystical mystery that is something we need to take to heart now.


Thank you for guiding me so well for so long when my will was in prison. Now I have emerged from the prison, and I take to heart the fact that I am no longer in bondage. I am gradually, and sometimes suddenly, leaving behind fear and judgment also. Thank You for Your part in this. The new way is eminently better.

Be with me as I seek to make the words of A Course of Love my own. I seek to remember all that You would have me remember about ultimate reality. Thank You for the guidance that comes in dreams, the guidance that comes from revelry. Your way is outstanding. Love really is the Answer.


Turn to Inner Direction

“Just as obviously, all we are left with is divine design. All we are left with is what was given: A divine universe, a divine existence. That divine universe, our divine existence, is now recreating the patterns that served the time of learning. What was learned in the instant in which you came to know your Self is all that learning was for. Let us not dwell any longer on why this has taken so long or on the suffering that occurred during the time of learning. This would be like dwelling on the inmate’s life as an inmate once he has been freed. Let us simply create a new structure around the new pattern of acceptance, a structure that will provide you with the home on Earth you have so long sought and used your faulty systems to but attempt to replicate.” (ACOL, D:4.18)

Don’t look back, in other words; that is what Jesus is saying. We can regret the past, but it does no good, and it influences negatively the better present and future that await us. It is true that we have suffered much from the detour that we took away from God, a detour that has continued for many, many long years and over many lifetimes. But the future beckons to us now—a future bright with promise, uninfluenced by the learning from external sources that we can leave behind, external sources to be replaced by the one internal Source that matters—the Christ-Self, dwelling in unity and relationship with our brothers and sisters and our God.

We are heading into internal direction as our means of coming to know. This is Divinity speaking to us, from the Self that is One with God, the same God to whom we have given our allegiance, but imperfectly. We often imagined that He was external to us, and we prayed to be saved from our many troubles. We asked Him to intervene, but never without doubt that He might choose not to do so. Our impressions of God were wrong. He has never been external to us; He has always been living through us, expressing Himself in the only ways that He could while we imagined that we were separate from Him. Such folly in the midst of plenty!

Surely these wrong understandings need not be dwelled upon as we walk into the new day. A new world that we are creating because now we know that our separation from God is mended, and our unity with Him a fait accompli. We know this in the depths of our being, when we stop to listen to our heart. We know this in the depths of our being, when we let the heart speak to and inform the mind. With the ego gone, there is nothing that need stop us now from assuming our full statue in this world as creators, like unto God. We can create that new world that Jesus is so desirous of having. We have been saved from ourselves.

Turn to inner direction when faced with a dilemma. The answer may not come immediately; we may have to step away from our desk and have a cup of coffee, but then, when we return, the answer will be waiting (just as it was for an inspired thinker who reflected upon his experience in this way). Inner direction is our method to come to knowledge that is beyond perception. Inner direction from our Self, the Self we are just now coming to know. The Self who is not befuddled by the ego.


May this new way to pray work for me. I turn to my deeper Self, the Self who is one with God, to come to know what I need to know to live my life. It is a miracle-minded way to live. And it works. My guidance is sure when I don’t get tangled up with my own insecurities. Patterns of the ego fall away, to be replaced with an assurance that is very real. Thank You for taking me by the hand and leading me away from morass and debilitation. Thank You for guiding my footsteps as I seek to stay on the path that will ensure that life ahead will look much different from the life that spreads out behind me.


Accept Love that Is Our Birthright

“The two patterns, the internal and the external, were created together to exist in a complementary fashion. Both of these divine patterns are being newly recreated and we will talk much more of them and of the creative time we are now entering. Thus far, we are merely working together to create a pattern of acceptance to replace the pattern of learning.” (ACOL, D:4.13)

We are moving beyond learning from scholarly sources of the past. We are seeking simply to accept where we are and what we are about. This acceptance of all of our self will pave the way for the acceptance of unity beyond the self, called the Self, or Christ-Self, and the elevated Self of form, the time-bound self that lives in our bodies. We are moving into a new future, a new world, and the benefit to us will become apparent as we proceed.

Learning was a divine pattern, but the ego was not divine. The ego arose once we decided to try to make something that would be superior to what God had created, and because we chose separation, we also chose fear. Being alone and lonely, we had few options; we thought that God had forsaken us, but it was really ourselves that had walked away from God.

Now we are reversing this, having become clear that what we have made has not served us well. We have suffered; we have experienced pain; we have experienced loneliness—and these are just the personal aspects of what we have experienced. On a worldwide scale, the tragedy has been great. Our egos have gotten out of hand, and conflict has become a way of life. Evil has seemingly triumphed. Jesus would have us walk away from this scenario with a return to acceptance of the Love that is our birthright.

Acceptance has been likened to the forgiveness of A Course in Miracles, though they are not identical, and may even be seen as somewhat dissimilar. Acceptance allows us to live with who we are without trying to become an ideal self, a persona that is always out there, beckoning us onward. The ideal self is an idol, and we know that idols are not what we want. We want to accept ourselves as we are, with all of our seeming imperfections, because as the elevated Self we are all one in Love for each other. These imperfections are our differences, and we know from our secular life that diversity is a good thing.

Accept who we are! That is where we are headed. We can change if the character traits that we embody do not seem to be serving us well. Just ask. We will soon know that our identity is not something to be rued, but the embodiment of the Christ. Obviously, to accept this is to leave behind fear and judgment in favor of a greater Love than we have heretofore known. And it is this greater Love that will save us.


I ask to accept my Self today, not turning away from it because it is not perfect. It is a great revelation that perfection is not asked of us. I know that I need to be cognizant of what needs to be changed in my persona, but this does not mean that I am unlovable. These changes will come naturally as I let go of fear and judgment, attack and anger. Yet even anger can be accepted as long as my expression of that anger undergoes a transformation. It is in the expression of Love that even anger is not derided.

Be with me today for a good day. I hope to make much progress toward an all-consuming Love today, building on this Love as the days spread out into the future. Help me to turn to You whenever I have a question of what to do or what to say.

Thank You for being You.


Divinity Shapes Our Ends

“Remember that our goal here is to deny the old and accept the new. In this case, the old you would deny is the idea of a purposeless existence, a universe with no divine order, a life in which you are at the mercy of fate. The new idea you are asked to accept is that existence is purposeful, that the universe exists in divine order, and that your life is part of that divine design.” (ACOL, D:4.11)

The summation in the quotation for today is reassuring in the extreme. Most of us accept that we live a purposeful life; we have just been unsure what that purpose might really be. And this is true even though most of us have a strong spiritual orientation and have read far in A Course of Love, the latest of the revelations that we are given by Jesus, in his unconfused pipeline to God.

We are a Self much like Jesus, but we have heretofore not wanted to think this of ourselves. We have been too modest, and we believe that such an assertion would be arrogant. But it is only the ego that thinks that arrogance that is true is uncalled for. Our own new understanding will lead us to believe that the Self, the Christ-Self, will take us home. Nothing and nobody else can do it.

Our lives are part of a divine order, a divine design. Most of us recognize that the physical universe we view through the lens of astronomy is a universe of divine design. Even if we still listen to the skepticism of some scientists—some, not all. Physics is moving ever closer to the truths of spirituality. Whatever we call “God” is being seen in the universe as well as within our very being. We do project what we see, from within. The real universe would fit into a point smaller than the point of a pin. We learn this from the recent channelings of Jesus.

With such marvels before us, how can we doubt? Jesus here tells us what we have longed to hear, that the Divinity that shapes our ends is very real. We have no reason to doubt. Our inner knowing will appraise us of that. And when we listen to what we hear within, we are home free, home in God.

To deny the old confusions and to accept the new will give us a new lease on life. We will know, finally and completely, that Divinity does shape our ends (as Shakespeare said). Our purpose is to live as who we truly are, and this leads to an acceptance not only of the Self but of all that the Self encounters. Our healing awaits. It takes only this acceptance of Jesus’s reassuring words to know that all is well in our newly created world.


Help me to walk a peaceful path. Help me to leave behind overwrought feelings and thoughts. The thought is the precursor to the feeling, and I would sort out my thoughts with the help of my Self. This Self has now been let out from deep within me, and it wishes me well (unlike the ego). This Self will take me home.

I would be at home in You. I would know that Your destiny for me is something that I need not fear, but only accept in harmony and peace. I don’t know what the future holds, but I trust that it will be good. All things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to Your purpose. These words from the New Testament have never been more true than they are now. Thank You for calling them to my mind and heart.


Jesus: “I Tell You Truthfully that until You Are Living as Who You Are and Are Doing What You Love, You Are in Prison.”

“I tell you truthfully that until you are living as who you are and are doing what you love, you are in prison. This prison is as much of your own making as are the actual prison systems that developed when shape and form was given to what you fear and what you believe will protect you.

“Just as an actual prisoner, when released from prison, must adjust to a life in which his or her actions are no longer restricted artificially, you must adjust to your new freedom.” (ACOL, D:4.6 – 4.7)

Jesus is saying here that all of us who have not reached the state of union with God, the state of the elevated Self of form, the state of Christ-consciousness, are really living in prison—a prison of our own making, though we didn’t know any better. Our history of living with egoic influences determining our thinking and our actions has made this assertion true. Even though, at this point in reading A Course of Love, we are said to be beyond the ego, we are still “becoming,” not there yet, in regard to the elevated Self of form. We will need to merge the Self of form with the non-physical Self who lives in a timeless state. Meanwhile, we are living in time, caught by patterns of the ego that have not let us go.

The elevated Self, when merged with the Self beyond this earth, will know mystically much that is hidden to us now. Obviously, this new elevated Self of form is a state much to be desired. And we are within God’s Will to ask for its accomplishment in us.

Christ-consciousness will come first in glimpses, glimpses that will begin to be elongated, and then the great blessing will be given to us, freely, by God Himself. We do not have to prepare or plan, and this assertion may sound too good to be true, but Jesus proclaims that he has prepared us already, and he and we together cannot fail. We will move gradually into enlarging our field of “conscious awareness,” and with this change, we are prepared. Nothing could be easier, for nothing, absolutely nothing, is asked of us beyond removing blocks to the awareness of love. These blocks are the obviously negative traits that have so befuddled our living for so long—the anger, guilt, attack, etc.

We long for the freedom outside prison walls that is promised us. Our desire for this enhanced life is very great, and this desire will give us what we want. We need only ask. And then have the patience to realize that when we are ready, the great blessing of Christ-consciousness will descend upon us.

We know how to live now, and if we forget or have feet of clay, we need only ask for help. We are surrounded by angels, and Jesus holds our hand.


Jesus has prepared us well in A Course of Love. Many readings of ACOL will only increase our understanding and our insight. I ask now for the patience to wait in the fullness of time for what has been promised all of us. I ask never to return to egoic wanderings. I ask to become all that I can be, as I head into my desire to reach an elevation of my form. I ask to be let out of this prison of my own making.

Thank You for guiding me so gently, so gently that my fears have fallen away from me. It is fear that we confront, and then overcome, on the road to the elevated Self of form. I thank You that at this moment I feel no fear of any kind. May this glimpse of enlightenment be elongated, maintained, and then sustained.


We Are Building the New World

“This Covenant is the fulfillment of the agreement between you and God. The agreement is for you to be the new. As you are new, so too is God, for you are one, if not the same. As you are new, so too is the world, for you are one, if not the same. As you are new, so are your brothers and sisters, for they, too, are one, if not the same.

“While not the same, you also are not different. The differences you saw during the time of learning, differences that made you feel as if each being stood separate and alone, you are now called to see no more. In unity you are whole and inseparable, one living organism now raised above the level of the organism as you become aware of unity of form.” (ACOL, D:4.1 – 4.2)

This quotation is elaborating on Jesus’s concept that the Self is One, not divisible in parts or “little” Selves. And this mystical understanding will take us a long way toward comprehending the entity that is being newly birthed, the elevated Self of form. In no way does the idea that we are the “not different” form problems for our embracing of diversity. Jesus says elsewhere that we will not lose our individuality when we occupy the elevated Self of form, that we will feel even more like an individual. Our personalities, in other words, won’t be a placid sameness, but rich with the diversity that we prize in our world today. It is only the fact of Oneness that we need to consider. God is One, and we—all of us—as the elevated Self of form are one.

The elevated Self of form is coming to know, through time, as time passes, what the larger Self of unity already knows. It takes time for this new entity to be assimilated in our world. The larger Self is fully cognizant of what the Self of form is about, and fully aware that this Self of form is new in our world. The two—the Self and the elevated Self of form—are not, then, truly divisible. They, like all of us, are really One.

We have much to learn, in joyous enthrallment, as we assume a new identity, the elevated Self of form. Assuming this identity will allow our God to live through us in ever better ways, no longer caught by illusion and presumed separation. We are even told that if we like the matter of form, continuing to occupy a Self of form can become a new choice, an eternal choice. This is one time that Jesus comes close to commenting on reincarnation, because he is not saying here that we would have immortality in one body.

We are building the new world. We must do all that we can do to assume an attitude of faith in Love to accomplish a transformation in us that is long overdue. We can enlarge our awareness of Love, removing blocks such as unreasoning anger and hostility, and move into a better place. It is in God’s Will that we elongate our glimpses of enlightenment, Christ-consciousness, and fully in His Will that we maintain and then sustain this new state of being.

Pray today that Christ-consciousness will overshadow us sooner rather than later. The new world awaits.


Thank You for guiding my impulses today to refrain from anger and its attendant negative emotions. Thank You for guiding me ever closer to a Love that is not interrupted at any time. My feet of clay can become more solid when I let You take me over. I would give You a good day as You seek to live through me. And I ask, in Your Will, for a transformation that is lasting.

Thank You for giving me patience in removing the blocks that I have to Your Love. I long to reach ever more deeply within me so that I might experience Your Love with an ever more welcome heart.


Turn Within for New Direction

“What this portion of the dialogue attempts to do is to give you a language to support what you already know, and are already aware of, so that you are more comfortable with letting what you know serve you in your creation of the new. All—all—that you need in order to create the new is available within you. The power of the universe is given and received constantly in support of the creation of the new. This is what creation is! The entire universe, the All of All, giving and receiving as one. This is our power. And our power is needed for the creation of the Covenant of the New in this time of Christ.” (ACOL, D:3.23)

The salient word throughout this quotation is “within.” Within is where we tap our power, within is where we come to know what to do to create a new world in this time of Christ. We don’t look outside ourselves, or turn to learned authorities through the written word, to know how and why to create the new. We commune with our indwelling God, the Christ-Self who lives deep within us.

This phenomenon is why we are not given specifics about how to proceed. Jesus stresses that he is not predictive, that he is “I Am,” Christ-consciousness. He tells us that he doesn’t know what the future will hold, that we will prepare for it together, and we will create a new and better way of living from looking first the guidance that we get from the Christ-Self, again, “within.”

We are giving and receiving simultaneously, and this constitutes our power, our new power. We are truly new creations, now that we are moving into Awakening. We have a Covenant of the New, with God, to work with what is, but to use that “what is” to create an improved version of our experience, an improved version of our world. Our ego has wrecked havoc on our lives and our very being. Now we will use what we have discovered (no longer “learned”) to create afresh.

All that we need to create the new can be discovered by inner communion. We are living in time, and so coming to know all of this may take some time. But we have started on the journey without distance, and in the journeying we will come to know. We may need to ask, internally, for help. The Self is larger than just the form that we occupy, and that Self, moving around outside the body, has access to more knowledge than do we. It is a mystical knowledge, and it will serve us well.

We might wish that Jesus would give us more direction. But then he would be deciding for us what type of world we want to live in. It is best that he leaves it up to us. Just be careful not to fall back into egotistical and egoic notions again, because to do so would limit our usefulness, and make a problem again. Be done with the ego, once and for all, and turn to the inner Self for our new direction.


Thank You for guiding my fingers as I type. Thank You for letting me realize that not knowing how to proceed can be a very potent prodder in the attempt to create the new. Communion with You, inside of me, will give me the answers, the Answer. And nothing will ever be the same again.

Thank You for a good morning of reading A Course of Love. My heart is warmed as I read, and this is a blessing much to be appreciated.


Self & the New Elevated Self of Form

“This is not meant to convey any division between the Self and the elevated Self of form, but to demonstrate that there is a difference in form between the Self and the elevated Self of form. The Self was and will always remain more than the body. The body, however, is also newly the Self. The body is also, newly, one body, one Christ.” (ACOL, D:3.18)

The Self of form occupies a body, but the Self is larger than just what we know on earth. And this One Self, of which we all occupy, mystically, the same One, is the Christ-Self. In the largest sense, this all-encompassing Self is composed of God, for there is no division in the universe. It is all God-stuff.

Jesus hopes that all of us will come into our own sooner rather than later, that we will achieve Christ-consciousness, and with this, the elevated Self of form, the entity that occupies a body in this world. This elevated Self of form is new, in that the world has never had a comprehensive Awakening. Previously, we had to die to this world and emerge on the Other Side to know more of what the cosmos offered. We knew, after death, things that now we will be able to know while still in a body, in form. But this elevated Self of form, though able to access the mystical One, the Self that is out of form, will never occupy all that we are. Our Self is larger than life on earth, larger than the body that we occupy.

In another sense, we need to come to realize that the elevated Self whom we are is shared with our brothers and sisters. God does not subdivide. The Christ-Self is One, not a myriad of little Selves that in any way at all stay separate from each. There is not separation any longer (and there never was, in truth, ever any separation at all). We speak, therefore, of the Self in the singular, even though it is mystically shared with everyone. It is our bodies that appear separate to our eyes, and this truth can make the truth of the One seem confusing. If we don’t consider that we are delving into mystical truth.

“The Self was and will always remain more than the body.” Yes! So life continues, unabated, on other planes and in other existences in the cosmos. In our limited way, these other planes are closed to us in a very real sense, but if we take to heart the message in today’s quotation, we can know that we cannot see with physical eyes all that exists. The physical universe is one place for a particular wave of energy, but there are other waves of energy that we cannot see.

If we take to heart this message, we will be warmed by it. We will know that we in our essence are more than we can see, that there is a part of us that is apart from this world. But this part, we can intuit, communicates with us in ways that we don’t understand. All of us have experienced intuition, and it is quite possible that this method of communication emanates from the larger Self, the one beyond this world.

Commune with the larger Self today. It is truly our link to God Himself. Though it is a mistake to think of “parts” of God, we can use language loosely to say that the Self, outside form, is our part of God.


Help me to learn through communing with the part of my Self who does not live on earth. I would know more of You, and this is how I will come to know more of You. All if composed of You, of necessity the All IS You. Help me to wrap my mind and heart around this concept.

The way back is not far. When these matters tease me out of thought, I know that I am getting close to You, close to Your Essence. Thank You.


Live Fully Conscious & Fully Awake

“Helping you to achieve full awareness of who you are is different than helping you to learn. As was said before, you know what you need to know. What we seek to achieve through this dialogue is acceptance and awareness of what you know. Acceptance is easily achieved through willingness. Full awareness in form of what has previously been hidden by the mists of illu¬sion is the more challenging task.” (ACOL, D:3.13)

Jesus is introducing the concept of the elevated Self of form, a Self that is new to this world. We will have Christ-consciousness in form when we are fully aware of what this means and how to reach it. We need to reach acceptance of all that we have the potential of being, and we need to accept the guidance that we receive from the Self. This is a new era, when we reach Christ-consciousness in form. Form is the important point. It changes everything.

Jesus also indicates that we can continue in form, presumably in future reincarnations, if we like the experience and want to prolong it. Most people throughout history have longed for the ethereal body in the afterlife. But there is much work that needs to be done on earth, many people needing to move into the next phase of our development through Awakening. Until we all are back home in God, we have work to do. Until we are all back home in God, suffering will still continue. And suffering brought on by the ego has been hampering our good sense of life for a long, long time.

We don’t actively proselytize, but we do share what we know when people become interested and ask us. This is the point of channeled wirtings, in fact. If we weren’t ready, in a psychological sense, for new revelations, Jesus wouldn’t be coming through this way.

Acceptance is easier to reach than is full awareness in form. Jesus makes this clear. We can accept before we are fully aware. But acceptance is the first step. And awareness in form of what is beyond illusion then moves into play. A Course of Love does not downplay the physical, even though I believe that the physical is still not “real.” We project from within, and we see what appears to be a real world. But slowed down energy, which is what matter really is, is still a nonphysical entity. These metaphysical ideas do often tease us out of thought.

Be ready to become fully conscious and fully awake. Our lives improve dramatically when we get glimpses of the Divine and of Christ-consciousness on any given day. And Jesus is desirous of us prolonging this phenomenon, something that we can do through acceptance of what is, and awareness of a greater reality beyond what we normally see. Keep eyes open. We will indeed see much that had been hidden in deep illusion.


I would accept my life today, and I would move into greater awareness of what my form, my physical body, can do in this world. While I think that this world is not real in any actual sense, I do know that we perceive it as real. And that makes a lot of difference.

Thank You for giving me the acceptance of what life brings to me. Thank You for giving me patience to live through phenomenon that I would change. Change sometimes takes time, and I ask for increased patience this day, and for a better understanding of how to live well.


Achieve Victory through Surrender

“We let the old go, and with it all ideas of contrast and opposites, of conflict and opposing forces. This is all that is needed for the new to triumph over the old. There are no battles needed, no victories hard won through might and struggle. This is what is meant by surrender. We achieve victory now through surrender, an active and total acceptance of what is given.” (ACOL, D:3.7)

Traditional Christian inspirational writing has long emphasized surrendering to God. A search of the Bible doesn’t find very much emphasis, though surrendering works for many people most of the time. When we surrender to God, we let Him know that we can’t make it on our own. Our lives start to feel better, internally, and we get more done. We are in league with His methods of working, and He calms our anxieties enough for us to proceed easily and peacefully.

This surrender is what is needed now as we head into a new era. When we re-surrender each day, we find out how really potent this practice is. And when we re-surrender over a long time, we find ourselves in the midst of creating the new, the practice that Jesus is encouraging in this passage for today.

Surrendering works. When we are fretting about the future, just know that God knows that we are not limitless, that we have boundaries of indecision that impinge on our lives. These boundaries will hinder us in anything that we do, if we don’t surrender anew, and often.

When we surrender, we feel that we have a helping hand from the Almighty. Our Self is not above needing help, just because it is said to be a part of God Himself. Beings on the Other Side stand ready to help us also. We are never alone. Jesus himself stands ready to help. The way clears, the future is brighter, and we walk a smooth pathway. Life improves with surrender, daily and without fail.


I do re-surrender to You today. This, my daily practice, doesn’t work if it is done only occasionally. For the best results, I need to stay close to You always. If I forget, don’t You forget. And I know that You won’t forget.

Be with me today as I seek to make decisions that will affect the rest of my life and beyond. Re-surrendering to You is what makes life work well. I would see life working well today. Thank You.


Tolling of the Bell of the Lord

“The Covenant of the New is simply our agreement to proceed together on the palm-strewn path of Christ-consciousness. It is a path upon which joy triumphs over sorrow and victory triumphs over defeat. All that it requires is the acceptance of the new and the denial of the old that will allow for the sustainability of Christ-consciousness in form.

“My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this is the call you have heard for as long as you can remember, the call you have heard as often as you have grown still and listened. It is the one beautiful note, the tolling of the bell of the Lord, your invitation to return home. This call has always sounded. It is not a death knell but a call to life.” (ACOL, D:3.1 – 3.2)

Our “call to life” comes from God Himself. And the call is a call to love, the best feeling in the universe. Nothing else—other than loving—is worth doing. But loving is very worth doing. And the benefits that we get are beyond measure. Loving God, loving Self, and loving our brothers and sisters in this world—this is what we are here to do. And the difference in our lives will be incalculable.

We are embarking on a new covenant with God, a “Covenant of the New” that has Christ-consciousness at its center. And the center of our very Self is the heart, a heart that in-forms the mind, and so we live ever better, in an ever more easeful way. We walk into a new world with acceptance of this new, leaving behind the old ways that we operated for eons. We operated previously in an egoic world, and we didn’t fare so well. If we carefully and completely turn aside from egoic notions whenever they entice us, we will be well on our way to Christhood. Our Awakening will happen sooner rather than later, and it will happen when God knows that we are ready. The God from deep within us slows down our thinking processes, relaxes us, soothes us—and grants us enlightenment. It is not meant to be a struggle, and struggle will actually work against this great blessing.

Relax into the day. Know that all that we need to know will emerge from our Unconscious at the proper timing. The way is smooth, and joy is ahead.

Take time for God today, and His pleasure with us will be tangible.


I wish for a good day today, a day of a glimpse of enlightenment. I ask for Christ-consciousness sooner rather than later, and I turn aside, gently, from the separated state of mind and heart into a solace that only You can give. I avoid fretting and worrying, agonizing and being angry. Life is too short to live it in such a fashion.

Be with me today. I feel the greatest joy in Your Presence. Help me to feel Your Presence all the day long.


Inner Direction Prompts Us Well

“Within is where the real world and all your brothers and sisters exist in the unity of Christ-consciousness. Change within effects change without, not the other way around! Within is where you look to your own heart, rather than to any other authority, for advice or guidance. Within is where you find the knowing of Christ-consciousness, the consciousness of unity. Within is where you find the power of creation, the power to create the patterns of the new. Looking within is not an attempt to find the answers of the personal self of old, the separated self who depended on learned wisdom for answers. Looking within is turning to the real Self and the conscious¬ness shared by all for the creation of a new answer, the answer to the only remaining question; that of how to sustain Christ-consciousness in form.” (ACOL, D:2.22)

This quotation for today is a summation of what has been covered for a while in the Dialogues. It is an amplification of the idea from A Course in Miracles that “projection makes perception.” We project our outer world from within, and what we project determines what we perceive. Everything is going on within, and with this quotation in the Dialogues of ACOL, we find out just how very much is going on within.

We turn within now to get our guidance. It is amazing to realize that when we feel an impulse to do something, often that thing, however impulsive, is right on. We can speculate that this is the inner Self talking to us, guiding us. If we move on the impulse, certain not to hurt anyone nor anything, we often find a beauteous gift awaits us. We have to trust, though, or our remaining patterns of the ego will raise ear in us, and we will be too afraid to act on the impulse. We will then miss out on many bountiful blessings, blessings that could have been ours if we had listened well to what is going on in our interior.

So: Pay attention to what is inside. Wait, but not long, for what will transpire in the outer world when we have acted on inner direction. Inner direction, if right and good, tends to reveal itself to us as we take the first steps toward acting on the guidance that we have received. Guidance from within wishes us well. It only takes courage to act, but not a lot. A little willingness is all that is ever required.


Thank you for my guidance today to act on impulse. Nobody would be harmed, nothing would be altered for the worse. And there is much good that comes from acting on the guidance that arises from within. Thank you for taking me by the hand and leading me along. I hope that You will always do that. It would make such a difference in my life. Yes, You will always lead me along, if I am courageous enough to listen. And the advantages to listening are tremendous.

Be with me for another good day. As this new year of 2017 gets underway, I pray for a good outcome for everyone who reads these words. Be with us all to allow us to walk into a future bright with promise.