We Need Each Other

“You were told within this Course that what you learn in unity is shared. This language was used because you were still, at that time, a learning being. Now we will adjust our language somewhat to represent the new and restate what was said earlier as “What you discover in unity is shared.” Learning does not occur in unity, but discovery is an ongoing aspect of creation and thus of the state of union in which you truly abide.” (ACOL, D:7.2)

We know that we share with others when we are being loving toward them, our brothers and sisters. Jesus calls this being in “unity,” and unity is used in A Course of Love to mean many different things—sharing, the merging of heart and mind to form what he calls “wholeheartedness,” the joining of the little or personal self with the true Self (the Christ-Self), and the like. Jesus also has particular meanings for various words, and here we see him rejecting “learning” in favor of the term “discover.” By rejecting learning, we are realizing that we remember true reality; we actually are returning in time to a recollection of true reality that we left behind when we formed the ego. Now we are discovering what it is like to be without an ego, and of course this is an exciting time for us.

We need each other. This is why unity is so important, why sharing is so important. Nobody can live in this world as a solitary creation of God’s while trying to remain independent of everyone else. Even when we were living in egoic separation from God, still this was true. We often, then, held up autonomy or independence as a state of being much to be desired, but we always fell short. This is because God created us an interdependent whole, entities who, in relationship to each other come to know what Life is really about. We are in unity, for we are One with all of creation. We don’t need, anymore, to imagine how wonderful life would be if we could be independent of the need of having others in our lives. We know this is a lie.

Reach out to others today. With so much change going on in the world, we are likely to become overwrought with the uncertainty that we face. In A Course of Love, Jesus provides a way for us to know real certainty at last. He says that certainty is the way that we were built, that it is unnatural not to know anything for sure. And we have lived without being sure of anything for a very long time. We have been unnatural for a very long time

The times we are living in can seem dire indeed. We seem to be pulling apart from each other. Only with a return to unity (meaning we are One) and relationship (meaning that our diversity nevertheless is shared with one another) do we have any hope of living happy and viable lives. Now is the time for certainty with our religious faith in the midst of uncertainty all around us in this world. Cling to the true reality as we perceive it. And in this clinging, we have Jesus holding our hand.


Help me to be at peace in a world that has seemingly gone mad. Help me to stay calm in the midst of the turmoil that rides our airwaves. Help me to reach out, in love, to those I encounter. And help me to do some good in this world, though I know that Jesus does not want me “planning” for what I will do.

Be with all of us as we face uncertain times. Be with our faith to make it strong. The world may not know that we exist, but we do know that the world exists. And we need a strong faith to make it through. Thank You for always being here, in me, living through me. Your way will work out eventually. In this I have great faith.



There Is More in Heaven & Earth than We Have Dreamed of

“The elevated Self of form, however, being a form that still exists in time, must realize the consciousness of the true Self in time. What this means is that the elevated Self of form may still need “time” to come to know the changes that only occur in “time” although they are already accomplished in unity. This is why we have spoken of miracles and of the collapse of time the miracle is capable of providing. We have rede¬fined the miracle as the art of thought, or the continual act of prayer that sustains the unity of Christ-consciousness.” (ACOL, D:6.27)

The true Self is outside of time, but we draw upon this Self for ideas that will allow the elevated Self of form, the Self in time and in body, to create a new world. We do not necessarily have to feel bifurcated, though, because both the Self in time and the Self outside are actually One—and not only for a given entity, but for the All. That is why we can say that we are one Self with all of our brothers and sisters who share this universe with us.

The Self outside of time is in unity, just we are also when we have joined heart and mind to be wholehearted. This unity is the unity of the One, the God Who is the All, for all of us are mystically One with God, part of Him. Miracles will help us to be our new Self, the elevated Self of form. Miracles will collapse time, a tenet also of A Course in Miracles. Miracles will allow us to be who we truly are, an expression of God’s grace. As we express ourselves in and through love, we are thereby being who we truly are. It is a newly constituted Self, living in true reality rather than in illusion. And with reality comes great blessings, great blessings that will create the new world that Jesus longs to see.

We too long to see this new world. No time limit has been placed on when this will come about, for Jesus says that he will not be predictive in A Course of Love. He is Christ-consciousness, the I Am of reality. Probable realities do apparently exist, and so the future may look different, in a different time frame, for all of us. This should not be reason for worry, just an acknowledgment that there is more in heaven and earth than we have dreamed of.

Be patient with ourselves to see what will be wrought by time. Be patient as the future unfolds. Our new Self, even though elevated, is a new creation in this world of ours, never before seen on earth. We will see that we need our form as others are attracted to our message. We don’t go out seeking for converts, though, but simply live our lives as we understand life is meant to be lived. Ordinary people will live extraordinary lives in this new world, and that will be the attraction for individuals still living in the house of illusion. Our place is the Kingdom of God, the House of Truth. And in this we will know truth, peace, and love in great measure.

Things look good to us for the extended future.


If the short term looks difficult, let me take the long view. I know that bad things will still happen, and that I will observe those bad things. But I don’t have to let my peace be disturbed. You are here with us, comforting, sustaining, living through us. Help me always to be grateful to know that it is really You Who is living this life through me.

Be with my brothers and sisters today. May I say the right thing, do the right thing, and love always.


Harmony in the Christ-Self

“Outside of time and form your Self has always existed in the perfect harmony in which it was created. Now that your Self has joined the elevated Self of form, you exist together both in time and outside of time. Remember, the elevated Self of form will never be all that you are. This does not imply however, that there are portions of your Self missing from this new experience in form you now enter into, but that the elevated Self of form is now able to join with the Self in the unity of shared consciousness. You are whole once again and your form will merely represent one aspect of your wholeness in the field of time.” (ACOL, D:6.26)

This idea is a bit complicated. Jesus explains it elsewhere by having us imagine a black dot, representing the body, in a field of white, which represents the Self—the Self beyond what is just the Self that seem to be in form, the elevated Self of form. We get ideas form this larger Self, ideas that don’t originate in the brain, of course, or in our form, our body. The larger Self, outside of the elevated Self of form, is something more than the Self holding to form. But it is all One with us. We know much that this Self has already accomplished, and it is at least this in part that explains why we are called The Accomplished.

We are into new creation now; the Self has never been elevated in form before. Before, all that we had was the personal or little self in form, and this self gave allegiance to the ego and to separation from God. Our larger Self is a part of God, and gives allegiance to Him. We are embarking, as the elevated Self of form, on creating a new world. For this we need not plan, but just stay open to the guidance from our Self. This Self, of course, is also the Christ-Self who is rapidly maintaining and then sustaining Christ-consciousness.

Our elevated Self of form has a united heart and mind that makes that Self One in fact and in being.

Listen to our heart today. Let the mind be informed by the heart. And the things that come along will seem easy. Struggle is behind us now.


Thank You for the calmness that You are giving me. It is very reassuring to know that struggle is not called for, that struggle was always of the ego.

Be with me for the remainder of this day, into the evening and night, and tomorrow as well. With struggling gone, I will find a peace that I have not known before. Thank You.


We Are Not at the Mercy of Blind Fate

“What fate may offer is itself an attitude that puts life at the risk and whim of an external force that has no reality except in your imagination. What is this thing called fate? Like all the systems you believe in, it is a system too, an internal idea given a name, externalized, and blamed for all that you do not understand, all that cannot be made to make sense, all that seems unfair and beyond your control.” (ACOL, D:6.20)

“Fate” is largely a misguided idea, chosen as a spurious explanation for all that we don’t seem capable of understanding. We are living in our imagination when we choose fate as a way of explaining what is happening to us. Of course, it is not a bad explanation, for nothing is “bad” in God’s world of love. But it doesn’t really say anything. It implies a God Presence, and anything that implies a God Presence is a good thing. But it doesn’t help us very much to make sense of our lives.

Fate is one of those systems of thought that we will be leaving behind. When we blame fate, we are really blaming God, and blame elicits bitterness in the heart—surely the least lovable of characteristics. It is a handy way of explaining away circumstances that seem to engulf, circumstances that defy explanation. But, in the long run, fate doesn’t really explain anything, and it allows us to be fearful of God, something that goes against the grain, and goes against all that Jesus has taught and is teaching.

In place of fate, let acceptance lead the way. Acceptance is ACOL’s term that comes the closest to the forgiveness that A Course in Miracles champions. We just go with the flow, accepting what life brings. This sounds passive, but it is not. We are willing to have it so, as a Buddhist monk once said. That is our secret to equanimity, our secret to reaching peace in our daily lives. And it works. The peace that we feel is palatable. Most of us are far more peaceful at this point in our reading of ACOL than we have ever been in our lives. And that counts for something.

So: Let ruminations about fate fall from our minds. We create our own reality; we are not at the mercy of blind fate. There is much that we don’t know, but we can know that we are at the helm. Nothing happens that we don’t allow, and in the allowance, fate falls by the wayside.


I feel the need to comfort today. And Jesus has said that my Self can provide the comfort—and love—that doesn’t seem to be outside of me in abundant blessings. It is easy to feel sorry for one’s self when seeking comfort, and I would not allow that emotion to come forth. Let me instead come to see that the inner Christ-Self comforts and loves and gives me peace. I would know peace today.

Be with me as I walk through this day. Thank You for the glimpse of mellowness that overcame be yesterday; I ask for this again. And with this comes a glimpse of what Christ-consciousness will mean when maintained and sustained. Help me to be patient in the place that I occupy, a place where I don’t know all that I would know. Help this knowing to come. Thank You.


Discover New Certainties that Are Based in Love

“For in this time of revelation, discovery is the new divine pattern that will replace the “thought” systems we have spoken of. To discover is simply to find out what you did not previously know.

“Creation of the new will be predicated on the discovery of what you did not previously know. This will not happen if you cling to “known” truths. Revelation cannot come to those who are so “certain” of what is that they cannot allow for the new to be revealed. Your certainty about what is is a false certainty, a learned certainty based on the fear that caused you to order the world according to a set of facts and rules.” (ACOL, D:6.14 – 6.15)

In the new world that we will be creating, there is no room for fear. We have reached certain certainties in the past that were based on fear; now we are being asked to discover new certainties that have a basis in love. And we are asked to respond to love; that is the difference that has heretofore been missing when we were told that love was the answer to everything. Giving and receiving are identical. And it is in the giving that we know our greatest happiness; this is the response that we are asked to give to everybody and everything thing.

This is all part of the theology of A Course of Love, and theology can seem confusing when the whole rationale for that theology is not given. Take nothing that I say unto yourself unless it find a place in your heart. I think Jesus would say the same about all of his words in ACOL as well. We are not being driven, kicking and screaming, into a new world. We are being led, gently and without coercion, into a better place, a true reality that is based on our response to love. Something is asked of us, and we will be given the great blessing when we have responded with a united mind and heart.

We are discovering now, at this point in the Dialogues of A Course of Love. We have left learning behind. This may seem confusing to some of us, but learning has been accomplished by those who have read this far in ACOL. The Christ-Self deep within us has learned (even though we sometimes find it hard to understand why a Christ-Self would need to learn anything). Now Jesus is using different terminology; we are discovering the world around us by observation, and then we will discover the world around us by being in-formed by that world. In the final analysis, though, it is not necessary to comprehend what all these terms mean in order to understand the gist of A Course of Love. We are prepared, and when we let our heart lead our mind, we are well-satisfied, calm and serene as we walk into each new day.


Is fear necessary to be walked through? Or do we reach enlightenment purely by calm and serenity, tranquility and faith? Jesus’s channeled writings have contradictions around the purpose of fear, and I would wonder if any purpose of fear could ever be called good.

I ask for an Answer today to these wonderings. This seems to be a need, and I know that needs are answered at the point that they are recognized, thus ceasing to be needs at all. I would pray about this quandary. I would seek Your Answer. Thank You in advance for Your response, for I do have faith that an Answer will come, and will come soon.


Jesus Encourages Miracle-Mindedness

“There are many stories in many cultures that celebrate and bear witness to the happenings that reveal that the laws of spirit and the laws of man coexist. Yes, there are natural laws, but these “natural” laws are not the sets of facts you have defined them to be, but rather a staggering series of rela¬tionships, relationships without end, relationships that exist in harmony and cooperation. This is a harmony and cooperation that might one day extend to the sun and a demonstration that the sun need not rise—or perhaps need not set—and the earth would still be safely spinning in its orbit.” (ACOL, D:6.12)

An astonishing thing for Jesus to say—that a natural law might one day reveal a sun that doesn’t rise or set!

It is hard to know what to make of this assertion, but then Jesus says many things in his channeled writings that are hard for our finite, limited minds to comprehend. Moreover, he says many things in the New Testament that we still don’t comprehend.

I think he wants us to open our eyes a little into the realm of miracles. Or what we would view as miracles. Elsewhere he reminds us that Native People (American Indians) say a prayer that is thankful for a rising sun. They recognize that spiritual law and natural law might not be the same. And Jesus wants us to see value in knowing that there are things in heaven and earth that we don’t dream of. We have kept our eyes too long focused on the ground beneath our feet, when we need to lift our sights higher.

I do not personally know how the earth could safely spin in its orbit without the sun rising and setting. But I am willing to entertain the likelihood that Jesus knows things that are beyond my comprehension, and I listen to him with utmost respect. I also give him plenty of latitude. If we take all that he says in A Course of Love, and keep an open mind, we will know a world that has been closed to us until now. And this closed world is going to open as the new world that our Christ-Self will create, not with planning, not with effort, but with guidance from deep within, guidance that we discover at the point of need.

Above all, don’t get hung up on feeling that one must “believe” or “have faith in” the details of what Jesus says. He astonishes us with his words sometimes. But when we listen with the art of thought, which is miracle-readiness, miracle-mindedness, and simply the miracle itself, we will know more. Our closed minds need to open to possibility, and maybe this astonishing statement from Jesus is meant to encourage an open mind above all else.


Thank You for guiding me today. Thank You for opening my mind to possibility. Scientific law is not God’s law, and it behooves me to remember that. Scientific law just may not have gotten big enough to be God’s law. But I do not force myself to take on imponderables by blind faith. I ask to be shown what Jesus has in mind.

Thank You for opening my mind a little further today. With enough love, there is just no telling what natural law can stretch to do.


God’s Way Is Our Way

“Your true Self is beginning to reveal itself to you in ways of which you will become increasingly aware. As you identify more intimately with the Self you truly are, the self of form is likely to grow more and more foreign to you and less and less comfortable. Thus what is required now is a new way of envisioning the body and its service to you.” (ACOL, D:6.4)

Have we begun to feel uncomfortable in our own bodies? Has our desire to BE the Self seemed to diminish the physical form in our eyes? This may start happening, especially now that we are aware of the possibility. But form is certainly not bad, for of course Jesus is recommending that we embody the Self in our bodies, a new way of being, a new creation of God Himself.

Heretofore we have thought that the personal self was all that we were. This is also considered the “little” self, and it has just been shorn of the ego. But the personal self remains, and if we haven’t yet embodied the Self, we may feel adrift. Previously this personal or little self was all that we thought we were. Now we know very differently.

The body is a communication device; both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love say this exact same thing. But ACIM gave more credence to the unseen, our intangible qualities of love, harmony, peace, equanimity. ACOL recognizes that the form that we occupy can be useful to us and to God, and Jesus recommends that we envision our bodies differently. He then proceeds to help us do just that in further writing.

If we envision our bodies not as a source of complaint for our ills, we will appreciate it more. Jesus says later on that this choice of occupying bodies on earth, occupying form, can become a permanent choice, fully in line with God’s will, if we decide that we like the physical experience and want to prolong it. He hastens to add that he is not talking of immortality here, or occupying the body longer than the normal span of years. He doesn’t specify, because he is hesitant to get controversial, but he must be talking of reincarnation (in my view). Would we like to return to earth indefinitely, for eons, but occupying the elevated Self of form.

Let us make that decision when we have actually occupied the elevated Self of form. And Christ-consciousness is the consciousness that allows us to do so. Invite a glimpse of enlightenment today. Let the mellowness enfold us. Let the tranquility come. This new way of being is quite addictive, but in a good sense.


I would be mellow today, to invite a glimpse of enlightenment. Jesus never says that we can influence these glimpses, but perhaps it is possible that we can. I hope so. Your way is my way today; help me to keep that in mind.

Thank You for the many blessings of the Christ-Self, blessings that are just now becoming real to me. May I come more fully to understand that the Self is the only savior that I have.