Inner Direction Prompts Us Well

“Within is where the real world and all your brothers and sisters exist in the unity of Christ-consciousness. Change within effects change without, not the other way around! Within is where you look to your own heart, rather than to any other authority, for advice or guidance. Within is where you find the knowing of Christ-consciousness, the consciousness of unity. Within is where you find the power of creation, the power to create the patterns of the new. Looking within is not an attempt to find the answers of the personal self of old, the separated self who depended on learned wisdom for answers. Looking within is turning to the real Self and the conscious¬ness shared by all for the creation of a new answer, the answer to the only remaining question; that of how to sustain Christ-consciousness in form.” (ACOL, D:2.22)

This quotation for today is a summation of what has been covered for a while in the Dialogues. It is an amplification of the idea from A Course in Miracles that “projection makes perception.” We project our outer world from within, and what we project determines what we perceive. Everything is going on within, and with this quotation in the Dialogues of ACOL, we find out just how very much is going on within.

We turn within now to get our guidance. It is amazing to realize that when we feel an impulse to do something, often that thing, however impulsive, is right on. We can speculate that this is the inner Self talking to us, guiding us. If we move on the impulse, certain not to hurt anyone nor anything, we often find a beauteous gift awaits us. We have to trust, though, or our remaining patterns of the ego will raise ear in us, and we will be too afraid to act on the impulse. We will then miss out on many bountiful blessings, blessings that could have been ours if we had listened well to what is going on in our interior.

So: Pay attention to what is inside. Wait, but not long, for what will transpire in the outer world when we have acted on inner direction. Inner direction, if right and good, tends to reveal itself to us as we take the first steps toward acting on the guidance that we have received. Guidance from within wishes us well. It only takes courage to act, but not a lot. A little willingness is all that is ever required.


Thank you for my guidance today to act on impulse. Nobody would be harmed, nothing would be altered for the worse. And there is much good that comes from acting on the guidance that arises from within. Thank you for taking me by the hand and leading me along. I hope that You will always do that. It would make such a difference in my life. Yes, You will always lead me along, if I am courageous enough to listen. And the advantages to listening are tremendous.

Be with me for another good day. As this new year of 2017 gets underway, I pray for a good outcome for everyone who reads these words. Be with us all to allow us to walk into a future bright with promise.


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