Tolling of the Bell of the Lord

“The Covenant of the New is simply our agreement to proceed together on the palm-strewn path of Christ-consciousness. It is a path upon which joy triumphs over sorrow and victory triumphs over defeat. All that it requires is the acceptance of the new and the denial of the old that will allow for the sustainability of Christ-consciousness in form.

“My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this is the call you have heard for as long as you can remember, the call you have heard as often as you have grown still and listened. It is the one beautiful note, the tolling of the bell of the Lord, your invitation to return home. This call has always sounded. It is not a death knell but a call to life.” (ACOL, D:3.1 – 3.2)

Our “call to life” comes from God Himself. And the call is a call to love, the best feeling in the universe. Nothing else—other than loving—is worth doing. But loving is very worth doing. And the benefits that we get are beyond measure. Loving God, loving Self, and loving our brothers and sisters in this world—this is what we are here to do. And the difference in our lives will be incalculable.

We are embarking on a new covenant with God, a “Covenant of the New” that has Christ-consciousness at its center. And the center of our very Self is the heart, a heart that in-forms the mind, and so we live ever better, in an ever more easeful way. We walk into a new world with acceptance of this new, leaving behind the old ways that we operated for eons. We operated previously in an egoic world, and we didn’t fare so well. If we carefully and completely turn aside from egoic notions whenever they entice us, we will be well on our way to Christhood. Our Awakening will happen sooner rather than later, and it will happen when God knows that we are ready. The God from deep within us slows down our thinking processes, relaxes us, soothes us—and grants us enlightenment. It is not meant to be a struggle, and struggle will actually work against this great blessing.

Relax into the day. Know that all that we need to know will emerge from our Unconscious at the proper timing. The way is smooth, and joy is ahead.

Take time for God today, and His pleasure with us will be tangible.


I wish for a good day today, a day of a glimpse of enlightenment. I ask for Christ-consciousness sooner rather than later, and I turn aside, gently, from the separated state of mind and heart into a solace that only You can give. I avoid fretting and worrying, agonizing and being angry. Life is too short to live it in such a fashion.

Be with me today. I feel the greatest joy in Your Presence. Help me to feel Your Presence all the day long.


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