Live Fully Conscious & Fully Awake

“Helping you to achieve full awareness of who you are is different than helping you to learn. As was said before, you know what you need to know. What we seek to achieve through this dialogue is acceptance and awareness of what you know. Acceptance is easily achieved through willingness. Full awareness in form of what has previously been hidden by the mists of illu¬sion is the more challenging task.” (ACOL, D:3.13)

Jesus is introducing the concept of the elevated Self of form, a Self that is new to this world. We will have Christ-consciousness in form when we are fully aware of what this means and how to reach it. We need to reach acceptance of all that we have the potential of being, and we need to accept the guidance that we receive from the Self. This is a new era, when we reach Christ-consciousness in form. Form is the important point. It changes everything.

Jesus also indicates that we can continue in form, presumably in future reincarnations, if we like the experience and want to prolong it. Most people throughout history have longed for the ethereal body in the afterlife. But there is much work that needs to be done on earth, many people needing to move into the next phase of our development through Awakening. Until we all are back home in God, we have work to do. Until we are all back home in God, suffering will still continue. And suffering brought on by the ego has been hampering our good sense of life for a long, long time.

We don’t actively proselytize, but we do share what we know when people become interested and ask us. This is the point of channeled wirtings, in fact. If we weren’t ready, in a psychological sense, for new revelations, Jesus wouldn’t be coming through this way.

Acceptance is easier to reach than is full awareness in form. Jesus makes this clear. We can accept before we are fully aware. But acceptance is the first step. And awareness in form of what is beyond illusion then moves into play. A Course of Love does not downplay the physical, even though I believe that the physical is still not “real.” We project from within, and we see what appears to be a real world. But slowed down energy, which is what matter really is, is still a nonphysical entity. These metaphysical ideas do often tease us out of thought.

Be ready to become fully conscious and fully awake. Our lives improve dramatically when we get glimpses of the Divine and of Christ-consciousness on any given day. And Jesus is desirous of us prolonging this phenomenon, something that we can do through acceptance of what is, and awareness of a greater reality beyond what we normally see. Keep eyes open. We will indeed see much that had been hidden in deep illusion.


I would accept my life today, and I would move into greater awareness of what my form, my physical body, can do in this world. While I think that this world is not real in any actual sense, I do know that we perceive it as real. And that makes a lot of difference.

Thank You for giving me the acceptance of what life brings to me. Thank You for giving me patience to live through phenomenon that I would change. Change sometimes takes time, and I ask for increased patience this day, and for a better understanding of how to live well.



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