Self & the New Elevated Self of Form

“This is not meant to convey any division between the Self and the elevated Self of form, but to demonstrate that there is a difference in form between the Self and the elevated Self of form. The Self was and will always remain more than the body. The body, however, is also newly the Self. The body is also, newly, one body, one Christ.” (ACOL, D:3.18)

The Self of form occupies a body, but the Self is larger than just what we know on earth. And this One Self, of which we all occupy, mystically, the same One, is the Christ-Self. In the largest sense, this all-encompassing Self is composed of God, for there is no division in the universe. It is all God-stuff.

Jesus hopes that all of us will come into our own sooner rather than later, that we will achieve Christ-consciousness, and with this, the elevated Self of form, the entity that occupies a body in this world. This elevated Self of form is new, in that the world has never had a comprehensive Awakening. Previously, we had to die to this world and emerge on the Other Side to know more of what the cosmos offered. We knew, after death, things that now we will be able to know while still in a body, in form. But this elevated Self of form, though able to access the mystical One, the Self that is out of form, will never occupy all that we are. Our Self is larger than life on earth, larger than the body that we occupy.

In another sense, we need to come to realize that the elevated Self whom we are is shared with our brothers and sisters. God does not subdivide. The Christ-Self is One, not a myriad of little Selves that in any way at all stay separate from each. There is not separation any longer (and there never was, in truth, ever any separation at all). We speak, therefore, of the Self in the singular, even though it is mystically shared with everyone. It is our bodies that appear separate to our eyes, and this truth can make the truth of the One seem confusing. If we don’t consider that we are delving into mystical truth.

“The Self was and will always remain more than the body.” Yes! So life continues, unabated, on other planes and in other existences in the cosmos. In our limited way, these other planes are closed to us in a very real sense, but if we take to heart the message in today’s quotation, we can know that we cannot see with physical eyes all that exists. The physical universe is one place for a particular wave of energy, but there are other waves of energy that we cannot see.

If we take to heart this message, we will be warmed by it. We will know that we in our essence are more than we can see, that there is a part of us that is apart from this world. But this part, we can intuit, communicates with us in ways that we don’t understand. All of us have experienced intuition, and it is quite possible that this method of communication emanates from the larger Self, the one beyond this world.

Commune with the larger Self today. It is truly our link to God Himself. Though it is a mistake to think of “parts” of God, we can use language loosely to say that the Self, outside form, is our part of God.


Help me to learn through communing with the part of my Self who does not live on earth. I would know more of You, and this is how I will come to know more of You. All if composed of You, of necessity the All IS You. Help me to wrap my mind and heart around this concept.

The way back is not far. When these matters tease me out of thought, I know that I am getting close to You, close to Your Essence. Thank You.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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