Turn Within for New Direction

“What this portion of the dialogue attempts to do is to give you a language to support what you already know, and are already aware of, so that you are more comfortable with letting what you know serve you in your creation of the new. All—all—that you need in order to create the new is available within you. The power of the universe is given and received constantly in support of the creation of the new. This is what creation is! The entire universe, the All of All, giving and receiving as one. This is our power. And our power is needed for the creation of the Covenant of the New in this time of Christ.” (ACOL, D:3.23)

The salient word throughout this quotation is “within.” Within is where we tap our power, within is where we come to know what to do to create a new world in this time of Christ. We don’t look outside ourselves, or turn to learned authorities through the written word, to know how and why to create the new. We commune with our indwelling God, the Christ-Self who lives deep within us.

This phenomenon is why we are not given specifics about how to proceed. Jesus stresses that he is not predictive, that he is “I Am,” Christ-consciousness. He tells us that he doesn’t know what the future will hold, that we will prepare for it together, and we will create a new and better way of living from looking first the guidance that we get from the Christ-Self, again, “within.”

We are giving and receiving simultaneously, and this constitutes our power, our new power. We are truly new creations, now that we are moving into Awakening. We have a Covenant of the New, with God, to work with what is, but to use that “what is” to create an improved version of our experience, an improved version of our world. Our ego has wrecked havoc on our lives and our very being. Now we will use what we have discovered (no longer “learned”) to create afresh.

All that we need to create the new can be discovered by inner communion. We are living in time, and so coming to know all of this may take some time. But we have started on the journey without distance, and in the journeying we will come to know. We may need to ask, internally, for help. The Self is larger than just the form that we occupy, and that Self, moving around outside the body, has access to more knowledge than do we. It is a mystical knowledge, and it will serve us well.

We might wish that Jesus would give us more direction. But then he would be deciding for us what type of world we want to live in. It is best that he leaves it up to us. Just be careful not to fall back into egotistical and egoic notions again, because to do so would limit our usefulness, and make a problem again. Be done with the ego, once and for all, and turn to the inner Self for our new direction.


Thank You for guiding my fingers as I type. Thank You for letting me realize that not knowing how to proceed can be a very potent prodder in the attempt to create the new. Communion with You, inside of me, will give me the answers, the Answer. And nothing will ever be the same again.

Thank You for a good morning of reading A Course of Love. My heart is warmed as I read, and this is a blessing much to be appreciated.



2 thoughts on “Turn Within for New Direction

  1. Fantastic as always!
    “…. what we have discovered (no longer “learned”) …”
    For me, those are powerful and true words. I feel I am now seeing for the first time, what has always been there.

    And goodbye to that nagging ego that wants to keep us in our comfort zone.

    Thank you for your sharings. I find them to be reinforcing what I am discovering in my world,
    as well as shining light on new discoveries. I do not tell you that, often enough.
    Thank you again, ren

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