We Are Building the New World

“This Covenant is the fulfillment of the agreement between you and God. The agreement is for you to be the new. As you are new, so too is God, for you are one, if not the same. As you are new, so too is the world, for you are one, if not the same. As you are new, so are your brothers and sisters, for they, too, are one, if not the same.

“While not the same, you also are not different. The differences you saw during the time of learning, differences that made you feel as if each being stood separate and alone, you are now called to see no more. In unity you are whole and inseparable, one living organism now raised above the level of the organism as you become aware of unity of form.” (ACOL, D:4.1 – 4.2)

This quotation is elaborating on Jesus’s concept that the Self is One, not divisible in parts or “little” Selves. And this mystical understanding will take us a long way toward comprehending the entity that is being newly birthed, the elevated Self of form. In no way does the idea that we are the “not different” form problems for our embracing of diversity. Jesus says elsewhere that we will not lose our individuality when we occupy the elevated Self of form, that we will feel even more like an individual. Our personalities, in other words, won’t be a placid sameness, but rich with the diversity that we prize in our world today. It is only the fact of Oneness that we need to consider. God is One, and we—all of us—as the elevated Self of form are one.

The elevated Self of form is coming to know, through time, as time passes, what the larger Self of unity already knows. It takes time for this new entity to be assimilated in our world. The larger Self is fully cognizant of what the Self of form is about, and fully aware that this Self of form is new in our world. The two—the Self and the elevated Self of form—are not, then, truly divisible. They, like all of us, are really One.

We have much to learn, in joyous enthrallment, as we assume a new identity, the elevated Self of form. Assuming this identity will allow our God to live through us in ever better ways, no longer caught by illusion and presumed separation. We are even told that if we like the matter of form, continuing to occupy a Self of form can become a new choice, an eternal choice. This is one time that Jesus comes close to commenting on reincarnation, because he is not saying here that we would have immortality in one body.

We are building the new world. We must do all that we can do to assume an attitude of faith in Love to accomplish a transformation in us that is long overdue. We can enlarge our awareness of Love, removing blocks such as unreasoning anger and hostility, and move into a better place. It is in God’s Will that we elongate our glimpses of enlightenment, Christ-consciousness, and fully in His Will that we maintain and then sustain this new state of being.

Pray today that Christ-consciousness will overshadow us sooner rather than later. The new world awaits.


Thank You for guiding my impulses today to refrain from anger and its attendant negative emotions. Thank You for guiding me ever closer to a Love that is not interrupted at any time. My feet of clay can become more solid when I let You take me over. I would give You a good day as You seek to live through me. And I ask, in Your Will, for a transformation that is lasting.

Thank You for giving me patience in removing the blocks that I have to Your Love. I long to reach ever more deeply within me so that I might experience Your Love with an ever more welcome heart.



5 thoughts on “We Are Building the New World

  1. Wisdom from on 👡 high, what is that symbol, it looks like a highheel or ladies 👞 shoe. How do you get your wisdom?

    1. I am teaching A Course of Love, believed by many to have been channeled by Jesus around the turn of this century. See the “about” to learn more.

      I’m not clear to what symbol you are referring; it must be something that comes from my WordPress blog platform. It doesn’t mean anything.


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