Jesus: “I Tell You Truthfully that until You Are Living as Who You Are and Are Doing What You Love, You Are in Prison.”

“I tell you truthfully that until you are living as who you are and are doing what you love, you are in prison. This prison is as much of your own making as are the actual prison systems that developed when shape and form was given to what you fear and what you believe will protect you.

“Just as an actual prisoner, when released from prison, must adjust to a life in which his or her actions are no longer restricted artificially, you must adjust to your new freedom.” (ACOL, D:4.6 – 4.7)

Jesus is saying here that all of us who have not reached the state of union with God, the state of the elevated Self of form, the state of Christ-consciousness, are really living in prison—a prison of our own making, though we didn’t know any better. Our history of living with egoic influences determining our thinking and our actions has made this assertion true. Even though, at this point in reading A Course of Love, we are said to be beyond the ego, we are still “becoming,” not there yet, in regard to the elevated Self of form. We will need to merge the Self of form with the non-physical Self who lives in a timeless state. Meanwhile, we are living in time, caught by patterns of the ego that have not let us go.

The elevated Self, when merged with the Self beyond this earth, will know mystically much that is hidden to us now. Obviously, this new elevated Self of form is a state much to be desired. And we are within God’s Will to ask for its accomplishment in us.

Christ-consciousness will come first in glimpses, glimpses that will begin to be elongated, and then the great blessing will be given to us, freely, by God Himself. We do not have to prepare or plan, and this assertion may sound too good to be true, but Jesus proclaims that he has prepared us already, and he and we together cannot fail. We will move gradually into enlarging our field of “conscious awareness,” and with this change, we are prepared. Nothing could be easier, for nothing, absolutely nothing, is asked of us beyond removing blocks to the awareness of love. These blocks are the obviously negative traits that have so befuddled our living for so long—the anger, guilt, attack, etc.

We long for the freedom outside prison walls that is promised us. Our desire for this enhanced life is very great, and this desire will give us what we want. We need only ask. And then have the patience to realize that when we are ready, the great blessing of Christ-consciousness will descend upon us.

We know how to live now, and if we forget or have feet of clay, we need only ask for help. We are surrounded by angels, and Jesus holds our hand.


Jesus has prepared us well in A Course of Love. Many readings of ACOL will only increase our understanding and our insight. I ask now for the patience to wait in the fullness of time for what has been promised all of us. I ask never to return to egoic wanderings. I ask to become all that I can be, as I head into my desire to reach an elevation of my form. I ask to be let out of this prison of my own making.

Thank You for guiding me so gently, so gently that my fears have fallen away from me. It is fear that we confront, and then overcome, on the road to the elevated Self of form. I thank You that at this moment I feel no fear of any kind. May this glimpse of enlightenment be elongated, maintained, and then sustained.



Author: Celia Hales

A veteran student of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, I intend my blog to offer inspiration and insight into these remarkable volumes.

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