Divinity Shapes Our Ends

“Remember that our goal here is to deny the old and accept the new. In this case, the old you would deny is the idea of a purposeless existence, a universe with no divine order, a life in which you are at the mercy of fate. The new idea you are asked to accept is that existence is purposeful, that the universe exists in divine order, and that your life is part of that divine design.” (ACOL, D:4.11)

The summation in the quotation for today is reassuring in the extreme. Most of us accept that we live a purposeful life; we have just been unsure what that purpose might really be. And this is true even though most of us have a strong spiritual orientation and have read far in A Course of Love, the latest of the revelations that we are given by Jesus, in his unconfused pipeline to God.

We are a Self much like Jesus, but we have heretofore not wanted to think this of ourselves. We have been too modest, and we believe that such an assertion would be arrogant. But it is only the ego that thinks that arrogance that is true is uncalled for. Our own new understanding will lead us to believe that the Self, the Christ-Self, will take us home. Nothing and nobody else can do it.

Our lives are part of a divine order, a divine design. Most of us recognize that the physical universe we view through the lens of astronomy is a universe of divine design. Even if we still listen to the skepticism of some scientists—some, not all. Physics is moving ever closer to the truths of spirituality. Whatever we call “God” is being seen in the universe as well as within our very being. We do project what we see, from within. The real universe would fit into a point smaller than the point of a pin. We learn this from the recent channelings of Jesus.

With such marvels before us, how can we doubt? Jesus here tells us what we have longed to hear, that the Divinity that shapes our ends is very real. We have no reason to doubt. Our inner knowing will appraise us of that. And when we listen to what we hear within, we are home free, home in God.

To deny the old confusions and to accept the new will give us a new lease on life. We will know, finally and completely, that Divinity does shape our ends (as Shakespeare said). Our purpose is to live as who we truly are, and this leads to an acceptance not only of the Self but of all that the Self encounters. Our healing awaits. It takes only this acceptance of Jesus’s reassuring words to know that all is well in our newly created world.


Help me to walk a peaceful path. Help me to leave behind overwrought feelings and thoughts. The thought is the precursor to the feeling, and I would sort out my thoughts with the help of my Self. This Self has now been let out from deep within me, and it wishes me well (unlike the ego). This Self will take me home.

I would be at home in You. I would know that Your destiny for me is something that I need not fear, but only accept in harmony and peace. I don’t know what the future holds, but I trust that it will be good. All things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to Your purpose. These words from the New Testament have never been more true than they are now. Thank You for calling them to my mind and heart.



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