Accept Love that Is Our Birthright

“The two patterns, the internal and the external, were created together to exist in a complementary fashion. Both of these divine patterns are being newly recreated and we will talk much more of them and of the creative time we are now entering. Thus far, we are merely working together to create a pattern of acceptance to replace the pattern of learning.” (ACOL, D:4.13)

We are moving beyond learning from scholarly sources of the past. We are seeking simply to accept where we are and what we are about. This acceptance of all of our self will pave the way for the acceptance of unity beyond the self, called the Self, or Christ-Self, and the elevated Self of form, the time-bound self that lives in our bodies. We are moving into a new future, a new world, and the benefit to us will become apparent as we proceed.

Learning was a divine pattern, but the ego was not divine. The ego arose once we decided to try to make something that would be superior to what God had created, and because we chose separation, we also chose fear. Being alone and lonely, we had few options; we thought that God had forsaken us, but it was really ourselves that had walked away from God.

Now we are reversing this, having become clear that what we have made has not served us well. We have suffered; we have experienced pain; we have experienced loneliness—and these are just the personal aspects of what we have experienced. On a worldwide scale, the tragedy has been great. Our egos have gotten out of hand, and conflict has become a way of life. Evil has seemingly triumphed. Jesus would have us walk away from this scenario with a return to acceptance of the Love that is our birthright.

Acceptance has been likened to the forgiveness of A Course in Miracles, though they are not identical, and may even be seen as somewhat dissimilar. Acceptance allows us to live with who we are without trying to become an ideal self, a persona that is always out there, beckoning us onward. The ideal self is an idol, and we know that idols are not what we want. We want to accept ourselves as we are, with all of our seeming imperfections, because as the elevated Self we are all one in Love for each other. These imperfections are our differences, and we know from our secular life that diversity is a good thing.

Accept who we are! That is where we are headed. We can change if the character traits that we embody do not seem to be serving us well. Just ask. We will soon know that our identity is not something to be rued, but the embodiment of the Christ. Obviously, to accept this is to leave behind fear and judgment in favor of a greater Love than we have heretofore known. And it is this greater Love that will save us.


I ask to accept my Self today, not turning away from it because it is not perfect. It is a great revelation that perfection is not asked of us. I know that I need to be cognizant of what needs to be changed in my persona, but this does not mean that I am unlovable. These changes will come naturally as I let go of fear and judgment, attack and anger. Yet even anger can be accepted as long as my expression of that anger undergoes a transformation. It is in the expression of Love that even anger is not derided.

Be with me today for a good day. I hope to make much progress toward an all-consuming Love today, building on this Love as the days spread out into the future. Help me to turn to You whenever I have a question of what to do or what to say.

Thank You for being You.


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