Turn to Inner Direction

“Just as obviously, all we are left with is divine design. All we are left with is what was given: A divine universe, a divine existence. That divine universe, our divine existence, is now recreating the patterns that served the time of learning. What was learned in the instant in which you came to know your Self is all that learning was for. Let us not dwell any longer on why this has taken so long or on the suffering that occurred during the time of learning. This would be like dwelling on the inmate’s life as an inmate once he has been freed. Let us simply create a new structure around the new pattern of acceptance, a structure that will provide you with the home on Earth you have so long sought and used your faulty systems to but attempt to replicate.” (ACOL, D:4.18)

Don’t look back, in other words; that is what Jesus is saying. We can regret the past, but it does no good, and it influences negatively the better present and future that await us. It is true that we have suffered much from the detour that we took away from God, a detour that has continued for many, many long years and over many lifetimes. But the future beckons to us now—a future bright with promise, uninfluenced by the learning from external sources that we can leave behind, external sources to be replaced by the one internal Source that matters—the Christ-Self, dwelling in unity and relationship with our brothers and sisters and our God.

We are heading into internal direction as our means of coming to know. This is Divinity speaking to us, from the Self that is One with God, the same God to whom we have given our allegiance, but imperfectly. We often imagined that He was external to us, and we prayed to be saved from our many troubles. We asked Him to intervene, but never without doubt that He might choose not to do so. Our impressions of God were wrong. He has never been external to us; He has always been living through us, expressing Himself in the only ways that He could while we imagined that we were separate from Him. Such folly in the midst of plenty!

Surely these wrong understandings need not be dwelled upon as we walk into the new day. A new world that we are creating because now we know that our separation from God is mended, and our unity with Him a fait accompli. We know this in the depths of our being, when we stop to listen to our heart. We know this in the depths of our being, when we let the heart speak to and inform the mind. With the ego gone, there is nothing that need stop us now from assuming our full statue in this world as creators, like unto God. We can create that new world that Jesus is so desirous of having. We have been saved from ourselves.

Turn to inner direction when faced with a dilemma. The answer may not come immediately; we may have to step away from our desk and have a cup of coffee, but then, when we return, the answer will be waiting (just as it was for an inspired thinker who reflected upon his experience in this way). Inner direction is our method to come to knowledge that is beyond perception. Inner direction from our Self, the Self we are just now coming to know. The Self who is not befuddled by the ego.


May this new way to pray work for me. I turn to my deeper Self, the Self who is one with God, to come to know what I need to know to live my life. It is a miracle-minded way to live. And it works. My guidance is sure when I don’t get tangled up with my own insecurities. Patterns of the ego fall away, to be replaced with an assurance that is very real. Thank You for taking me by the hand and leading me away from morass and debilitation. Thank You for guiding my footsteps as I seek to stay on the path that will ensure that life ahead will look much different from the life that spreads out behind me.


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