Return Our Lives to Divine Design

“You accept that what has been given is available. You accept and you receive. You realize that the first order of creation of the new is restoration of the original order, or original design. As you have been returned to your Self, now your life must be returned to where it fits within the divine design, to where it is a life of meaning and purpose. This return is the return of wholeness. This return is not selfish on your part, but magnanimous. It returns wholeness to you and wholeness to the divine design. It returns creation to what it is.

“Understand—this cannot be fearful. This cannot fail. This will not bring suffering but will end suffering. Your part is to invite it and accept it when it comes. State your willingness, accept the coming of your release, and prepare to leave your prison behind. Invite this simply by inviting what brings you joy. Invite yourself first to this new world, but leave not your brothers and sisters behind. Invite them too. For those who are imprisoned are one with you, and need but your release to find their own.” (ACOL, D:4.29 – 4.30)

Who among us would not do anything reasonable to remove suffering? To end suffering? Jesus says here that the return of the Self (the Christ-Self) within each of us will be a return of wholeness to our entity and our personality, and that this return of the Self will end suffering. Now this is a promise to claim, and to claim right now—immediately! Do we find it too good to be true?

Remember that pain and suffering are not the same thing. Any pain can escalate into suffering if our minds and hearts are not in the right place. The body, as long as it exists on this plane of this world, will sometimes have pain. Not necessarily, but perhaps frequently. But the pains of the physical and emotional bodies do not have to escalate into suffering when our practice of the art of thought is complete. We will then know the miracle, the miracle-readiness, and the joy that the miracle and miracle-readiness can bring. We will find in that inescapable joy, the way to keep pain as pain, and not have it escalate into suffering. Our emotional healing will often heal our physical discomfort.

Wholeness of mind and body, into wholeheartedness, is part of the divine design. Now that we are moving beyond learning to observation (and then on to in-forming), we live with miracles ever-present in our lives. We can revel in this divine design. Our troubled pasts are just that—past. And our present and the future that ensues from that present, can be and will be a different thing entirely. A good thing. Better than we have been led to expect.

When we return to wholeness of mind and heart, we aren’t to leave our brothers and sisters out in the cold. Their Self is a part of our own. We are One Self, with God, with our little self, and with our brothers and sisters. When we return to our own in Christ-consciousness, we will make a difference in the lives of millions. Jesus actually says this in A Course of Love. Millions.

We can effect, therefore, much more than we imagine ourselves to be capable. We effect change, we affect lives. The two words are similar, and they are similar in meaning as well.

Trust that this day can bring all of us closer to Christ-consciousness. May we invite the peace and harmony that give one a glimpse of what will happen shortly. Then pray for elongation of this state of mind and heart. This return to Christ-consciousness is the sea change that Jesus is about in his newly channeled writings (A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, and, I think, also others that are less well-known and less read). We need to cooperate with Jesus to bring this sea change about. Divine design is at work here. And divine design, God’s own plan, will, of course, win out in the long run. Only our own stubbornness can brook delay.


I know that my genuine need is always met at the point of its recognition. My want is not always met. Help me to differentiate between these two states of mind and heart. I seem to feel a need today, and I do know that if it is a genuine need, You will be there to satisfy it. Give me a bit to come to terms with this. Help me to accept Your help.

I know that a speed-up to Christ-consciousness is always happening at the edge of fear. This from The Way of Mastery. I would leave behind my edge of fear as I step, undeterred, over the abyss. Help me to step out on your promise of support with full confidence that You will catch me.



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