“Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I hear your protests and the reasons that you feel must prevent you from the acceptance I call you to. Yet as you fully accept that your right to your inheritance, your right to be who you are, and your commitment to the Covenant of the New, are one and the same, these reasons will disappear. All the different reasons you would cite become what they are—one reason, the same reason—and you will see that what is one is neither the same nor different. You will see that there is one answer, an answer different for everyone and yet the same for everyone. That answer is acceptance of your Self. That answer is acceptance of the new you.” (ACOL, D:4.31)

Jesus uses the word “accept” and the word “acceptance” in much the same way that he used the word “forgiveness” in A Course in Miracles. He makes clear, though, that the two concepts, while similar in how they encourage us to react, are not the same concept. When we accept our Self, we realize for once that we are justified in the sight of God. We are OK. The egoic self might not have been OK, but the egoic self was always a mirage, an illusion, nothing real. Now we are embodying the Christ-Self, and this is our real and true Self. We will have no problems now when we accept that this Self is the only one that we would want.

When we commune with God, we are expressing our highest form of devotion, and in this endeavor, we are realizing that to accept our Self is to find our way back home. Not by our own steam, but in the capable hands of Jesus (who asks us, later on, to “accept” him). Jesus is our emissary from God, if you will. He has made the journey for all of us, and now he simply takes us by the hand and leads us to God Himself. When one separated self has made the journey, it is made for all, and Jesus indicates in A Course of Love that it is he who made that journey. And he made it for us.

Give Jesus a chance. Drop self-doubt (always a bad thing to hold onto), and talk to him. He is with us if we want him, and how many of us don’t need a comforting and loving presence to soothe us, to let us know that things are going to be alright, to guide us back to Love Itself.

We are embarking on what Jesus is calling the Covenant of the New. We are being who we are, for the first time in our lives. This is not a state of aloneness, though it can feel like that. It elicits a sharing with our brothers and sisters that lets us know that not only is Jesus with us, but so are they. In the newly created world that we embark upon, sharing with others is the way that we know God. Sharing, not isolated, separated selves. But one Self Whom we share with all. We are One, One with God, one with our brothers and sisters. Now that we have accepted a united heart and mind, we are also one with ourselves—the gesture that started this journey without distance, to a goal that has never changed.

Ask today what our part will be in the Covenant of the New. Just ask, with acceptance of who we are and who others are. Hold no grievances, choose to be loving. The way back is not hard. Jesus says that the way back is effortless and easy, not requiring that we “do” anything. And not requiring that we any longer learn anything. The full walk along our pathway cannot be learned in the way that we have learned in the past. Much of it is still mystery, but mystical insight smooths the way.


Be with me today. Be with me every day. I need you. I need Your love. And I need my Self, the overarching identity that I have previously not known nor welcomed. I am finally ready to welcome that Self of mine today.

Make of me something bigger than what I am. Not in an egoic sense, for I am through with that little self that indulged in the ego. Make me able to be loving in the face even of rejection, for there is never any loss of love; loss of love is a myth that the Self can overcome.

Thank You for being with me through the night. I ask that You be with me through the day, now and every day.


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