See Clearly

“The world without was created as a true representation of the world within, and as you become aware of the truth represented in all that encom¬passes and surrounds you, the boundaries between the inner and outer world will diminish and eventually cease to be.” (ACOL, D:5.4)

I think this quotation exemplifies the assertion in A Course in Miracles that “projection makes perception.” We are projecting the world that we see surrounding us. Certainly before the real world rises before our eyes, we are seeing illusion. There is a difference of opinion among A Course of Love students as to what happens when reality sets in. And this difference of opinion could even be a controversy that reminds one of the medieval, “How many angels can perch on the head of a pin?” Actually only our heart can guide us here. We don’t, any of us, know for sure if the world we see that is called “reality” is really real, or still an illusion that is projection only, but from a better place within.

We need to realize, regardless of what we believe about illusion and reality, that changes are afoot. Within and without will merge, as this quotation tells us. What this will mean is a mystery. But if the Self is real, then the “without” may become real also. I don’t believe in form, though, but in intangible qualities—love, harmony, peace, joy–that can’t be seen by the physical eyes. This vision doesn’t depend on form at all, and that is why we must be careful to see clearly, as clearly as we are able.

Within is the Self who is going to make it all better for us. This Self will allow us to receive as well as give, to see that means and end are the same, that there is no loss but only gain, and the like. Paradoxes abound in this theology of ACOL.

If we feel a loss of love, we are told that it is only because right now we are incapable of receiving love; that is all, the “other” has not actually withdrawn love at all. And if we feel this loss of love, our Self can and will remedy this. Our united mind and heart will encompass us with a warmth that is unmistakable love. We are never without love, and it is only our misconceptions that lead us to think that love can be lost to us. Even if a holy relationship ends, it is not really an ending, for all love is forever; if one has once loved, he/she continues to love into eternity. And it is within, the united mind and heart, that tell us this truth.

Let the within merge with the without. Look within for Love, where God is, and then project this Love without, onto every relationship that we have, including the one that we have with ourselves. Nothing could better ensure that we will walk a smooth pathway ahead, a path filled with love and loving kindness.


I am ready for any and all suffering to end. Pain may still come, but I choose not to escalate any pain into suffering. Help me to effect this determination. It is within Your will. And that makes me certain that this pathway is the right one for me.

The time of tenderness, outlined in ACOL, is a time of emotional pain. But it is a necessary stop on the road back to You. I would relax in Your arms, sure that You will hold me close. This is Jesus’s embrace. And it speaks of love to me. Thank You for this reassurance on this rainy day.


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