The Way Will Be Clear as Day

“What then is the call to creation that has been spoken of? This is the acceptance of the new you—acceptance that you are going beyond simple recognition and acceptance of the Self as God created the Self—to the living of this Self in form. This is an acceptance that recognizes that while the Self that God created is eternal and the self of form as ancient as the sea and stars, the elevated Self of form is new and will create a new world.” (ACOL, D:5.15)

The theology of A Course of Love includes the idea that there is a Self apart from our bodily form on earth, that this Self is part of unity and has heretofore been eclipsed by the little or personal self that embodies an ego-oriented form. Now that Self, who dwells within each of us (and every living thing) is being let out to play. We are no longer struggling against the “reality” (actually illusion) that a egoic personality sought to use to make life bearable. We have let go of the ego (as we learned from yesterday’s quotation), and we are inviting the Self to truly occupy our form.

We are inviting an “elevated Self of form.” Elsewhere Jesus tells us that the Self that occupies form will never be all of us, but I interpret this to mean that we will understand the larger Self, the one who doesn’t occupy form, in a mystical sense. Our body is like a dot on an expanse of white space, with the white space between everything that exists in unity, especially including the unembodied Self.

These descriptions get tricky, because nothing can really articulate what and how the true Self is in the cosmos. But we do know, and it is summarized in this quotation, that we are about something new, a newly created Self of form. That doesn’t have to mean that form is “real” (though some readers of ACOL see it that way). I view the non-dualistic universe of A Course in Miracles to be continuing in the exposition of Jesus in ACOL. How might we imagine otherwise, when ACOL is stated to be a “continuation” of ACIM?

Again and again Jesus returns to the idea of a new world, a newly created world. Obviously some of us will only change the world by our thoughts and actions, but others will bypass changing the world in favor of creating something new. And this something new is what Jesus is really after. What might such a world look like? Let day flow into day, guidance inform our every move, and we will live into this new reality. We don’t have to “do” anything by way of planning or conjecturing. The way will be clear as day, and we will wonder why we wondered about the means previously.


Thank you for this joy that overwhelms me even as the rain comes cascading down on this warm winter day. Jesus, I have sensed, has been near to me as I have dialogued with him in my journal. Thank You for pointing out this means to me. I know that some of what I write is my own imagination, but that is how You speak to me. I can still make mistakes in comprehending, but I hope not many.

Help me to do my part in the new world that we will all be creating. Don’t let my feet of clay intrude on what could be a wonderful future.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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