Let Us Run with Patience the Race that Is Set before Us

“That you want answers while I tell you to await revelation speaks to the impatience of the human spirit, the longing that has so long gone unfulfilled that now that you are close you cannot bear to wait another day, another hour. You want release from your prison now, and so you should.” (ACOL, D:5.17)

In this quotation, Jesus lets us know that we are enmeshed in the human condition, which moves toward impatience. We have been told that the separation happened when we became impatient in occupying form, that we didn’t want to learn all that was necessary in occupying this new form, and so God “let go,” letting us imagine separation from Him. Now, if we aren’t careful, our impatience will once again not serve us well. We want release from all that has bound us; we don’t want to wait for the revelation that will surely come, and come from God Himself. So what do we do?

We settle down, relax, and realize that this longing for God and Love is evidence of what we really need in life. And we will be satisfied. Much good is on the horizon, and much good will satisfy not only our longing, but our impatience to reach Christ-consciousness. If our desire is great enough, we are ready to reach this Awakening. It takes a sincere desire added to the cleansing of subconscious thoughts that would hold us back. Contemplation will help, though a significant other will help even more—a holy relationship with that significant other. A Course in Miracles uses as its method the relationship that we have with our “brother” (and this means “sister” as well). ACIM says that contemplation can become tedious, though it too will work because of our intent. The love that we feel for our brother is a shortcut, is the saving grace that ACIM trumpets. Invite that love into our mind and heart today.

I feel impatient as well, impatient to have the transformation occur. When I am mellow and in harmony, that transformation feels very near. When I am impatient, that transformation seems to recede in the distance. It may be the same for you.

Let us run with patience the race that is set before us. Impulsive acts are usually fraught with danger to our own peace of mind. Impulsivity is a trait that does not wear well as we grow older. And impulsivity is almost by definition the reverse of patience.

Turn to our brother Jesus in all such times. We will soon, in reading the Dialogues, accept him as our leader, the one we have chosen to lead us back home. And he holds our hand. He also embraces us as we our heart begins to beat with his. This embrace will cure any and all impatience.

Transformation is coming, and not a minute after we are ready. But right on the dot of our readiness.


Thank You for the solutions to problems that You have given me so recently. The solution is always right with the problem. And there are no needs, for as soon as the need is recognized, that need is met. Thank You for letting me realize that this matter of need fulfillment is at the heart of giving and receiving as one.

Be with me today as I quell my impatience. I give in to it, and it is miraculously smoothed out. Thank You.


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