Day that Will Usher in a New Day

“So let today’s dialogue serve as a final call, a most emphatic call, to acceptance. See the importance of this acceptance to everything that is still to come. Hesitate no longer. Let your willingness exceed your trepidation. No longer wait to be told more before you accept what you have already been told. Do not wait for a grander call before you accept the call that has already sounded in your heart. Let this be the day of your final surrender, the day that will usher in a new day.” (ACOL, D:5.22)

This quotation is the strongest call for acceptance in A Course of Love. We have been so caught up with separation, and for so long, that we think that we could not ever forgive ourselves for our mistakes, nor do we believe that God could so forgive. While not the same, forgiveness and acceptance are closely aligned, and forgiveness was the great hallmark of A Course in Miracles. Acceptance might be said to be the same for A Course of Love, but we have traveled farther now, and we are better equipped just to relax and let transformation come.

If we don’t like all of our character traits, we can make a calm resolution to see them gone, and they will go. These evidences of “imperfection” do not bother Jesus; he indicates that even negative traits are a part of our personality, our personal or “little” self. But we are no longer egoic, and we are better suited to make decisions about eliminating anger and attack, guilt and meanness, from our personalities. Just make the decision, if you don’t want these traits, that they will be gone, and Jesus lets us know that they will go subtly.

Jesus is very big on acceptance. Shortly he will ask us, finally and conclusively, to accept him—as the leader who can get us out of this mess. He cares not what religious faith we cling to, or what god we worship, but he asks us to accept him as the one who came earlier and led the way, even as he is now leading the way through channeled works. It is too simplistic to think that this acceptance of Jesus is the same as some traditional Christianity asks, that we accept Jesus as our personal savior. If some individuals read his words this way, it is of course alright, but he is not asking this of everyone. He does say that if we can’t believe that it is he who is saying these words, giving us this counsel, we will miss some grand experiences that those who accept him will receive.

Accept the personality that we now have, not an egoic personality, and no longer a personality lost in separation from God. We are coming close to Christ-consciousness, and coming close means that we have all had glimpses of enlightenment. These glimpses, if we stay true and don’t form a new egoic self, will elongate until the great blessing, from God, will descend upon us. In quietness, for we have been prepared.

And this, through Jesus’s channeled works, is his doing.


I would walk mindfully through my day, accepting the various mundane activities that occur even as much as the grand gestures that come to me from You. When I accept life, I find that life is improving. When I resist anything at all, it can grow stronger in me. I would give up the negative traits that You know about, and I would refute them forever.

Be with me as I seek to be happy, for happiness is Your gift to me and to all others. When I am happy, I can work better for You; when I am unhappy, I am so self-centered that I really can’t do very much for anybody else, because my neuroses entangle me. You can heal neurosis, and I ask you to free my mind and heart to rational and positive living today.

I am claiming Your promises of healing. Thank You.


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