We Are the Prodigal Sons & Daughters Who Need to Return Home

“Within the text of the coursework provided you heard many ideas that either changed or reinforced those you already had about yourself. A Course of Love is a teaching text and the goal of its teaching was stated and restated many times so that you would not forget the purpose of the learning you were participating in. Eventually your learning reached an end point as the learning goal of this Course was met, and this you were told as well. I say this to remind you that the time of “teaching” like the time of “learning” had its place as well as its methods.” (ACOL, D:6.1)

The goal of A Course of Love is to establish a new identity; it thus takes the next step after A Course in Miracles, which had as a goal to dislodge the ego. Now we are finding in the third book, the Dialogues of A Course of Love, that our ego is gone—for all of us who have come this far. Can we believe it? Dare we believe it?

Yes! The ego is not exactly just being egotistical. It is a persona that looks to our own self primarily, but it is the personal self that doesn’t place God as our Creator, that somehow has this authority problem that thinks that we created ourselves. This is nonsense, of course, and when stated this plainly, the nonsense becomes apparent. But we do have misguided notions of Jesus’s concept of God as Father. Basically, we are the prodigal sons and daughters who need to return home. And to do so, a first step has been to stop putting ourselves in the center of the universe. We belong in the universe, but we share it with all living things. We are necessary for our brothers and sisters to make their way safely through our world. And an egoic bent means that we put #1 first all too often. We don’t need to denigrate ourselves, but we do need to share our good fortune with everyone we encounter.

We don’t have to run after new and better techniques to get to God. Jesus says that, after all (and this makes sense to us), there is an end point to our seeking—once we have found. And we have found in ACOL. If we rest easy and don’t try to form a new egoic personality, we will be home free. Let us all choose to do the non-egoic ways of thinking. Let’s all be at ease in returning Jesus’s embrace.

Jesus will shortly resign as our teacher, and choose to be our partner, companion, fellow worker, and the like. We will be in dialogue with him, adding to the future piece by piece. He says that he will never be predictive, because he is the “I Am” of Christ-consciousness. So, as we create this new world, we won’t be able to “figure it out” the way that the ego functioned previously. We don’t need to effort to bring about a new world, though; the things that we need to do will occur to us at the appropriate time. We are receiving guidance from our Christ-Self all along.

So: Keep the faith. Be thankful for this day’s opportunities. If bad things seem to be happening in our world, know that we can live above the fray. We don’t have to be influenced by negative happenings. Stay close to our inner God in prayer. And the day will take on a complexion that will astound us.


Thank You for guiding me, as always. Help me to stay positive, not to fret about anything and everything. Fretting is worrying, and that is a symptom of egoic thinking. Trusting in You is the whole Answer. And I aim to do just that.

Thank You for teaching me how to navigate this sometimes difficult world. May I realize that I sometimes have more time than my brothers and sisters to speak to them. Many of my brothers and sisters occupy a very busy world, and when they don’t respond to me, it is a symptom of their busy choices. Help me to be ever understanding.



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