God’s Way Is Our Way

“Your true Self is beginning to reveal itself to you in ways of which you will become increasingly aware. As you identify more intimately with the Self you truly are, the self of form is likely to grow more and more foreign to you and less and less comfortable. Thus what is required now is a new way of envisioning the body and its service to you.” (ACOL, D:6.4)

Have we begun to feel uncomfortable in our own bodies? Has our desire to BE the Self seemed to diminish the physical form in our eyes? This may start happening, especially now that we are aware of the possibility. But form is certainly not bad, for of course Jesus is recommending that we embody the Self in our bodies, a new way of being, a new creation of God Himself.

Heretofore we have thought that the personal self was all that we were. This is also considered the “little” self, and it has just been shorn of the ego. But the personal self remains, and if we haven’t yet embodied the Self, we may feel adrift. Previously this personal or little self was all that we thought we were. Now we know very differently.

The body is a communication device; both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love say this exact same thing. But ACIM gave more credence to the unseen, our intangible qualities of love, harmony, peace, equanimity. ACOL recognizes that the form that we occupy can be useful to us and to God, and Jesus recommends that we envision our bodies differently. He then proceeds to help us do just that in further writing.

If we envision our bodies not as a source of complaint for our ills, we will appreciate it more. Jesus says later on that this choice of occupying bodies on earth, occupying form, can become a permanent choice, fully in line with God’s will, if we decide that we like the physical experience and want to prolong it. He hastens to add that he is not talking of immortality here, or occupying the body longer than the normal span of years. He doesn’t specify, because he is hesitant to get controversial, but he must be talking of reincarnation (in my view). Would we like to return to earth indefinitely, for eons, but occupying the elevated Self of form.

Let us make that decision when we have actually occupied the elevated Self of form. And Christ-consciousness is the consciousness that allows us to do so. Invite a glimpse of enlightenment today. Let the mellowness enfold us. Let the tranquility come. This new way of being is quite addictive, but in a good sense.


I would be mellow today, to invite a glimpse of enlightenment. Jesus never says that we can influence these glimpses, but perhaps it is possible that we can. I hope so. Your way is my way today; help me to keep that in mind.

Thank You for the many blessings of the Christ-Self, blessings that are just now becoming real to me. May I come more fully to understand that the Self is the only savior that I have.



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