Discover New Certainties that Are Based in Love

“For in this time of revelation, discovery is the new divine pattern that will replace the “thought” systems we have spoken of. To discover is simply to find out what you did not previously know.

“Creation of the new will be predicated on the discovery of what you did not previously know. This will not happen if you cling to “known” truths. Revelation cannot come to those who are so “certain” of what is that they cannot allow for the new to be revealed. Your certainty about what is is a false certainty, a learned certainty based on the fear that caused you to order the world according to a set of facts and rules.” (ACOL, D:6.14 – 6.15)

In the new world that we will be creating, there is no room for fear. We have reached certain certainties in the past that were based on fear; now we are being asked to discover new certainties that have a basis in love. And we are asked to respond to love; that is the difference that has heretofore been missing when we were told that love was the answer to everything. Giving and receiving are identical. And it is in the giving that we know our greatest happiness; this is the response that we are asked to give to everybody and everything thing.

This is all part of the theology of A Course of Love, and theology can seem confusing when the whole rationale for that theology is not given. Take nothing that I say unto yourself unless it find a place in your heart. I think Jesus would say the same about all of his words in ACOL as well. We are not being driven, kicking and screaming, into a new world. We are being led, gently and without coercion, into a better place, a true reality that is based on our response to love. Something is asked of us, and we will be given the great blessing when we have responded with a united mind and heart.

We are discovering now, at this point in the Dialogues of A Course of Love. We have left learning behind. This may seem confusing to some of us, but learning has been accomplished by those who have read this far in ACOL. The Christ-Self deep within us has learned (even though we sometimes find it hard to understand why a Christ-Self would need to learn anything). Now Jesus is using different terminology; we are discovering the world around us by observation, and then we will discover the world around us by being in-formed by that world. In the final analysis, though, it is not necessary to comprehend what all these terms mean in order to understand the gist of A Course of Love. We are prepared, and when we let our heart lead our mind, we are well-satisfied, calm and serene as we walk into each new day.


Is fear necessary to be walked through? Or do we reach enlightenment purely by calm and serenity, tranquility and faith? Jesus’s channeled writings have contradictions around the purpose of fear, and I would wonder if any purpose of fear could ever be called good.

I ask for an Answer today to these wonderings. This seems to be a need, and I know that needs are answered at the point that they are recognized, thus ceasing to be needs at all. I would pray about this quandary. I would seek Your Answer. Thank You in advance for Your response, for I do have faith that an Answer will come, and will come soon.



Author: Celia Hales

A veteran student of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, I intend my blog to offer inspiration and insight into these remarkable volumes.

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