Harmony in the Christ-Self

“Outside of time and form your Self has always existed in the perfect harmony in which it was created. Now that your Self has joined the elevated Self of form, you exist together both in time and outside of time. Remember, the elevated Self of form will never be all that you are. This does not imply however, that there are portions of your Self missing from this new experience in form you now enter into, but that the elevated Self of form is now able to join with the Self in the unity of shared consciousness. You are whole once again and your form will merely represent one aspect of your wholeness in the field of time.” (ACOL, D:6.26)

This idea is a bit complicated. Jesus explains it elsewhere by having us imagine a black dot, representing the body, in a field of white, which represents the Self—the Self beyond what is just the Self that seem to be in form, the elevated Self of form. We get ideas form this larger Self, ideas that don’t originate in the brain, of course, or in our form, our body. The larger Self, outside of the elevated Self of form, is something more than the Self holding to form. But it is all One with us. We know much that this Self has already accomplished, and it is at least this in part that explains why we are called The Accomplished.

We are into new creation now; the Self has never been elevated in form before. Before, all that we had was the personal or little self in form, and this self gave allegiance to the ego and to separation from God. Our larger Self is a part of God, and gives allegiance to Him. We are embarking, as the elevated Self of form, on creating a new world. For this we need not plan, but just stay open to the guidance from our Self. This Self, of course, is also the Christ-Self who is rapidly maintaining and then sustaining Christ-consciousness.

Our elevated Self of form has a united heart and mind that makes that Self One in fact and in being.

Listen to our heart today. Let the mind be informed by the heart. And the things that come along will seem easy. Struggle is behind us now.


Thank You for the calmness that You are giving me. It is very reassuring to know that struggle is not called for, that struggle was always of the ego.

Be with me for the remainder of this day, into the evening and night, and tomorrow as well. With struggling gone, I will find a peace that I have not known before. Thank You.



2 thoughts on “Harmony in the Christ-Self

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for all your beautiful posts. I’ve not left a comment before, but look at them every time 🙂 May your life be filled with miracles every day!

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