There Is More in Heaven & Earth than We Have Dreamed of

“The elevated Self of form, however, being a form that still exists in time, must realize the consciousness of the true Self in time. What this means is that the elevated Self of form may still need “time” to come to know the changes that only occur in “time” although they are already accomplished in unity. This is why we have spoken of miracles and of the collapse of time the miracle is capable of providing. We have rede¬fined the miracle as the art of thought, or the continual act of prayer that sustains the unity of Christ-consciousness.” (ACOL, D:6.27)

The true Self is outside of time, but we draw upon this Self for ideas that will allow the elevated Self of form, the Self in time and in body, to create a new world. We do not necessarily have to feel bifurcated, though, because both the Self in time and the Self outside are actually One—and not only for a given entity, but for the All. That is why we can say that we are one Self with all of our brothers and sisters who share this universe with us.

The Self outside of time is in unity, just we are also when we have joined heart and mind to be wholehearted. This unity is the unity of the One, the God Who is the All, for all of us are mystically One with God, part of Him. Miracles will help us to be our new Self, the elevated Self of form. Miracles will collapse time, a tenet also of A Course in Miracles. Miracles will allow us to be who we truly are, an expression of God’s grace. As we express ourselves in and through love, we are thereby being who we truly are. It is a newly constituted Self, living in true reality rather than in illusion. And with reality comes great blessings, great blessings that will create the new world that Jesus longs to see.

We too long to see this new world. No time limit has been placed on when this will come about, for Jesus says that he will not be predictive in A Course of Love. He is Christ-consciousness, the I Am of reality. Probable realities do apparently exist, and so the future may look different, in a different time frame, for all of us. This should not be reason for worry, just an acknowledgment that there is more in heaven and earth than we have dreamed of.

Be patient with ourselves to see what will be wrought by time. Be patient as the future unfolds. Our new Self, even though elevated, is a new creation in this world of ours, never before seen on earth. We will see that we need our form as others are attracted to our message. We don’t go out seeking for converts, though, but simply live our lives as we understand life is meant to be lived. Ordinary people will live extraordinary lives in this new world, and that will be the attraction for individuals still living in the house of illusion. Our place is the Kingdom of God, the House of Truth. And in this we will know truth, peace, and love in great measure.

Things look good to us for the extended future.


If the short term looks difficult, let me take the long view. I know that bad things will still happen, and that I will observe those bad things. But I don’t have to let my peace be disturbed. You are here with us, comforting, sustaining, living through us. Help me always to be grateful to know that it is really You Who is living this life through me.

Be with my brothers and sisters today. May I say the right thing, do the right thing, and love always.



Author: Celia Hales

A veteran student of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, I intend my blog to offer inspiration and insight into these remarkable volumes.

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