We Need Each Other

“You were told within this Course that what you learn in unity is shared. This language was used because you were still, at that time, a learning being. Now we will adjust our language somewhat to represent the new and restate what was said earlier as “What you discover in unity is shared.” Learning does not occur in unity, but discovery is an ongoing aspect of creation and thus of the state of union in which you truly abide.” (ACOL, D:7.2)

We know that we share with others when we are being loving toward them, our brothers and sisters. Jesus calls this being in “unity,” and unity is used in A Course of Love to mean many different things—sharing, the merging of heart and mind to form what he calls “wholeheartedness,” the joining of the little or personal self with the true Self (the Christ-Self), and the like. Jesus also has particular meanings for various words, and here we see him rejecting “learning” in favor of the term “discover.” By rejecting learning, we are realizing that we remember true reality; we actually are returning in time to a recollection of true reality that we left behind when we formed the ego. Now we are discovering what it is like to be without an ego, and of course this is an exciting time for us.

We need each other. This is why unity is so important, why sharing is so important. Nobody can live in this world as a solitary creation of God’s while trying to remain independent of everyone else. Even when we were living in egoic separation from God, still this was true. We often, then, held up autonomy or independence as a state of being much to be desired, but we always fell short. This is because God created us an interdependent whole, entities who, in relationship to each other come to know what Life is really about. We are in unity, for we are One with all of creation. We don’t need, anymore, to imagine how wonderful life would be if we could be independent of the need of having others in our lives. We know this is a lie.

Reach out to others today. With so much change going on in the world, we are likely to become overwrought with the uncertainty that we face. In A Course of Love, Jesus provides a way for us to know real certainty at last. He says that certainty is the way that we were built, that it is unnatural not to know anything for sure. And we have lived without being sure of anything for a very long time. We have been unnatural for a very long time

The times we are living in can seem dire indeed. We seem to be pulling apart from each other. Only with a return to unity (meaning we are One) and relationship (meaning that our diversity nevertheless is shared with one another) do we have any hope of living happy and viable lives. Now is the time for certainty with our religious faith in the midst of uncertainty all around us in this world. Cling to the true reality as we perceive it. And in this clinging, we have Jesus holding our hand.


Help me to be at peace in a world that has seemingly gone mad. Help me to stay calm in the midst of the turmoil that rides our airwaves. Help me to reach out, in love, to those I encounter. And help me to do some good in this world, though I know that Jesus does not want me “planning” for what I will do.

Be with all of us as we face uncertain times. Be with our faith to make it strong. The world may not know that we exist, but we do know that the world exists. And we need a strong faith to make it through. Thank You for always being here, in me, living through me. Your way will work out eventually. In this I have great faith.



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