The Blessings of Certainty

“Now that you are coming to a more clear idea of what the “thoughts” that come to you from unity may be like, you will undoubtedly realize this: You have had such thoughts already, thoughts that came to you with an authority that you are not used to—thoughts that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, are true or right or accurate. They may be simple thoughts about a situation in which you are involved, or about the situation of another. Or they may be profound insights into your Self or the nature of the world.” (ACOL, D:12.14)

When we have real certainty about something, Jesus says here that we are likely getting this certainty from union with the Self, the Self beyond the body. Of course, we can be wrong, but Jesus indicates that this is less likely now than it might have been in the past. And we can be grateful for this, for false certainty impedes us.

I once knew something with great certainty, and then the certainty, over time, fell away. Now, reading Jesus’s words, I wonder if I were right all along, just misguided in the terminology that I used in assessing the situation in the beginning. Words can get us into trouble about our certainty. We need to use words as accurately as they come to us. “Relationship,” for example, may be a more accurate term to use in some situations than “marriage.” “Relationship,” even a fleeting one, can be as transforming as anything else we encounter in this life. And I use this example because so many of us have gotten hung up over romantic entanglements.

Invite certainty. Jesus says elsewhere that it is sane to be certain of things in our world—even “our” world. It says that it is insane not to be certain of anything. And all of us have been lost in insanity, but we have a way out now. And I can name two ways out: A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. (There may be others, including The Way of Mastery.) Jesus is speaking to us in a way that he did not for many generations, and we ought to be grateful for that.

We are ready to hear him now. That, in my opinion, is why his words are emerging.


I would invite certainty into my life today. I have not previously thought very much about certainty, but I have, unwittingly, thought “uncertainty.” Thank You for guiding Jesus to say these words that I read today in the quotation. Thank You for guiding me to understand these words.

Help us to really know You today. When I turn over my life anew every day, I know a peace that other days lack. This ought to tell me something about the advantages of re-surrendering to You each morning.


Quiet Our Minds

“What I am striving to help you see, once again, is that union isn’t achieved with a flash of light from above, but that it quietly infiltrates the dot of the self in its unguarded moments. I am attempting to help you to become aware and comfortable with the idea that, released of old patterns, the self will join with unity more and more frequently, until finally you will sustain Christ consciousness and live in the world as the elevated Self of form.” (ACOL, D:12.12)

This quotation is the pattern, how we will, most of us, reach Christ-consciousness. Most people don’t have a sudden descending of Awakening (some do). We will quiet our minds, let the Self of union infiltrate our minds (and hearts), and then the little, or personal self, the dot of the body, will know union, and this union is another way of speaking of Christ-consciousness.

Waiting can be frustrating. But it gets us nowhere. We can be assured that Jesus is as anxious for us to reach Christ-consciousness as we have ever been. He see the negativity in this world, and the turmoil and suffering that this negativity brings about. He wants this to change. He is channeling to many in this world, right now, to turn things around. When we cooperate by having quiet times, stilling our minds, we invite the Self of union to reach us in our form (though this is all a mystical experience).

God will Himself reach down, metaphorically, and lift us up. Yet this is actually coming from within, for God, our part of Him, is within, deep in our Self, the Self who is just now coming to its own in us. When we unite with the larger Self, the Self of union, we are uniting with all living things, including, of course, our brothers and sisters. And we will get glimpses of this union, probably, before it is maintained and sustained. The sustenance is what Jesus is aiming for, for without sustenance of Christ-consciousness, we are very unstable in our reactions.

Be gentle with ourselves. We have a long way to go, but we have also come a long way. And Jesus is always with us, holding our hand, when we ask for his presence.


May this be a good day, free of neuroses. Neuroses are a form of insanity, and I would leave any and all insanity behind me in the dust below my feet. Thank You for offering me consolation always. I need solace often in the mornings. And You are here to give it to me.

Be with my brothers and sisters. May they have good days also. May we embrace each other with the arms of brotherhood.


Contemplate Gently Today

“Let us now consider “thinking” to be the active and often unwelcome voice “in your head,” the voice of background chatter. And let us consider your “thoughts” to be the more meditative version of your “thinking,” often even resulting in a conclusion to your thinking, a summary of the finer points, as what might come to you in a reflective moment at the end of the day. Again we will see the idea of thoughts “coming to you” at such times. This is not the “thinking” of a conflicted and struggling mind, but the “thoughts” of a mind at rest.” (ACOL, D:12.10)

This quotation is a snippet in a longer discussion of the art of thought, and how we need to deemphasize (even eliminate) the “thinking” aspect of what our minds do, for we are often analyzing, not listening to inspiration. “Thoughts,” as in the lengthy chapter in A Course of Love entitled, “The Art of Thought,” is meant to mean a number of things: miracle-mindedness, miracle-readiness, miracles (just for themselves), and prayer (constant). Our thought processes as we head into Christ-consciousness are about to slow down drastically, so much so that it is harbinger of having made the great transformation of Awakening, enlightenment.

Jesus uses the words “thinking” and “thought” a little differently than the dictionary definitions, of course, but his reasoning is impeccable. We will let the matters of our concern rest lightly on our minds and hearts as we proceed along the path of transformation. We won’t stop the flow of lightly-held thought, but we stop plugging it up and analyzing stray thinking. We dam up our thought processes, and we are even tempting the ego back into our minds when we screw up our foreheads and “think.”

Jesus tells us that he doesn’t think in the same way that we do; he doesn’t “think” at all. He doesn’t explain exactly what he means by this, but it is clear that he encourages us to live intuitively, and this is a way of living that discounts intellectual reasoning power. Our intellect so often deceives us! We think we are just so very smart, and such thinking is so of the ego that we recognize that we are thinking amiss.

Let thought rest lightly, as the miracles as expressions of love comes to us to be performed. Jesus will guide us as to what miracles to perform; we are always to ask. Our Self, the same Self who we share with Jesus and all our brothers and sisters, will respond with an answer. Our Self of union, in A Course of Love, is the way that we know what to think, say, and do. As noted earlier, we have moved beyond the Holy Spirit as an intermediary between God and ourselves, and we can get guidance directly from the Self who is a part of God, the Self who has dwelled deep within as long as we have existed as beings created by God.

So: Contemplate gently today. Let the mind rest, knowing that what we need to say and do will occur by means beyond ourselves. We don’t need to struggle with the events of our lives. Our insight, often felt as intuition, will tell us all that we need to know.


Be with me today as I seek to give my mind a rest. Let my heart come to the forefront. Let my heart truly live, for its ways are informing my mind—and to great benefit for me. May my expressions of love to my significant others smooth their way today. May my expressions of love be a constant, daily thing.

Thank You for this good day. I rejoice in the day that You have created.


Seek Inner Wisdom

“You may have pictured the person who first received these words as receiving them either through her thoughts or through her ears, as in the idea of “hearing” words. The receiver of these words, in fact, “hears” these words as thoughts. They are not “her” thoughts, but they also are not sepa¬rate from her. How can this be?

“They are, quite simply, not the separated thoughts of the separated thought system.” (ACOL, D:12.2 – 12.3)

Mari heard an internal voice, one that she believed (and has since been borne out) was Jesus. Helen received dictation for A Course in Miracles in exactly the same way. It might be more accurate to say the “impression” of a voice, for there was nothing audible. And Mari, as Jesus said, was hearing these words as thoughts that she knew did not originate from her personal mind. We can extrapolate from what Jesus says next in this quotation that Mari was in unity when she was listening to these “thoughts.” She had a united mind and heart, and her Self was available to her: “not the separated thoughts of the separated thought system.”

We can do the same, though the voice that we will hear will not necessarily be Jesus. Though he has promised to be with us when we call, not all of us call all the time, and, of course, how he can be with everybody who calls is a mystery that is beyond the scope of what we can know on this earth. Let the imagination have free rein. Write a question in a journal, and then “listen” for an answer. Just be free with this. Write what seems to come, using the vast powers of our imagination. A awakened individual I know would say that this is Inner Wisdom, and, of course, another way to say that is that it is the Self coming out to play, the Self newly emerging from the depths now that we have let go of our ego and are eager to see true reality. Julia Cameron, of fame as a writing teacher as well as a working artist (The Artist’s Way, etc.), suggests just the technique that I am here recommending. She says that we will get an indication of how to dialogue with our inner being.

I am not conscious of channeling from anyone while I write this blog, but I do realize that I “listen” to see what words to put down on paper. I don’t “hear” anything, but I also try not to forge ahead until I have gotten the gist of what is to follow in any given sentence. So, in that sense, I am in dialogue, I think, with my Self. At an earlier time I might have thought that I was in dialogue with the Holy Spirit, but Jesus has emphasized that we live now in the time of Christ, the time of the Holy Spirit having passed. We can have direct knowledge from God now, no longer needing an intermediary because we are no longer fearful of the Deity. I would caution not to feel that we are infallible, for we certainly can make mistakes in our journaling as a dialogue. Our finite minds, even when supported by the heart, will sometimes get it wrong.

Take nothing that I say unto yourself unless it finds a place in your heart. This is the test. Does it sound right to you? If not, ask for your own personal guidance; that is best anyway.

So: We listen to our own inner voice as we seek to discover more. This Self is informed by guidance far beyond us. And the result will be better lives. When we listen to the universe, our guidance shows us the way to greater happiness and an ever-greater contribution to God’s work.


Be with me as I seek to write. Be with me as I seek to live peacefully with everyone. I would make progress in my own pathway by inviting mellowness, and this comes only when I first relax. I ask for a glimpse of enlightenment today. I ask for the intelligence, emotional and mental, to get across ideas that You give me, ideas that elucidate Jesus’s words in A Course of Love. Don’t let me mislead anybody.

Thank you for being here for me today. I seek to relax and stay calm, sure that then any neuroses that still trouble me will diminish and gradually disappear, falling away never to return.


Contribute from the Well of Spirit

“Why would you retain your desire to make an individual contribution, when you can now make a contribution such as this? Is not your unique expression of the whole enough for you? Is it not infinitely greater than the contributions that are possible for the individual, separated self to make? Is not the history of your world filled with individual contributions of incredible scope?

“Do you still believe that the contribution made by the man Jesus was an individual contribution? I tell you truthfully that the only contributions that endure, the only contributions that are truly lasting, are contributions that arise from the well of spirit.” (ACOL, D:11.15 – 11.16)

So here we have it. As the larger Self as well as the elevated Self of form, we will make contributions from the arena of the already accomplished, from the “well of spirit.” These are the only type of contributions that endure, Jesus tells us. We are speaking to the Self whom we share with all others when we make a contribution from the well of spirit. This means that what we say has more resonance with our brothers and sisters; they know whereof we speak because we are speaking to their innermost nature.

An “individual” contribution is just a surface contribution of what WE think is important. When we let guidance flow in from the Self (whom we share with all others), we speak from a much larger perspective, and what we say has universal appeal. Our brothers and sisters know whereof we speak, for they too have lived this spirit-filled message. I want to say that what we say speaks to the souls of others, though the word “soul” is little used in A Course of Love.

If we attune ourselves to the core of guidance that is available to us, we will make good decisions about what to say and do, what our contribution is to be. If we avoid this guidance, throw out intuition as not reason, then we will fail. It is just that simple. This world needs our best work, and when we attune to the overarching Self, we will be on the beam.

This world needs us to be on the beam.


Guide my choice of words as I write, today and every day. Guide me to have a good attitude in whatever I do and say, for a bad attitude spoils the very best message. What we say teaches us. And we cannot show what You are really like if we are disgruntled and negative.

Be with me today; guide me in every instance. Don’t let me be resistance to what You are saying. I would let You filter through my mind and heart completely and totally, to the extent that I can sustain it.


Cease Right Now from All Attempts to Struggle

“These answers lie within you, at the heart or center of your Self, as do all answers. Your desire to make of me a teacher is the same as your desire to make your thoughts into answers that will provide you with direction. As was said earlier, you dare not, as yet, turn to your own heart for answers. Yet your heart is the well of spirit from which true answers are drawn. Your heart is a full well, a wellspring from which you can continually draw with no danger of ever drawing an empty bucket. You need never thirst again when you have accepted this. You need never seek again for answers when this has been accepted. Because you will know and fully accept that the answers lie within.

“To believe that you are already accomplished and not live from this belief is insane for reasons already enumerated time and time again.” (ACOL, D:11.10 – 11.11)

We listen to our thoughts, the thoughts and thinking of our mind, analyzing, conjecturing, speculating—try to understand our lives. We are going about this desire to know what to make of our lives in a very backward way. Our mind’s analysis will never satisfy, even if the mind has been shorn of the ego. It is the heart that holds the knowledge of what to do and where to go. And the heart is known by feelings, emotion, more so than the intellect (though we do not discount the intellect and its reasoning).

We are to bind heart and mind together, united, and this gives us the knowledge that is held in the center of our Self, where unity resides. We have united mind and heart, and, if we are lucky, we have also united the larger Self with the body, the elevated Self of form. This union, on more than one level, is what gives us the grace to assume true knowledge about ourselves, our accomplished selves. We have already planned, and done, from beyond the body, what we will implement here. This implementation is called in A Course of Love, the expression of our being. And this expression is what we are to be about a we settle into Christ-consciousness, Awakening, enlightenment.

We are encouraged not to struggle to achieve any longer. That was the way when we were learning, trying to take credit for what we accomplished in a largely egoic fashion. Jesus tells us that no day is meant to be lived in a struggle with what it brings. And this struggle is the polar opposite to effortlessness, something we are told we will acquire. We will still be quite busy, maybe even busier and busier, but without strain. Our new relaxed demeanor will allow us to accomplish as never before. We never knew how to achieve before. Always there was struggle, and assuming credit for what we had done. Now we know that a Higher Power, God Himself, is living through us. And so we enjoy our work, but we don’t take the credit for what gets accomplished any longer. We are at home in God, enjoying the day and what it brings, not anxious about the morrow, just living with ease and comfort as we listen to guidance about what to do next.

So: Cease right now from all attempts to struggle. The new way is better. The new way works. And nothing else works quite so well.


Be with me as I seek to have productive days. But I don’t take the credit for what develops in my days. I know that I am guided, led every step of the way, and the accomplishments that are mine are not really mine. You are living in me, bringing about what You will, when we have joined our free will with Yours.

Thank You for relaxing me today. May this relaxation be a harbinger of good days ahead.


Walking a Better Way

“Your thoughts are the last bastion of your separated self, the fertile ground, still, of your individuality, your testimony that you believe you are still on your own, and that you still desire to be, for only here, in this area of your individuality, do you believe you make your contributions to the world. Your desire to make a contribution—to help to make new the world that you have known—has been enhanced and amplified by what you have learned. You know you have been called and that a contribution has been asked of you. And so your mighty thoughts have turned their focus on this problem and attacked it as they attack all problems to be solved. The idea of making a contribution has begun to receive the attention of your thoughts. The hope of answering your call and fulfilling your promise has lit a bonfire in your heart and begun a stampede of thoughts within your mind. Again, is this not what we spoke of in the beginning of this Dialogue? What was spoken of as your desire to prepare?” (ACOL, D:11.5)

We aren’t really supposed to “prepare” to make a contribution, as Jesus is getting ready to tell us. We draw upon the larger Self for our guidance, the Self who is located outside of the body. This larger Self informs the elevated Self of form about what to do. And this “doing” is not effortful but effortless. We find that following this new way is much to be desired, and we also discover that this new way makes an even greater contribution than we could even imagine heretofore.

We are not making an “individual” contribution any longer, but something that is universal is scope, applicable to all men and women. Jesus himself, 2000 years ago, did not make an individual contribution; he was drawing on a Greater Power, and this Power drafted his human personality. This is not to diminish his contribution, but just to set it in context. When we draw on guidance of a universal nature, our contribution will truly be lasting. Nothing that we do individually is really lasting.

We have all been encouraged by A Course of Love to make a contribution to the creation of a new world. But we will made decisions that are much amiss if we use our limited mind to come to these decisions about what to do. We need to commune with our higher nature, and then we will choose aright. There is no better way.


Be with me today as I seek to have a good day by listening to guidance. This guidance will inform my every decision. It will keep me on track. And it will give me happiness. And what more will lead to a good contribution? If I am demoralized, I am no good to anybody, including myself.

Help me to live well. Years ago I thought I knew this, but I realize that my mind at that time was still under egoic influence. I hope that I have moved beyond the ego now, and I ask you to keep me safe from forming a new ego. Keep me on the pathway. Keep me just for You.


Being in Dialogue with Jesus

“You might even consider this Dialogue the written notes of my thoughts. In this one example can you not see the fallacy inherent in all the others? To think of these Dialogues in this way, dear brothers and sisters, is insane. To think of the thought or idea of God by which you were created as the same type of thought I have just described would be insane. Are you willing any longer to see me as a lecturer, or even as a great teacher? Am I but a giver of information from whom another is capable of taking notes? You think it is only the content of your thoughts that differentiate you from others. Do you think the same is true of you and me? It is that you think that differentiates you from me, not our content, which is one and the same.” (ACOL, D:11.2)

The idea of not “thinking” or of not having “thoughts” in the usual fashion is an intriguing concept, and Jesus makes much of it. We do know from enlightened individuals in our society that the thinking mind slows way down when Christ-consciousness or Awakening has descended. And this may be all that Jesus means. Elsewhere in the Dialogues he makes a distinction, to help us, between “thinking” and “thoughts,” and he says that thinking is more akin to the egoic mind, and thoughts are more akin to the reflective mindfulness of the enlightened mind. Certainly we know from our reading of A Course of Love that the art of thought was an early teaching of this book. The art of thought is the miracle, or miracle-mindedness, or prayer (constant), and we are encouraged to apply the art of thought to our daily lives. We will make much progress in our path to ultimate salvation when we do so.

Jesus does not see himself as giving us information on which we can take notes. He says repeatedly that he is in a “dialogue” with us, that all of us are in this with him, that he is not a lecturer imparting information.

It is hard to know what to make of this. We know that Jesus sees himself as equal to us, not superior in any way (and of course, not inferior in any way). He has resigned as our teacher, and soon we will spend 40 days and 40 nights with him on a metaphorical mountaintop, fasting from want. It is his purpose on this journey to the summit of the mountaintop that we become Christ-conscious. He wants us to do so on the first reading, but I would hasten to add that this probably happens, for us, very seldom. We do become much calmer as a result of our journey, though, and Jesus indicates earlier in A Course in Miracles that he is presenting a gentle pathway to Awakening, lest we awake with a “scream of mortal terror.” Reality is scary to the uninitiated, and Jesus has been taking great pains to initiate us properly. And he is succeeding.

Most of us will have gentle glimpses of Christ-consciousness when we are having moments of mellowness. These glimpses will ultimately elongate until they are maintained, and then sustained. And the great blessing will have come to us.

Jesus is not lecturing to us. If we can imagine answering him as we read, perhaps we can easily imagine those words as being in a dialogue with him, with our “given Self” (the title of a book penned by Mari, but written in her own voice). Invite dialogue with Jesus while reading and while journaling. We will not be disappointed in him, our partner and companion along life’s way.


Make me mellow today. Actually you have already done so, and for this I thank You. I often think, when mellow, that I am catching a glimpse of Christ-consciousness. And it is a very real and welcome state of mind and heart.

Thank You for my good energy level today. Be with me for a peaceful end to the day. Be with me always.


Intuit & Then Share

“Working with what is in unity is not work but relationship. You are called to realize your relationship with what is given from unity. It is in that relationship, the relationship between what is and the expression of what is by the elevated Self of form, that the new is created. What is becomes new by becoming sharable in form—or in other words, what is continues to become through the continuation of relationship and the creation of new relationships. In this way, sharing in relationship becomes the goal and the accomplishment of the elevated Self of form, the means through which the Self of union is known even in the realm of separation, and thus what draws others from separation to union.” (ACOL, D:10.5)

This passage is, bottom-line, theology. In the future, the new, we will be creating by being in relationship with the larger Self, and when we express what we are receiving, we will be right on the beam: “It is in that relationship, the relationship between what is and the expression of what is by the elevated Self of form, that the new is created.”

We don’t “work” at this; it just “is.” We intuit what it is that we are to share with others. When we intuit rightly, we are in league with all the universe. We are doing what God asks of us. And when we share that knowledge with others with whom we are in relationship, we are at home in that universe. The circles of relationship ever widen. We share with more and more of our brothers and sisters, and then they join with us, in their communion with the larger Self, and the new gets created very easily.

The blessings in this way of living are abundant. We cease struggling. Jesus says elsewhere that no day is meant to be lived in a struggle with what it brings. We can believe this, and when we do, we add our part to the smoothing out of our life as well as the smoothing out of our relationships. The new reality will hold much that will make us happy. We will know, finally, that we can stop tinkering with our personality; our personality is OK just as it is. And if there happens to be anything that we lament, we can just will that deplorable aspect away, and it will be gone. That simple. Just that simple.

When we are drawing from the larger Self, we realize that our life will be easier. No more confusion. No more questioning, incessant questioning, about what direction our life is to take. Our guidance is clear. And as the elevated Self of form draws more and more from this larger Self, the blessings that come to us individually we will want to share with others with whom we are in relationship. And it is this larger circle that is meant to be. Sharing in ever-widening circles, in relationship with our brothers and sisters, will save the world.

Does this sound like pie-in-the-sky reasoning? Keep in mind that what I am saying is simply a rewording of what Jesus has told us. And is he likely to be wrong?


I would be satisfied with my fate today. I would be satisfied that life is proceeding as it should. The way back is not difficult, but it does take some faith that what is unfolding is right and true.

I would see the right and true today. Thank You for being with me during every step of this journey back to You.


When We Are Ready to Hear, the Miracle Happens

“What is found outside of the boundary of the personal self in the wider circle of unity is timeless. What comes to you in the form of natural abili¬ties or talents, as ideas, as imagination, as inspiration, instinct, intuition, as vision, or as calling, are ways of knowing that come to you, and through you, outside of the pattern of learning.

“Learning is about the transfer of knowledge that was gained in the time of learning, through the process of learning. Notice the inability of teaching or learning to call forth talents, ideas, imagination, inspiration, instinct, intuition, vision, or calling.” (ACOL, D:10.1 – 10.2)

Many words are given us in this quotation to let us understand that much that we know comes from beyond us. We do have insights that change our lives, and few would argue that we have “learned” that insight. Many might say that we coalesced subconscious thoughts into an insight, and maybe this is true, but perhaps also we get these insights, intuitions, from somewhere beyond us—from the state of unity, where the larger Self resides. This larger Self feeds us information just all the time, but we don’t give credit, usually, to where this information might arise. Now we know. There is a place that our hearts go to understand true reality, and this true reality is funneled to us from the Self who resides outside the body, already accomplished.

This theology of A Course of Love is not difficult, but it may sound strange and unusual when first confronted. We need not be confounded, though, for knowing that there is a place where we can go, mystically, to receive knowledge is a great blessing indeed. Ask our Self anything and everything. The answer will be forthcoming, often immediately. There is no time where this Self resides, and so the imparting of information does not have to wait. Only we have to prepare to hear this information/insight. If we are resistant, the words may come into our mind, but we will not heed. And this is as it should be, because we are then not ready to hear.

But when we are ready to hear, the miracle happens. Write out dilemmas, and date them, date and time. Then revisit the journal, and see when the blessing of insight descended upon us. We will be pleasantly surprised. If we don’t write something down, though, we are likely just to forget that we ever asked for a miracle, asked our Self about anything at all.

So: We know now that there is a Self who we own beyond the body, but we know that this Self feeds insight into the bodily Self, this elevated Self of form. The way that this happens is still obscure, but if we pay attention to our guidance, we will know the truth of this happening.


Be with me for a good day today. Thank You that I know to write out my dilemmas. Thank You for the prompt answering of those dilemmas. And thank You for always being nearer to me than my breath. You are living through me, and I would give You a good day today.

Thank You for the many blessings that have graced my life. When I get impatient for a miracle, let me realize that I may have had a miracle that I didn’t recognize, and open my eyes to true vision.


Creative Ideas that Just “Come to Us”

“Like the natural abilities you discovered existed within you prior to the time of learning, ideas are also discoveries that you make, discoveries that exist apart from learning. Ideas “come to you.” They are given and received. They are surprising and pleasing in nature. You may think that they are the result of learning, of thoughts you have contemplated and struggled with. You may think that all of your previous learning and thinking merely resulted eventually in a new idea being birthed, but this is not the case. Heredity can be cited as a cause for talent, but what is heredity but that which already exists within you? So too is it with an idea. An idea already exists within you, but is awaiting its birth through you.” (ACOL, D:9.12)

New and creative ideas come to all of us, of course. In some cases, we think that our prior learning has prompted these creative ideas. But not often, and maybe not at all; Jesus says not at all. These creative ideas are discovered by us from the realm of unity, the place beyond the body where the Self has a home, too. This larger Self influences the elevated Self of form in coming to greater understanding as well as bringing new and different ideas to fruition on earth.

These discoveries of ours, these new ideas, are a source of great joy to us. Often we will go along for many years with inklings nibbling at the edges of our brain, only to have a jewel of an idea descend upon us one fruitful day. And we need to rejoice when this happens. As we go along in bodies that have been elevated by the Christ-Self, we can truthfully see that this phenomenon will be enhanced over time. Our minds and hearts, combined, will see that the new is created. The old has passed away. And we will be surprised and pleased with the new way that our mind seems to be working. But it is a mind that is informed by the heart, and therein lies the difference from the separated self, the self that we thought had disengaged from God. Of course, this hadn’t really happened, and now we know what illusion really is. Our days are better now, lived in reality.

God is living His life through us. Our inner Christ-Self is a part of God, a part who knows what to do and what answer to make when decisions need to happen. And these decisions are often informed by ideas that seem to come from beyond us, from the realm of unity, where the larger Self resides.

This is metaphysics, but it is metaphysics that Jesus makes very real to us in A Course of Love. We don’t have to accept all of it when it is a new idea, but over time, the truth of these statements will appear more and more real.


Thank You for joyous surprises of discovery. I depend on guidance. Only my own stubbornness limits how much I receive. The guidance comes in its own time, sometimes very late in my estimation. But it comes not a moment too late. Thank You.

Be with me for an energetic, happy day. My “laziness” is actually a form of just low energy, but I would be free of that today. Keep me engaged in life. Don’t let me separate myself from my brothers and sisters. We are in this together.


Something Much Better & Much Grander

“Just as the “Art of Thought” led to abilities beyond the thinking of the ego-mind, the beliefs of the “Treatise on Unity” were meant to lead beyond the need for beliefs, and “A Treatise on the Personal Self” meant to lead beyond the personal self. Thus the Treatises were not inconsistent with our aims here. Learning always has as its goal leading the learner beyond learning. With “A Treatise on the New” we established what lies beyond learning. Now, as we embrace the new together, it must be realized again and yet again, that the new cannot be learned. In other words, it must be realized that you cannot come to know the new, or to create the new, through the means of old, including the means of thought.” (ACOL, D:9.10)

We are on a pathway with A Course of Love, with each part of the trilogy leading beyond itself to something greater. Earlier, in the first and second parts, we were learning; now we are discovering, through revelation, often coming via intuition. We just “know” things that we didn’t comprehend at all at an early point on our pathway, on our journey.

We probably don’t really understand how we will move beyond thought, for all our lives, since learning our language as a young child, our mind has been filled with thinking. Jesus would have us leave that busy mind behind now. When Christ-consciousness or Awakening comes, we will find that our thoughts just slow miraculously; our minds will seem a little empty, but it is a good “empty,” not discouraging at all. We will realize that we have crossed a threshold into something much better and much grander.

A Course of Love is meant to be read in order, and, as we come upon the Forty Days and Forty Nights, we will become ever more convinced of this. Jesus is doing something very wise to us; he is taking us by the hand and leading us to a new day. What we will know as we change the world, or create a new world, is something that we would have had no idea about earlier in our progress.

Reread all that seems appropriate. But know that real knowing will not come from reading, but from an interior knowing that will startle us with our greater insight. No longer egoic, we won’t take this insight as a way to enhance an ego that is happy to be wise. We will be wise, but we will know that none of it was of our own doing.


As I go about my busy day, help me to stop and reflect on the higher values that living on earth is giving me. Help me to be comforting to my brothers and sisters, and help me to turn to my Self for my own comfort. This revelation is heady stuff, but I wouldn’t have it in an egoic sense, and I know that it isn’t even available to me if I am thinking “ego.” You ever protect us, and sometimes that protection is from ourselves.


Who We Are Comes Through in Revelation

“But you have thought about this desire to know who you are in one way or another all of your life without reaching the place of fulfillment you have sought. Even now, when you have learned all that you are in need of learning, the pattern, even of your wholeheartedness, remains one of thought. This pattern is what the new patterns of acceptance and discovery that we are beginning to lay out here are going to replace.” (ACOL, D:9.4)

How many of us have thought of trying to “learn who we are”—to know our identity, what makes us tick. This is the theme of most journals, and now that many journals are online in blogs, I have become especially aware of this need to know what we are on the part of all of us. This desire is especially prevalent during the teen years, but the desire to know who we are never really goes away. It is the great preoccupation of all who live in this world.

It is somewhat frustrating that Jesus does not simply lay out, in A Course of Love, how to know who we are. He implies that we will discover this, ultimately, through revelation from our God, from the part of God who dwells in us as the Christ-Self. Now that we have traveled far along the path back to God, we are in a position to know more, but this time not from learning, but from revelation through what Jesus calls discovery.

We have to accept what is going on around us in order to truly know where we fit in. This acceptance is akin to the forgiveness that A Course in Miracles championed, but the two concepts of acceptance and forgiveness are not identical. We are willing to let things be, or “let it be,” as the Beatles’ song portrayed so long ago. We are “willing to have it so,” as Eastern philosophy opines. We are here, enmeshed in living in this world, and it behooves us to go with the flow of life, not to buck it. To go with the flow of life, really to go with it, demands that we be accepting of what transpires.

This doesn’t mean that we want work to change negative things. But we do so from a point of power, of first accepting what we see, and then moving, ever gently, for change and even the creation of a new world, as Jesus asks of us. Our day will go better when we relax into our full Self, letting this entity motivate us for whatever change we think is needed. But first we accept all of who we are, and all of who our brothers and sisters are. If we don’t accept, we scale a high mountain with chances of falling off in mid-air.


Be with me today as I seek to accept any and all difficulties, even when those difficulties are longstanding. Grant me the understanding to know how to find the cure of anything that ails me. I wish for a good energy level, though low energy has plagued me for years. I do get things done, though, and for that right amount of energy I thank You. All of us have all the energy that we need to accomplish the things that are ours to accomplish.

Motivate me to move away from simple laziness. All of us have it to one extent or another. And I would be finished with the lack of motivation that wastes time and gives me a guilt feeling.


Talents Easily Developed

“Thus where you have desired to express yourself in the past is very likely linked to the natural ability or talent you did not have to learn, to that which was given and available just a step beyond where the separated self could reach.

“Expand your reach! Step outside of the dot of the separated self and into the circle of unity where all you desire is already accomplished in the full¬ness and wholeness of the undivided Self.” (ACOL, D:8.10 – 8.11)

“Already accomplished!” What exactly is Jesus telling us here? He never elaborates in A Course of Love, but we can imagine that we have already written our appointed books, painted our paintings, sculptured our sculptures, etc., and now it is just up to us to bring these creations to earth via our new connection to unity. The unity is outside the dot of the body, and ultimately, this unity is All-that-Is, the Deity, God Himself in all of his manifestations.

What reassurance this passage holds! THIS is why we don’t have to struggle on earth, why no day is meant to be lived in a struggle with what it brings (Jesus say this elsewhere). It is just a matter of letting ourselves be open to the unity that we are dimly being able to see, in a vision that is not this world. When we are open, our creative endeavors fly on wings, we are in the flow, and we achieve via the Self, which is egotistic not in the least.

We all know of talents that we had when we were children, talents that we did not develop even though they were natural abilities. And we all know of talents that we had as children that we DID develop, and it is these to which we turn now when we want really to be fulfilled. These developed, natural talents are what we have been put on earth to do. This is our mission, our purpose. And we all have a mission or purpose. If we haven’t figured it out yet, we need to go within and ask some questions. The answers will be forthcoming, though at first we may not think we are capable of doing what is asked. We need to know that if we ruminate over days and weeks, and the same answer keeps coming back, that this is indeed what we ought to be doing. And the support for that all-important work WILL be forthcoming.

So: Ask today what natural abilities are meant to be actualized in this life. We will, none of us, be disappointed in the answer.


Thank You for insight, pure and simple. Sometimes I have waited years to get a significant piece of insight/information, but then one day it is there, and I wonder why I didn’t realize it all along. I didn’t get Your revelation earlier because I was not yet ready. Time can sometimes be very slow on earth.

Thank You for the particular insight that you gave me today. May I put that bit of knowledge to good use in the best way that You can lead me to accept.


Be Tenderhearted / Be Healed

“So what we are attempting to do is to open the mind to the wisdom of the heart with these dialogues. As the mind opens and accepts the new, the art of thought will become your new means of thinking. What has been learned will become an ability to think wholeheartedly, or with mind and heart in union, and then that ability will transcend ability and wholehearted will become what you are, and wholeheartedness your sole means of expression.” (ACOL, D:8.9)

Earlier we learned (and “learned” is the correct word) that the mind needed to listen to the heart in order to find out way back to God. The mind had been high-jacked by the ego, and our lives were spent in fruitless quest for little of real value. The ego made a mess of our lives, though we were ever intent on finding our way back to God. Now Jesus has come upon a new idea: an idea of listening to our heart.

And we know what this means intuitively. When the mind listens to the heart, we are finally making some headway back to God. Ultimately, the mind will unite with the heart, and Jesus is calling this in A Course of Love, “wholeheartedness.” This term just means a united mind and heart, for we still do need the intellect (mind) as well as the emotions (heart).

The tenderhearted aspect to A Course of Love can be very painful as we open to emotions that we have kept suppressed. Rereading ACOL will bring up this tenderheartedness again and again. And each time a little more healing is found.

The art of thought is miracle-mindedness, and we do need miracles as we make our confused way clear and understandable. This Jesus will do for us. Conflict will recede, and we will know, finally, that all is well.

Ask for a miracle anytime that conflict looms large. It will be forthcoming. And our belief that it is so will make it so.


I ask for a miracle today to resolve my dilemmas. These dilemmas go back a long way, but it is time for resolution. Thank You. I will look for the miracle.


Talents that Require No Effort but Reap Joy

“This idea will aid you too in your understanding of discovery, as your natural abilities or talents were discovered and in that discovery, you real¬ized that although you had not previously known that this talent or ability existed, it was there awaiting but your discovery. You may also have seen that in the expression of this talent or ability new discoveries awaited you and that you greeted these discoveries with surprise and delight. As was written in “A Treatise on the New”, these surprises of discovery have, and will, cause you to laugh and be joyous. There was never any need, and will never be any need, to figure them out—for surprises cannot be figured out! Surprises are meant to be joyous gifts being constantly revealed. Gifts that need only be received and responded to. Not learned.” (ACOL, D:8.6)

We see here why hard work and much effort is no longer needed in our world. Our discoveries about our innate talents will be easy to find, once we are attuned to finding. And these gifts—talents—are far superior to anything that we labored so long and hard to learn on earth, previous to knowing better, previously to understanding what Jesus is here telling us.

We have talents from deep within our Christ-Self, just waiting to come out, to be discovered. In the past, we might have dismissed these talents precisely because using them in our lives was so very easy. We imagined that anything that we didn’t work for wasn’t worth much.

This was the ego speaking. And now that we have established a new identity that is shorn of the ego, we are in for great surprises that will fill us with much joy. Surprises! We will discover how to develop the talents that we have, all without tedious labor. And we will discover new talents—new gifts from God—just awaiting our discovery to come into their own.

The future looks bright. Our best-laid plans go awry, but we don’t need plans any longer. We need simply to lean back in the Arms of the Almighty, and let his gifts wash over us. Then we put those gifts to work in our troubled world. And it is all effortless! We just needed to know how to accept the offerings from our God that we had resisted when we were trying to do it all ourselves.


I must remember that the talents that You give are not given for hard work in their emergence. These gifts are heartwarming, beneficent, and loving. And my slightest effort will generate far more than my hard work—for I am a hard worker—ever did.

Be with me today, to see that Your gifts, as talents, begin to be sent out into the world. Never let me form a new ego as these gifts disseminate, for to do so would be to lose so very much, let You down. I don’t ever want to let You down.


Discover through Revelation from God Himself

“Imagine this first as a place where no learning is needed. Ah, you might say now, this you have heard before. This idea of no longer needing to learn has intrigued you since it was first mentioned, and yet it seems too impossible, too “good” to be true. You are too used to thinking of yourself as a learning being to truly experience the freedom of not being bound by this constraint. In all of your life, you can think of no ability you have not achieved through learning. And yet most of you have “discovered” some¬thing that comes easily to you, something you might have said or been told you have a natural talent or ability to do. These things some of you have practiced or studied to take advantage of your natural ability and in doing so may have found a continued ability to learn faster or achieve more in this area than those who are not seen as having a “natural ability” of this partic-ular kind. But because you are prone to comparison, many of you have been discouraged by not being able to be the “best” despite your natural talent or ability, and have given up “working hard” to be the best. Others who have achieved the highest possible acclaim for their talents find this acclaim unfulfilling once it is achieved.” (ACOL, D:8.2)

It is difficult truly to imagine what Jesus is saying in the Dialogues of A Course of Love when he tells us that the time of learning is over. I think he means our learning about spiritual matters, the way to salvation, the way to Awakening or Christ-consciousness. I think it unlikely that he is saying the our young people don’t need schooling; surely he isn’t saying that. He is talking to us who have read this far in ACOL, first learning about ultimate salvation from what he has told us, and now “discovering” through revelation from God Himself. Discovery is the hallmark now in our desire to reach a greater depth in our spirituality.

We all have natural abilities that were not found through learning. These natural abilities may have been honed through learning and study, but the ability came to us originally as a gift from within. We ought never, anymore, to compare our achievements with those of others; this is competition, and it is an old way of thinking. We will each excel where we are the most talented, and innate talent is a gift from God. We need ask for the best that we are personally able to achieve. We need not to become discouraged because another seems to do something better than do we. There is always something that we can do better than anybody else, if only to be the particular person that a significant other can best receive love from. And this is not such a bad example, for is not the giving and receiving of love our greatest gift on this earth?

So: Let us go on to discover what we are to do with the rest of our lives. Let us turn within for the guidance that will direct us with direct revelation from the part of God Whom we are, the Christ-Self. This Self, we can imagine, is eager to share with our little self, and if we only listen, we will accomplish far more than would 1,000 years of learning.


I would reach out to You today in a way that I have not done heretofore. I would be totally surrendered to Your grace, totally sure that Your way is best for me, totally at peace in sensing the depth of Your love for me. Thank You for giving me so often that sense of warmth that steels over me, comforting me that all is well.

Be with me as I seek to discover any and all future directions for my life. Let me be flexible and pliable in Your hands, ready to turn on a dime when You prompt a certain direction.

Thank You for always being here for me. You never lose track of me; help me never to lose track of You.


Knowing that Comes from Beyond the Body

“Thus we will begin once again with parameters, with a territory of shared consciousness, rather than with consciousness of the All of Every¬thing. This territory we will call the territory of your conscious awareness. This territory of conscious awareness is shared with the larger conscious¬ness of unity, just as the territory of your body is shared with those who live and work nearby. This territory of conscious awareness exists within the larger consciousness of unity, just as the territory of your body exists within the larger territory of the planet Earth. We will begin here, with the territory of your conscious awareness, knowing that discovery and revela¬tion will expand this territory, and realizing that no matter how small this cosmic territory may be, it will still at times give way to awareness of the All of Everything.” (ACOL, D:7.29)

Jesus’s explanation here refers to the true Self, the Self beyond the body whom we are just coming to know. Knowing the All is too big for us, and so we start with our “conscious awareness,” which includes things about which we have intuited. We know much more than our finite minds can tell us, and when we open to something bigger, we lead a charmed life indeed. We can and must trust these greater understandings that come to us; they are leading us beyond ourselves, to progress that will go by leaps and bounds into a life that is far better than what we have experienced heretofore.

Jesus then (outside this quotation) talks about our self, our family, our house, our neighborhood, our community, etc. He keeps expanding outward, ending finally with the world and the universe. We have bonds with that which is closest to us, but we nevertheless experience knowing from the larger cosmos of which we are a part. And this is just our secular self. Our spiritual self has access to the larger Christ-Self, the part that is not reincarnated with us now, but upon whom we can draw. And Jesus wants us to draw from this larger Self, the true Self. Our body is being elevated, as form, and we are newly experiencing the larger Self within this body of ours. This is a new creation for life on earth. And Jesus announces this new being in A Course of Love.


I would draw on my larger Self today for intuitions that will guide me in living my life. I would do so without any pressure of any kind, and with a lighthearted spirit.

Be with me as I seek to expand my conscious awareness to something much better. Help me to drop any and all fears as I do so. There is nothing to fear in this expanded awareness.


Turn to the True Self for Destiny Decisions

“In order to facilitate your understanding, I call you now to imagine your body as a dot in the center of a circle and the circle as representing all that you are. The dot of your body is all that is bound by time. What transforma¬tion outside of time asks you to do is to see the body as but this one, small, aspect of what you are. In observing both yourself and others, you have learned to view your body in the field of time. This will be helpful now as you begin to imagine the “more” that you are, the “more” that exists beyond the body’s boundary and beyond the boundary of time and particularity.” (ACOL, D:7.26)

Jesus here explains that the Self of our body, even the elevated Self of form, is a very small component of all that we are. There is what Jesus calls a “true Self” who extends beyond the body. He likens the Self of the body to a dot in the center of a circle, and the true Self to be all the space within the circle.

This may be a new idea to us (though I have hinted at in earlier in this blog). We are drawing upon the knowledge of this true Self when we bring to pass circumstances in our little world of the body. We intuit from the true, or larger, Self what we need to know to actualize on earth.

I mentioned earlier that I had this idea some time ago, before I read A Course of Love, before it was available. The friend to whom I spoke simply thought that I sounded confused and did not place much store in what I was saying. So it is reassuring to know that I was intuiting something form my true Self years ago, when I realized that what I knew was beyond the bounds of just my body. You can do the same; and perhaps you already have. The actualization, the concretization, of happenings on earth that draw upon things discovered by guidance or intuition from the true, larger Self, is very potent. We know that we have access to something much bigger than our finite minds and our hearts. So we are able to avoid the mistakes that plagued us when we were identifying with the ego and the “little” or personal self. Now that personal self is only a persona that we show to others; it has no basis in our real identity. And even when we identify with the personal self, it is not a self that holds to an ego any longer. The ego is gone; Jesus assures us of that, if we have read and taken to heart this much in ACOL.

Experiment with this idea. If we have a problem, we can communicate with the larger Self who knows us intimately. We can get answers. If we are puzzling about something, we can see the bigger picture. Our eyes are not veiled any longer. We have true vision; we are seeing rather than perceiving, finally, at last.


Thank You for the knowledge—and it is knowledge—that there is more to me than meets the eye. There is a true Self who imparts knowledge to me that is beyond this world. May I listen attentively. May I hear all that You would have me hear, words that will direct my experience in this world.

Intuition means a great deal to me and has for a very long time. Give me the willingness to turn on a dime, when the guidance comes. Let me not be stubborn in wanting to keep to the path that I have charted, particularly when I know that that path may be wrong.


We Live in an Eternity / Be Happy Today

“Discovery is not bound by time as it is an ongoing aspect of creation. As you were told in “A Treatise on the New”, the future is yet to be created. While this seems like a time-bound statement, it is not. It is merely one way of stating that creation is ongoing rather than static. That while creation is and is as it was created, it was created to be eternally expanding and expressing in new ways.” (ACOL, D:7.19)

The word “creation,” as eternally expanding and expressing in new ways, is a way of talking about God. And, to my mind, Jesus’s assertion here about creation is a new interpretation of God. Traditional Christianity saw God as essentially static, as the Unmovable, and this flies in the face of this new interpretation. Jesus’s reasoning is impeccable. Would God be the only thing in creation to be static? Not likely. Eternally expanding and expressing in new ways. What a great promise this truly is!

Our concepts of God are challenged by A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. God is seen as the Everything that exists, as the Consciousness that pervades everything, as ourselves. He is seen as living through us. And living through all of creation. This is heady stuff. But absolutely necessary if we are to move into the New.

We don’t have to fear the loss of a God to Whom we can appeal. He is still there, just deep within us. And he is called, also, our “Self.” This Christ-Self is the One, the All, that everybody joins as One. Our body is one body, even. Our Self is One. We are sharing in an eternity, a timeless place that will never end, for it is eternally present.

Time is a measurement of learning, and we have moved beyond learning now. We are observing and envisioning, keen to see the new present and the unfolding future. We live in an eternity. Be happy today. (This is advice from Eastern religion.)

If we are able to calm our minds enough, we will know the essence of what is happening to us in a way that we have known nothing in the past. Mellowness invites Christ-consciousness, and this consciousness is our future. For some it is the present already. Be that as it may, we know that we are not alone, that we have no reason to dwell on the singular consciousness that we knew earlier. Our singular consciousness has morphed into a shared consciousness. Indeed, we could not function with all of this new knowledge if we didn’t share it. And we are moved in Christ-consciousness to share with our brothers and sisters. Christ-consciousness is not available to those who would remain in singular consciousness. And we know that we have had quite enough of singular consciousness.

Be mellow today. Know that if we don’t understand today, the future in which we do understand is written already. And with this new knowledge comes a new world. This is what Jesus is banking on.


Jesus says that no day is meant to be lived in a struggle with what it brings. I would live calmly today, in relaxed mode. I would welcome Christ-consciousness, in a glimpse, by staying relaxed and easy. These words, said to me so long ago by another, soothe me still. Thank You for taking me through and beyond that turmoil. Life is easier now, but I do believe that there is a reason for everything.

Thank You for giving me the knowledge that these new concepts about You don’t remove You from my awareness, but instead make that awareness more keen. Help me to understand, in sharing with others, all that my finite mind and heart can hold. It is in the sharing that we come to know.


We Are Going to Be Living in a Different World

“Discovery is not the same as remembrance. Remembrance was necessary for your return to your true identity, the Self as it was created. Remembrance was not about what you did not know, but about what you knew but had forgotten. Memory has returned you to your Self. Discovery will allow the new you to come into being by revealing what you do not yet know about how to live as the elevated Self of form. (ACOL, D:7.12)

Jesus gives particular meaning to various words that he uses to attune us to true reality. “Discovery” is the term that he uses in the Dialogues of A Course of Love to denote the way that we come into guidance about what to do next, what to do as the elevated Self of form unfolds. “Remembrance” is how we learned what our true identity really is, the Christ-Self; we used our memory to recall what we had forgotten eons ago, when the ego intervened.

Discovery looks forward, now; remembrance covers what we have just achieved, our true identity, the identity that is shorn of the ego.

We don’t know how to truly live as the elevated Self of form, and this is why guidance by way of discovery is so important to us. We are going to be either changing (some of us who cling to learning) the world, or creating a new world (those of us who have given up learning in favor of observation, envisioning, etc.). At any rate, regardless of our choice, we are going to be living in a different world when the tenets of A Course of Love become our own. We will look within, and then see without, in that order. What we see within will determine what this new world is going to look like.

We all know that life in the time of Christ will be different from what has gone before. We all sense that things are coming to a head now, that the world is changing rapidly, sometimes not for the better, and we sense that transformation is ahead. If we believe Jesus, the outcome will be positive in the extreme—ultimately. That is why he is channeling works now. We are ready. All are chosen by God for a new reality, but until now we can believe that we were not ready. Now, at last, perhaps we are ready. Or will be soon.

Don’t get far from guidance. It is our lodestone, our never-failing hope for what to do next in a troubled world. Our new identity, the elevated Self of form, will draw on the larger Self, outside our body, and then actualize the guidance that that Self gives. We need help, we know. And now we have it. We know that turning inward finds the Christ-Self ready to assume a new place in our psyche, the central place informed by our heart. The heart has taught the mind, and finally the mind has listened. With a united mind and heart we will journey into the future filled with the wise counsel of Jesus.


Help me. I need comfort in these troubled times. I read ACIM and ACOL, and that gives me solace. I pray for a certainty that things really will turn out alright, for our world, for my brothers and sisters in that world, and for me.

Be with us as we read Jesus’s channeled works. May his intellect meet our minds and hearts, and give us the information that we need to walk through this world, and then turn it into something better.


Envision All that Love Can Do for Us

“Realize that this is a call to love all of yourself. You who once could love spirit or mind, mind or body—because of the dualistic nature associated with them—now can love all of your Self, all of God, all of creation. You can respond to love with love.” (ACOL, D:7.10)

Why do we need to hear now to love all of ourselves? Because we have not been ready to do so in the past. Now we are rapidly evolving into a new embodiment, a new elevated Self of form, a form that is human and divine, a form that embodies Christ-consciousness.

This is good news indeed. But we do not yet understand it, because we haven’t walked the whole pathway back to God from the eons of separation from Him that we have known in illusion. But we know, even though it is cliché, that love is the answer. Jesus says elsewhere that if he had proclaimed something different, other than love, we might have listened more keenly. Many great leaders have proclaimed the need for love, and all too often we have not listened, or we have listened and not understood.

Now we can understand. And A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love lead the way (as well as other channeled works of Jesus, such as The Way of Mastery). ACOL proclaims the elevated Self of form, a Self in unity with mind, spirit, and body. A Self who belongs outside of our little identities on earth. A Self who is encompassing of all of us.

I long have realized that there was a part of me exterior to the life that I lived on earth. It was an intuitive knowing, said years ago to a good friend (who thought I was confused). Now that I have read ACOL, I know that I was right all along. And the sign of being right about this Self who is external, yet still One, with my little self on earth is reassuring in the extreme. It can be reassuring to all of us. It is evidence of life-everlasting, of life eternal. It is evidence that we are never alone with our finite minds on earth. We are surrounded by the greater Self; the dot of our body in the field of white—Everything else—is very real once we contemplate such things.

Ask to be shown all that love can do for us. Don’t let the cliché ruin it for us. We won’t be mistaken in this difficult world. We will see with new eyes, with vision, and the difficulties of the present will soon be put far behind us.


I ask to love fully and completely today. Today and every day. I don’t see the way that this can happen, but I do trust that it can. I have never fully understood all that expressing love would hold out for me. But I ask to know today. And I ask this for all others whom I encounter as well.

Let us be calm in the midst of turmoil. If we see turmoil, there is something that we can do, in our little individual worlds, to quell it. It is up to us to do that little something. Help me to find that right little thing to do.