Envision All that Love Can Do for Us

“Realize that this is a call to love all of yourself. You who once could love spirit or mind, mind or body—because of the dualistic nature associated with them—now can love all of your Self, all of God, all of creation. You can respond to love with love.” (ACOL, D:7.10)

Why do we need to hear now to love all of ourselves? Because we have not been ready to do so in the past. Now we are rapidly evolving into a new embodiment, a new elevated Self of form, a form that is human and divine, a form that embodies Christ-consciousness.

This is good news indeed. But we do not yet understand it, because we haven’t walked the whole pathway back to God from the eons of separation from Him that we have known in illusion. But we know, even though it is cliché, that love is the answer. Jesus says elsewhere that if he had proclaimed something different, other than love, we might have listened more keenly. Many great leaders have proclaimed the need for love, and all too often we have not listened, or we have listened and not understood.

Now we can understand. And A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love lead the way (as well as other channeled works of Jesus, such as The Way of Mastery). ACOL proclaims the elevated Self of form, a Self in unity with mind, spirit, and body. A Self who belongs outside of our little identities on earth. A Self who is encompassing of all of us.

I long have realized that there was a part of me exterior to the life that I lived on earth. It was an intuitive knowing, said years ago to a good friend (who thought I was confused). Now that I have read ACOL, I know that I was right all along. And the sign of being right about this Self who is external, yet still One, with my little self on earth is reassuring in the extreme. It can be reassuring to all of us. It is evidence of life-everlasting, of life eternal. It is evidence that we are never alone with our finite minds on earth. We are surrounded by the greater Self; the dot of our body in the field of white—Everything else—is very real once we contemplate such things.

Ask to be shown all that love can do for us. Don’t let the cliché ruin it for us. We won’t be mistaken in this difficult world. We will see with new eyes, with vision, and the difficulties of the present will soon be put far behind us.


I ask to love fully and completely today. Today and every day. I don’t see the way that this can happen, but I do trust that it can. I have never fully understood all that expressing love would hold out for me. But I ask to know today. And I ask this for all others whom I encounter as well.

Let us be calm in the midst of turmoil. If we see turmoil, there is something that we can do, in our little individual worlds, to quell it. It is up to us to do that little something. Help me to find that right little thing to do.



Author: Celia Hales

A veteran student of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, I intend my blog to offer inspiration and insight into these remarkable volumes.

9 thoughts on “Envision All that Love Can Do for Us”

  1. This reminded me so much of some devotional content I’ve been reading lately. I am blessed by your words, Amen.

  2. We are on the greatest adventure in human history. I am sure I am not the first to say that. Thanks much gratitude as I Finnish my 40days.

  3. Thank you so much Celia for your words of love and wisdom. Exactly what I needed to hear.
    … would you mind if I shared on FB?
    …. I see no division in your words… only peace wherein the heart brings us together and any illusion of separation is dispelled.
    … Exactly what is needed right now in this world that we perceive as one of division.
    We are always one.
    Don’t know you ..yet feel so much love for you! 😊❤️👍💕🙏

  4. Celia, this blog especially supported me just where I am in my life right now. That call to love all of myself, and for me, the call to realize I am in dialogue with EVERYTHING D15.21. And your prayer “Help me to find the right little thing to do.” is my prayer today. Thank you!

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