We Are Going to Be Living in a Different World

“Discovery is not the same as remembrance. Remembrance was necessary for your return to your true identity, the Self as it was created. Remembrance was not about what you did not know, but about what you knew but had forgotten. Memory has returned you to your Self. Discovery will allow the new you to come into being by revealing what you do not yet know about how to live as the elevated Self of form. (ACOL, D:7.12)

Jesus gives particular meaning to various words that he uses to attune us to true reality. “Discovery” is the term that he uses in the Dialogues of A Course of Love to denote the way that we come into guidance about what to do next, what to do as the elevated Self of form unfolds. “Remembrance” is how we learned what our true identity really is, the Christ-Self; we used our memory to recall what we had forgotten eons ago, when the ego intervened.

Discovery looks forward, now; remembrance covers what we have just achieved, our true identity, the identity that is shorn of the ego.

We don’t know how to truly live as the elevated Self of form, and this is why guidance by way of discovery is so important to us. We are going to be either changing (some of us who cling to learning) the world, or creating a new world (those of us who have given up learning in favor of observation, envisioning, etc.). At any rate, regardless of our choice, we are going to be living in a different world when the tenets of A Course of Love become our own. We will look within, and then see without, in that order. What we see within will determine what this new world is going to look like.

We all know that life in the time of Christ will be different from what has gone before. We all sense that things are coming to a head now, that the world is changing rapidly, sometimes not for the better, and we sense that transformation is ahead. If we believe Jesus, the outcome will be positive in the extreme—ultimately. That is why he is channeling works now. We are ready. All are chosen by God for a new reality, but until now we can believe that we were not ready. Now, at last, perhaps we are ready. Or will be soon.

Don’t get far from guidance. It is our lodestone, our never-failing hope for what to do next in a troubled world. Our new identity, the elevated Self of form, will draw on the larger Self, outside our body, and then actualize the guidance that that Self gives. We need help, we know. And now we have it. We know that turning inward finds the Christ-Self ready to assume a new place in our psyche, the central place informed by our heart. The heart has taught the mind, and finally the mind has listened. With a united mind and heart we will journey into the future filled with the wise counsel of Jesus.


Help me. I need comfort in these troubled times. I read ACIM and ACOL, and that gives me solace. I pray for a certainty that things really will turn out alright, for our world, for my brothers and sisters in that world, and for me.

Be with us as we read Jesus’s channeled works. May his intellect meet our minds and hearts, and give us the information that we need to walk through this world, and then turn it into something better.



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