We Live in an Eternity / Be Happy Today

“Discovery is not bound by time as it is an ongoing aspect of creation. As you were told in “A Treatise on the New”, the future is yet to be created. While this seems like a time-bound statement, it is not. It is merely one way of stating that creation is ongoing rather than static. That while creation is and is as it was created, it was created to be eternally expanding and expressing in new ways.” (ACOL, D:7.19)

The word “creation,” as eternally expanding and expressing in new ways, is a way of talking about God. And, to my mind, Jesus’s assertion here about creation is a new interpretation of God. Traditional Christianity saw God as essentially static, as the Unmovable, and this flies in the face of this new interpretation. Jesus’s reasoning is impeccable. Would God be the only thing in creation to be static? Not likely. Eternally expanding and expressing in new ways. What a great promise this truly is!

Our concepts of God are challenged by A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. God is seen as the Everything that exists, as the Consciousness that pervades everything, as ourselves. He is seen as living through us. And living through all of creation. This is heady stuff. But absolutely necessary if we are to move into the New.

We don’t have to fear the loss of a God to Whom we can appeal. He is still there, just deep within us. And he is called, also, our “Self.” This Christ-Self is the One, the All, that everybody joins as One. Our body is one body, even. Our Self is One. We are sharing in an eternity, a timeless place that will never end, for it is eternally present.

Time is a measurement of learning, and we have moved beyond learning now. We are observing and envisioning, keen to see the new present and the unfolding future. We live in an eternity. Be happy today. (This is advice from Eastern religion.)

If we are able to calm our minds enough, we will know the essence of what is happening to us in a way that we have known nothing in the past. Mellowness invites Christ-consciousness, and this consciousness is our future. For some it is the present already. Be that as it may, we know that we are not alone, that we have no reason to dwell on the singular consciousness that we knew earlier. Our singular consciousness has morphed into a shared consciousness. Indeed, we could not function with all of this new knowledge if we didn’t share it. And we are moved in Christ-consciousness to share with our brothers and sisters. Christ-consciousness is not available to those who would remain in singular consciousness. And we know that we have had quite enough of singular consciousness.

Be mellow today. Know that if we don’t understand today, the future in which we do understand is written already. And with this new knowledge comes a new world. This is what Jesus is banking on.


Jesus says that no day is meant to be lived in a struggle with what it brings. I would live calmly today, in relaxed mode. I would welcome Christ-consciousness, in a glimpse, by staying relaxed and easy. These words, said to me so long ago by another, soothe me still. Thank You for taking me through and beyond that turmoil. Life is easier now, but I do believe that there is a reason for everything.

Thank You for giving me the knowledge that these new concepts about You don’t remove You from my awareness, but instead make that awareness more keen. Help me to understand, in sharing with others, all that my finite mind and heart can hold. It is in the sharing that we come to know.


3 thoughts on “We Live in an Eternity / Be Happy Today

  1. PeterJ

    Hello Celia – For the very first time in all your commentaries I would like to disagree with you.

    “Traditional Christianity saw God as essentially static, as the Unmovable, and this flies in the face of this new interpretation.”

    I believe that traditional Christianity was a little more subtle. God would have a static and an energetic aspect. If it were otherwise we would have to say that He is limited. The quoted passage speaks of Creation being ongoing, Would this not imply that what is not created in not ongoing in the same way?

    This would be an important issue for me since I read ACIM as being entirely consistent with the Perennial philosophy and believe that this is the correct and most plausible reading. What you say here suggests that it is not but as you say this is an interpretation. Another interpretation is possible, and this would be to assume that there are two aspects to consider, one of which is beyond time and change just as classical Christianity proposes, and so also Lao Tsu, the Buddha and the Upanishads. The quote even warns us of time-bound statements, implying a realm beyond the possibility of activity or change.

    I would certainly dislike being God if He has to be busy all the time. 🙂

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      Peter, I am not a theologian. I do believe that both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love are perennial philosophy (though there are some teachers of ACIM that would disagree with this statement). I am simply not prepared to comment further.

      I would welcome comments from others who know more about the theology of traditional Christianity than do I.

      Love, Celia

      1. PeterJ

        Celia – I respect your wish not to comment. I don’t mean to cause trouble.but to steer clear of it. When you say the old view ‘flies in the face of this new interpretation’ this is a dismissal of classical Christianity and it constitutes a very strong comment indeed.

        It will give the impression that there is something wrong either with ACOL or with classical Christianity and this is a bold assertion. Yet they are consistent if we choose to read them as such, and why wouldn’t we? .

        But I agree that a few more comments on this would be useful.

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