Turn to the True Self for Destiny Decisions

“In order to facilitate your understanding, I call you now to imagine your body as a dot in the center of a circle and the circle as representing all that you are. The dot of your body is all that is bound by time. What transforma¬tion outside of time asks you to do is to see the body as but this one, small, aspect of what you are. In observing both yourself and others, you have learned to view your body in the field of time. This will be helpful now as you begin to imagine the “more” that you are, the “more” that exists beyond the body’s boundary and beyond the boundary of time and particularity.” (ACOL, D:7.26)

Jesus here explains that the Self of our body, even the elevated Self of form, is a very small component of all that we are. There is what Jesus calls a “true Self” who extends beyond the body. He likens the Self of the body to a dot in the center of a circle, and the true Self to be all the space within the circle.

This may be a new idea to us (though I have hinted at in earlier in this blog). We are drawing upon the knowledge of this true Self when we bring to pass circumstances in our little world of the body. We intuit from the true, or larger, Self what we need to know to actualize on earth.

I mentioned earlier that I had this idea some time ago, before I read A Course of Love, before it was available. The friend to whom I spoke simply thought that I sounded confused and did not place much store in what I was saying. So it is reassuring to know that I was intuiting something form my true Self years ago, when I realized that what I knew was beyond the bounds of just my body. You can do the same; and perhaps you already have. The actualization, the concretization, of happenings on earth that draw upon things discovered by guidance or intuition from the true, larger Self, is very potent. We know that we have access to something much bigger than our finite minds and our hearts. So we are able to avoid the mistakes that plagued us when we were identifying with the ego and the “little” or personal self. Now that personal self is only a persona that we show to others; it has no basis in our real identity. And even when we identify with the personal self, it is not a self that holds to an ego any longer. The ego is gone; Jesus assures us of that, if we have read and taken to heart this much in ACOL.

Experiment with this idea. If we have a problem, we can communicate with the larger Self who knows us intimately. We can get answers. If we are puzzling about something, we can see the bigger picture. Our eyes are not veiled any longer. We have true vision; we are seeing rather than perceiving, finally, at last.


Thank You for the knowledge—and it is knowledge—that there is more to me than meets the eye. There is a true Self who imparts knowledge to me that is beyond this world. May I listen attentively. May I hear all that You would have me hear, words that will direct my experience in this world.

Intuition means a great deal to me and has for a very long time. Give me the willingness to turn on a dime, when the guidance comes. Let me not be stubborn in wanting to keep to the path that I have charted, particularly when I know that that path may be wrong.



2 thoughts on “Turn to the True Self for Destiny Decisions

  1. I’m looking for some classification. You make reference to the personal self (no caps) and the “Self of our body.” I’m assuming these are one in the same while the “true Self” is our true identify beyond the ego and body consciousness. Am I right?


    1. David —

      The Self (capital “S”) is the elevated Self of form, still in the body. It’s a new creation, a new way of being that Jesus is announcing in A Course of Love. The rest of what you said is my understanding also. The self (no caps) is the “little” or personal self, which exists now only as the persona that we display to the world, and it is no longer egoic.

      Most fondly, Celia

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