Knowing that Comes from Beyond the Body

“Thus we will begin once again with parameters, with a territory of shared consciousness, rather than with consciousness of the All of Every¬thing. This territory we will call the territory of your conscious awareness. This territory of conscious awareness is shared with the larger conscious¬ness of unity, just as the territory of your body is shared with those who live and work nearby. This territory of conscious awareness exists within the larger consciousness of unity, just as the territory of your body exists within the larger territory of the planet Earth. We will begin here, with the territory of your conscious awareness, knowing that discovery and revela¬tion will expand this territory, and realizing that no matter how small this cosmic territory may be, it will still at times give way to awareness of the All of Everything.” (ACOL, D:7.29)

Jesus’s explanation here refers to the true Self, the Self beyond the body whom we are just coming to know. Knowing the All is too big for us, and so we start with our “conscious awareness,” which includes things about which we have intuited. We know much more than our finite minds can tell us, and when we open to something bigger, we lead a charmed life indeed. We can and must trust these greater understandings that come to us; they are leading us beyond ourselves, to progress that will go by leaps and bounds into a life that is far better than what we have experienced heretofore.

Jesus then (outside this quotation) talks about our self, our family, our house, our neighborhood, our community, etc. He keeps expanding outward, ending finally with the world and the universe. We have bonds with that which is closest to us, but we nevertheless experience knowing from the larger cosmos of which we are a part. And this is just our secular self. Our spiritual self has access to the larger Christ-Self, the part that is not reincarnated with us now, but upon whom we can draw. And Jesus wants us to draw from this larger Self, the true Self. Our body is being elevated, as form, and we are newly experiencing the larger Self within this body of ours. This is a new creation for life on earth. And Jesus announces this new being in A Course of Love.


I would draw on my larger Self today for intuitions that will guide me in living my life. I would do so without any pressure of any kind, and with a lighthearted spirit.

Be with me as I seek to expand my conscious awareness to something much better. Help me to drop any and all fears as I do so. There is nothing to fear in this expanded awareness.



Author: Celia Hales

A veteran student of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, I intend my blog to offer inspiration and insight into these remarkable volumes.

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