Talents that Require No Effort but Reap Joy

“This idea will aid you too in your understanding of discovery, as your natural abilities or talents were discovered and in that discovery, you real¬ized that although you had not previously known that this talent or ability existed, it was there awaiting but your discovery. You may also have seen that in the expression of this talent or ability new discoveries awaited you and that you greeted these discoveries with surprise and delight. As was written in “A Treatise on the New”, these surprises of discovery have, and will, cause you to laugh and be joyous. There was never any need, and will never be any need, to figure them out—for surprises cannot be figured out! Surprises are meant to be joyous gifts being constantly revealed. Gifts that need only be received and responded to. Not learned.” (ACOL, D:8.6)

We see here why hard work and much effort is no longer needed in our world. Our discoveries about our innate talents will be easy to find, once we are attuned to finding. And these gifts—talents—are far superior to anything that we labored so long and hard to learn on earth, previous to knowing better, previously to understanding what Jesus is here telling us.

We have talents from deep within our Christ-Self, just waiting to come out, to be discovered. In the past, we might have dismissed these talents precisely because using them in our lives was so very easy. We imagined that anything that we didn’t work for wasn’t worth much.

This was the ego speaking. And now that we have established a new identity that is shorn of the ego, we are in for great surprises that will fill us with much joy. Surprises! We will discover how to develop the talents that we have, all without tedious labor. And we will discover new talents—new gifts from God—just awaiting our discovery to come into their own.

The future looks bright. Our best-laid plans go awry, but we don’t need plans any longer. We need simply to lean back in the Arms of the Almighty, and let his gifts wash over us. Then we put those gifts to work in our troubled world. And it is all effortless! We just needed to know how to accept the offerings from our God that we had resisted when we were trying to do it all ourselves.


I must remember that the talents that You give are not given for hard work in their emergence. These gifts are heartwarming, beneficent, and loving. And my slightest effort will generate far more than my hard work—for I am a hard worker—ever did.

Be with me today, to see that Your gifts, as talents, begin to be sent out into the world. Never let me form a new ego as these gifts disseminate, for to do so would be to lose so very much, let You down. I don’t ever want to let You down.


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