Be Tenderhearted / Be Healed

“So what we are attempting to do is to open the mind to the wisdom of the heart with these dialogues. As the mind opens and accepts the new, the art of thought will become your new means of thinking. What has been learned will become an ability to think wholeheartedly, or with mind and heart in union, and then that ability will transcend ability and wholehearted will become what you are, and wholeheartedness your sole means of expression.” (ACOL, D:8.9)

Earlier we learned (and “learned” is the correct word) that the mind needed to listen to the heart in order to find out way back to God. The mind had been high-jacked by the ego, and our lives were spent in fruitless quest for little of real value. The ego made a mess of our lives, though we were ever intent on finding our way back to God. Now Jesus has come upon a new idea: an idea of listening to our heart.

And we know what this means intuitively. When the mind listens to the heart, we are finally making some headway back to God. Ultimately, the mind will unite with the heart, and Jesus is calling this in A Course of Love, “wholeheartedness.” This term just means a united mind and heart, for we still do need the intellect (mind) as well as the emotions (heart).

The tenderhearted aspect to A Course of Love can be very painful as we open to emotions that we have kept suppressed. Rereading ACOL will bring up this tenderheartedness again and again. And each time a little more healing is found.

The art of thought is miracle-mindedness, and we do need miracles as we make our confused way clear and understandable. This Jesus will do for us. Conflict will recede, and we will know, finally, that all is well.

Ask for a miracle anytime that conflict looms large. It will be forthcoming. And our belief that it is so will make it so.


I ask for a miracle today to resolve my dilemmas. These dilemmas go back a long way, but it is time for resolution. Thank You. I will look for the miracle.


4 Replies to “Be Tenderhearted / Be Healed”

  1. I am still working through ACIM but I love your posts on A Course in Love. This one particularly speaks to me, on this a very significant day. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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