Talents Easily Developed

“Thus where you have desired to express yourself in the past is very likely linked to the natural ability or talent you did not have to learn, to that which was given and available just a step beyond where the separated self could reach.

“Expand your reach! Step outside of the dot of the separated self and into the circle of unity where all you desire is already accomplished in the full¬ness and wholeness of the undivided Self.” (ACOL, D:8.10 – 8.11)

“Already accomplished!” What exactly is Jesus telling us here? He never elaborates in A Course of Love, but we can imagine that we have already written our appointed books, painted our paintings, sculptured our sculptures, etc., and now it is just up to us to bring these creations to earth via our new connection to unity. The unity is outside the dot of the body, and ultimately, this unity is All-that-Is, the Deity, God Himself in all of his manifestations.

What reassurance this passage holds! THIS is why we don’t have to struggle on earth, why no day is meant to be lived in a struggle with what it brings (Jesus say this elsewhere). It is just a matter of letting ourselves be open to the unity that we are dimly being able to see, in a vision that is not this world. When we are open, our creative endeavors fly on wings, we are in the flow, and we achieve via the Self, which is egotistic not in the least.

We all know of talents that we had when we were children, talents that we did not develop even though they were natural abilities. And we all know of talents that we had as children that we DID develop, and it is these to which we turn now when we want really to be fulfilled. These developed, natural talents are what we have been put on earth to do. This is our mission, our purpose. And we all have a mission or purpose. If we haven’t figured it out yet, we need to go within and ask some questions. The answers will be forthcoming, though at first we may not think we are capable of doing what is asked. We need to know that if we ruminate over days and weeks, and the same answer keeps coming back, that this is indeed what we ought to be doing. And the support for that all-important work WILL be forthcoming.

So: Ask today what natural abilities are meant to be actualized in this life. We will, none of us, be disappointed in the answer.


Thank You for insight, pure and simple. Sometimes I have waited years to get a significant piece of insight/information, but then one day it is there, and I wonder why I didn’t realize it all along. I didn’t get Your revelation earlier because I was not yet ready. Time can sometimes be very slow on earth.

Thank You for the particular insight that you gave me today. May I put that bit of knowledge to good use in the best way that You can lead me to accept.


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