Who We Are Comes Through in Revelation

“But you have thought about this desire to know who you are in one way or another all of your life without reaching the place of fulfillment you have sought. Even now, when you have learned all that you are in need of learning, the pattern, even of your wholeheartedness, remains one of thought. This pattern is what the new patterns of acceptance and discovery that we are beginning to lay out here are going to replace.” (ACOL, D:9.4)

How many of us have thought of trying to “learn who we are”—to know our identity, what makes us tick. This is the theme of most journals, and now that many journals are online in blogs, I have become especially aware of this need to know what we are on the part of all of us. This desire is especially prevalent during the teen years, but the desire to know who we are never really goes away. It is the great preoccupation of all who live in this world.

It is somewhat frustrating that Jesus does not simply lay out, in A Course of Love, how to know who we are. He implies that we will discover this, ultimately, through revelation from our God, from the part of God who dwells in us as the Christ-Self. Now that we have traveled far along the path back to God, we are in a position to know more, but this time not from learning, but from revelation through what Jesus calls discovery.

We have to accept what is going on around us in order to truly know where we fit in. This acceptance is akin to the forgiveness that A Course in Miracles championed, but the two concepts of acceptance and forgiveness are not identical. We are willing to let things be, or “let it be,” as the Beatles’ song portrayed so long ago. We are “willing to have it so,” as Eastern philosophy opines. We are here, enmeshed in living in this world, and it behooves us to go with the flow of life, not to buck it. To go with the flow of life, really to go with it, demands that we be accepting of what transpires.

This doesn’t mean that we want work to change negative things. But we do so from a point of power, of first accepting what we see, and then moving, ever gently, for change and even the creation of a new world, as Jesus asks of us. Our day will go better when we relax into our full Self, letting this entity motivate us for whatever change we think is needed. But first we accept all of who we are, and all of who our brothers and sisters are. If we don’t accept, we scale a high mountain with chances of falling off in mid-air.


Be with me today as I seek to accept any and all difficulties, even when those difficulties are longstanding. Grant me the understanding to know how to find the cure of anything that ails me. I wish for a good energy level, though low energy has plagued me for years. I do get things done, though, and for that right amount of energy I thank You. All of us have all the energy that we need to accomplish the things that are ours to accomplish.

Motivate me to move away from simple laziness. All of us have it to one extent or another. And I would be finished with the lack of motivation that wastes time and gives me a guilt feeling.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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