Something Much Better & Much Grander

“Just as the “Art of Thought” led to abilities beyond the thinking of the ego-mind, the beliefs of the “Treatise on Unity” were meant to lead beyond the need for beliefs, and “A Treatise on the Personal Self” meant to lead beyond the personal self. Thus the Treatises were not inconsistent with our aims here. Learning always has as its goal leading the learner beyond learning. With “A Treatise on the New” we established what lies beyond learning. Now, as we embrace the new together, it must be realized again and yet again, that the new cannot be learned. In other words, it must be realized that you cannot come to know the new, or to create the new, through the means of old, including the means of thought.” (ACOL, D:9.10)

We are on a pathway with A Course of Love, with each part of the trilogy leading beyond itself to something greater. Earlier, in the first and second parts, we were learning; now we are discovering, through revelation, often coming via intuition. We just “know” things that we didn’t comprehend at all at an early point on our pathway, on our journey.

We probably don’t really understand how we will move beyond thought, for all our lives, since learning our language as a young child, our mind has been filled with thinking. Jesus would have us leave that busy mind behind now. When Christ-consciousness or Awakening comes, we will find that our thoughts just slow miraculously; our minds will seem a little empty, but it is a good “empty,” not discouraging at all. We will realize that we have crossed a threshold into something much better and much grander.

A Course of Love is meant to be read in order, and, as we come upon the Forty Days and Forty Nights, we will become ever more convinced of this. Jesus is doing something very wise to us; he is taking us by the hand and leading us to a new day. What we will know as we change the world, or create a new world, is something that we would have had no idea about earlier in our progress.

Reread all that seems appropriate. But know that real knowing will not come from reading, but from an interior knowing that will startle us with our greater insight. No longer egoic, we won’t take this insight as a way to enhance an ego that is happy to be wise. We will be wise, but we will know that none of it was of our own doing.


As I go about my busy day, help me to stop and reflect on the higher values that living on earth is giving me. Help me to be comforting to my brothers and sisters, and help me to turn to my Self for my own comfort. This revelation is heady stuff, but I wouldn’t have it in an egoic sense, and I know that it isn’t even available to me if I am thinking “ego.” You ever protect us, and sometimes that protection is from ourselves.



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