When We Are Ready to Hear, the Miracle Happens

“What is found outside of the boundary of the personal self in the wider circle of unity is timeless. What comes to you in the form of natural abili¬ties or talents, as ideas, as imagination, as inspiration, instinct, intuition, as vision, or as calling, are ways of knowing that come to you, and through you, outside of the pattern of learning.

“Learning is about the transfer of knowledge that was gained in the time of learning, through the process of learning. Notice the inability of teaching or learning to call forth talents, ideas, imagination, inspiration, instinct, intuition, vision, or calling.” (ACOL, D:10.1 – 10.2)

Many words are given us in this quotation to let us understand that much that we know comes from beyond us. We do have insights that change our lives, and few would argue that we have “learned” that insight. Many might say that we coalesced subconscious thoughts into an insight, and maybe this is true, but perhaps also we get these insights, intuitions, from somewhere beyond us—from the state of unity, where the larger Self resides. This larger Self feeds us information just all the time, but we don’t give credit, usually, to where this information might arise. Now we know. There is a place that our hearts go to understand true reality, and this true reality is funneled to us from the Self who resides outside the body, already accomplished.

This theology of A Course of Love is not difficult, but it may sound strange and unusual when first confronted. We need not be confounded, though, for knowing that there is a place where we can go, mystically, to receive knowledge is a great blessing indeed. Ask our Self anything and everything. The answer will be forthcoming, often immediately. There is no time where this Self resides, and so the imparting of information does not have to wait. Only we have to prepare to hear this information/insight. If we are resistant, the words may come into our mind, but we will not heed. And this is as it should be, because we are then not ready to hear.

But when we are ready to hear, the miracle happens. Write out dilemmas, and date them, date and time. Then revisit the journal, and see when the blessing of insight descended upon us. We will be pleasantly surprised. If we don’t write something down, though, we are likely just to forget that we ever asked for a miracle, asked our Self about anything at all.

So: We know now that there is a Self who we own beyond the body, but we know that this Self feeds insight into the bodily Self, this elevated Self of form. The way that this happens is still obscure, but if we pay attention to our guidance, we will know the truth of this happening.


Be with me for a good day today. Thank You that I know to write out my dilemmas. Thank You for the prompt answering of those dilemmas. And thank You for always being nearer to me than my breath. You are living through me, and I would give You a good day today.

Thank You for the many blessings that have graced my life. When I get impatient for a miracle, let me realize that I may have had a miracle that I didn’t recognize, and open my eyes to true vision.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

9 thoughts on “When We Are Ready to Hear, the Miracle Happens”

  1. Dear Celia, God definitely aligned your post today for me in great answer to my journaling for guidance, purpose-driven work assisting others, and utilizing the God given gifts, talents and abilities I have been cultivating together with the life experiences. May God’s Love, Light and Peace bless you! Lori

  2. Very inspiring and insightment. You have a very similar and unique perception as I do. Although, your able to put your perception into words a little better.
    I definitely followed. I appreciate your thoughts and views. Thank you for the time you spend to share your beautiful eyes God has given you. Have a blessed day. 🙂

  3. Thanks for this post! Your explanation helps my intellect to spend time creating a container as my understanding of my intuition grows. It speaks it many ways. I’m trying to start with it’s information. To create new patterns of knowing my intuition I’ve been writing about it. https://unbreakablejoy.wordpress.com/2017/03/22/stairway-to-heaven-reprise/ Here intuition was using a car radio but I really think it was my mother using the car radio! HA! Thanks again for your insight!

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