Walking a Better Way

“Your thoughts are the last bastion of your separated self, the fertile ground, still, of your individuality, your testimony that you believe you are still on your own, and that you still desire to be, for only here, in this area of your individuality, do you believe you make your contributions to the world. Your desire to make a contribution—to help to make new the world that you have known—has been enhanced and amplified by what you have learned. You know you have been called and that a contribution has been asked of you. And so your mighty thoughts have turned their focus on this problem and attacked it as they attack all problems to be solved. The idea of making a contribution has begun to receive the attention of your thoughts. The hope of answering your call and fulfilling your promise has lit a bonfire in your heart and begun a stampede of thoughts within your mind. Again, is this not what we spoke of in the beginning of this Dialogue? What was spoken of as your desire to prepare?” (ACOL, D:11.5)

We aren’t really supposed to “prepare” to make a contribution, as Jesus is getting ready to tell us. We draw upon the larger Self for our guidance, the Self who is located outside of the body. This larger Self informs the elevated Self of form about what to do. And this “doing” is not effortful but effortless. We find that following this new way is much to be desired, and we also discover that this new way makes an even greater contribution than we could even imagine heretofore.

We are not making an “individual” contribution any longer, but something that is universal is scope, applicable to all men and women. Jesus himself, 2000 years ago, did not make an individual contribution; he was drawing on a Greater Power, and this Power drafted his human personality. This is not to diminish his contribution, but just to set it in context. When we draw on guidance of a universal nature, our contribution will truly be lasting. Nothing that we do individually is really lasting.

We have all been encouraged by A Course of Love to make a contribution to the creation of a new world. But we will made decisions that are much amiss if we use our limited mind to come to these decisions about what to do. We need to commune with our higher nature, and then we will choose aright. There is no better way.


Be with me today as I seek to have a good day by listening to guidance. This guidance will inform my every decision. It will keep me on track. And it will give me happiness. And what more will lead to a good contribution? If I am demoralized, I am no good to anybody, including myself.

Help me to live well. Years ago I thought I knew this, but I realize that my mind at that time was still under egoic influence. I hope that I have moved beyond the ego now, and I ask you to keep me safe from forming a new ego. Keep me on the pathway. Keep me just for You.



Author: Celia Hales

A veteran student of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, I intend my blog to offer inspiration and insight into these remarkable volumes.

3 thoughts on “Walking a Better Way”

  1. Walking a better way touched me. This is all I have thought of lately. All that I have learned and all that I have endured, somehow I want to give guidance to help others. I have a burning desire to share all my life lessons, and lessons learned. To be honest, I’m still learning everyday. I pray to order my steps, my thoughts, and help me to be the person I was created to be. I would be humbled to help even one person to walk better.

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