Cease Right Now from All Attempts to Struggle

“These answers lie within you, at the heart or center of your Self, as do all answers. Your desire to make of me a teacher is the same as your desire to make your thoughts into answers that will provide you with direction. As was said earlier, you dare not, as yet, turn to your own heart for answers. Yet your heart is the well of spirit from which true answers are drawn. Your heart is a full well, a wellspring from which you can continually draw with no danger of ever drawing an empty bucket. You need never thirst again when you have accepted this. You need never seek again for answers when this has been accepted. Because you will know and fully accept that the answers lie within.

“To believe that you are already accomplished and not live from this belief is insane for reasons already enumerated time and time again.” (ACOL, D:11.10 – 11.11)

We listen to our thoughts, the thoughts and thinking of our mind, analyzing, conjecturing, speculating—try to understand our lives. We are going about this desire to know what to make of our lives in a very backward way. Our mind’s analysis will never satisfy, even if the mind has been shorn of the ego. It is the heart that holds the knowledge of what to do and where to go. And the heart is known by feelings, emotion, more so than the intellect (though we do not discount the intellect and its reasoning).

We are to bind heart and mind together, united, and this gives us the knowledge that is held in the center of our Self, where unity resides. We have united mind and heart, and, if we are lucky, we have also united the larger Self with the body, the elevated Self of form. This union, on more than one level, is what gives us the grace to assume true knowledge about ourselves, our accomplished selves. We have already planned, and done, from beyond the body, what we will implement here. This implementation is called in A Course of Love, the expression of our being. And this expression is what we are to be about a we settle into Christ-consciousness, Awakening, enlightenment.

We are encouraged not to struggle to achieve any longer. That was the way when we were learning, trying to take credit for what we accomplished in a largely egoic fashion. Jesus tells us that no day is meant to be lived in a struggle with what it brings. And this struggle is the polar opposite to effortlessness, something we are told we will acquire. We will still be quite busy, maybe even busier and busier, but without strain. Our new relaxed demeanor will allow us to accomplish as never before. We never knew how to achieve before. Always there was struggle, and assuming credit for what we had done. Now we know that a Higher Power, God Himself, is living through us. And so we enjoy our work, but we don’t take the credit for what gets accomplished any longer. We are at home in God, enjoying the day and what it brings, not anxious about the morrow, just living with ease and comfort as we listen to guidance about what to do next.

So: Cease right now from all attempts to struggle. The new way is better. The new way works. And nothing else works quite so well.


Be with me as I seek to have productive days. But I don’t take the credit for what develops in my days. I know that I am guided, led every step of the way, and the accomplishments that are mine are not really mine. You are living in me, bringing about what You will, when we have joined our free will with Yours.

Thank You for relaxing me today. May this relaxation be a harbinger of good days ahead.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

7 thoughts on “Cease Right Now from All Attempts to Struggle”

  1. A beautiful truly beautiful moment this wellspring of spirit is. Thank you for the beautiful comment. When we allow ourselves to cherish the self is loving ways and means we gain so much as a wellspring we are never empty of nothing . We are granted so much more. Thank you for your service. Grateful!!!

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