Contribute from the Well of Spirit

“Why would you retain your desire to make an individual contribution, when you can now make a contribution such as this? Is not your unique expression of the whole enough for you? Is it not infinitely greater than the contributions that are possible for the individual, separated self to make? Is not the history of your world filled with individual contributions of incredible scope?

“Do you still believe that the contribution made by the man Jesus was an individual contribution? I tell you truthfully that the only contributions that endure, the only contributions that are truly lasting, are contributions that arise from the well of spirit.” (ACOL, D:11.15 – 11.16)

So here we have it. As the larger Self as well as the elevated Self of form, we will make contributions from the arena of the already accomplished, from the “well of spirit.” These are the only type of contributions that endure, Jesus tells us. We are speaking to the Self whom we share with all others when we make a contribution from the well of spirit. This means that what we say has more resonance with our brothers and sisters; they know whereof we speak because we are speaking to their innermost nature.

An “individual” contribution is just a surface contribution of what WE think is important. When we let guidance flow in from the Self (whom we share with all others), we speak from a much larger perspective, and what we say has universal appeal. Our brothers and sisters know whereof we speak, for they too have lived this spirit-filled message. I want to say that what we say speaks to the souls of others, though the word “soul” is little used in A Course of Love.

If we attune ourselves to the core of guidance that is available to us, we will make good decisions about what to say and do, what our contribution is to be. If we avoid this guidance, throw out intuition as not reason, then we will fail. It is just that simple. This world needs our best work, and when we attune to the overarching Self, we will be on the beam.

This world needs us to be on the beam.


Guide my choice of words as I write, today and every day. Guide me to have a good attitude in whatever I do and say, for a bad attitude spoils the very best message. What we say teaches us. And we cannot show what You are really like if we are disgruntled and negative.

Be with me today; guide me in every instance. Don’t let me be resistance to what You are saying. I would let You filter through my mind and heart completely and totally, to the extent that I can sustain it.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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