Contemplate Gently Today

“Let us now consider “thinking” to be the active and often unwelcome voice “in your head,” the voice of background chatter. And let us consider your “thoughts” to be the more meditative version of your “thinking,” often even resulting in a conclusion to your thinking, a summary of the finer points, as what might come to you in a reflective moment at the end of the day. Again we will see the idea of thoughts “coming to you” at such times. This is not the “thinking” of a conflicted and struggling mind, but the “thoughts” of a mind at rest.” (ACOL, D:12.10)

This quotation is a snippet in a longer discussion of the art of thought, and how we need to deemphasize (even eliminate) the “thinking” aspect of what our minds do, for we are often analyzing, not listening to inspiration. “Thoughts,” as in the lengthy chapter in A Course of Love entitled, “The Art of Thought,” is meant to mean a number of things: miracle-mindedness, miracle-readiness, miracles (just for themselves), and prayer (constant). Our thought processes as we head into Christ-consciousness are about to slow down drastically, so much so that it is harbinger of having made the great transformation of Awakening, enlightenment.

Jesus uses the words “thinking” and “thought” a little differently than the dictionary definitions, of course, but his reasoning is impeccable. We will let the matters of our concern rest lightly on our minds and hearts as we proceed along the path of transformation. We won’t stop the flow of lightly-held thought, but we stop plugging it up and analyzing stray thinking. We dam up our thought processes, and we are even tempting the ego back into our minds when we screw up our foreheads and “think.”

Jesus tells us that he doesn’t think in the same way that we do; he doesn’t “think” at all. He doesn’t explain exactly what he means by this, but it is clear that he encourages us to live intuitively, and this is a way of living that discounts intellectual reasoning power. Our intellect so often deceives us! We think we are just so very smart, and such thinking is so of the ego that we recognize that we are thinking amiss.

Let thought rest lightly, as the miracles as expressions of love comes to us to be performed. Jesus will guide us as to what miracles to perform; we are always to ask. Our Self, the same Self who we share with Jesus and all our brothers and sisters, will respond with an answer. Our Self of union, in A Course of Love, is the way that we know what to think, say, and do. As noted earlier, we have moved beyond the Holy Spirit as an intermediary between God and ourselves, and we can get guidance directly from the Self who is a part of God, the Self who has dwelled deep within as long as we have existed as beings created by God.

So: Contemplate gently today. Let the mind rest, knowing that what we need to say and do will occur by means beyond ourselves. We don’t need to struggle with the events of our lives. Our insight, often felt as intuition, will tell us all that we need to know.


Be with me today as I seek to give my mind a rest. Let my heart come to the forefront. Let my heart truly live, for its ways are informing my mind—and to great benefit for me. May my expressions of love to my significant others smooth their way today. May my expressions of love be a constant, daily thing.

Thank You for this good day. I rejoice in the day that You have created.


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