Quiet Our Minds

“What I am striving to help you see, once again, is that union isn’t achieved with a flash of light from above, but that it quietly infiltrates the dot of the self in its unguarded moments. I am attempting to help you to become aware and comfortable with the idea that, released of old patterns, the self will join with unity more and more frequently, until finally you will sustain Christ consciousness and live in the world as the elevated Self of form.” (ACOL, D:12.12)

This quotation is the pattern, how we will, most of us, reach Christ-consciousness. Most people don’t have a sudden descending of Awakening (some do). We will quiet our minds, let the Self of union infiltrate our minds (and hearts), and then the little, or personal self, the dot of the body, will know union, and this union is another way of speaking of Christ-consciousness.

Waiting can be frustrating. But it gets us nowhere. We can be assured that Jesus is as anxious for us to reach Christ-consciousness as we have ever been. He see the negativity in this world, and the turmoil and suffering that this negativity brings about. He wants this to change. He is channeling to many in this world, right now, to turn things around. When we cooperate by having quiet times, stilling our minds, we invite the Self of union to reach us in our form (though this is all a mystical experience).

God will Himself reach down, metaphorically, and lift us up. Yet this is actually coming from within, for God, our part of Him, is within, deep in our Self, the Self who is just now coming to its own in us. When we unite with the larger Self, the Self of union, we are uniting with all living things, including, of course, our brothers and sisters. And we will get glimpses of this union, probably, before it is maintained and sustained. The sustenance is what Jesus is aiming for, for without sustenance of Christ-consciousness, we are very unstable in our reactions.

Be gentle with ourselves. We have a long way to go, but we have also come a long way. And Jesus is always with us, holding our hand, when we ask for his presence.


May this be a good day, free of neuroses. Neuroses are a form of insanity, and I would leave any and all insanity behind me in the dust below my feet. Thank You for offering me consolation always. I need solace often in the mornings. And You are here to give it to me.

Be with my brothers and sisters. May they have good days also. May we embrace each other with the arms of brotherhood.


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