The Blessings of Certainty

“Now that you are coming to a more clear idea of what the “thoughts” that come to you from unity may be like, you will undoubtedly realize this: You have had such thoughts already, thoughts that came to you with an authority that you are not used to—thoughts that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, are true or right or accurate. They may be simple thoughts about a situation in which you are involved, or about the situation of another. Or they may be profound insights into your Self or the nature of the world.” (ACOL, D:12.14)

When we have real certainty about something, Jesus says here that we are likely getting this certainty from union with the Self, the Self beyond the body. Of course, we can be wrong, but Jesus indicates that this is less likely now than it might have been in the past. And we can be grateful for this, for false certainty impedes us.

I once knew something with great certainty, and then the certainty, over time, fell away. Now, reading Jesus’s words, I wonder if I were right all along, just misguided in the terminology that I used in assessing the situation in the beginning. Words can get us into trouble about our certainty. We need to use words as accurately as they come to us. “Relationship,” for example, may be a more accurate term to use in some situations than “marriage.” “Relationship,” even a fleeting one, can be as transforming as anything else we encounter in this life. And I use this example because so many of us have gotten hung up over romantic entanglements.

Invite certainty. Jesus says elsewhere that it is sane to be certain of things in our world—even “our” world. It says that it is insane not to be certain of anything. And all of us have been lost in insanity, but we have a way out now. And I can name two ways out: A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. (There may be others, including The Way of Mastery.) Jesus is speaking to us in a way that he did not for many generations, and we ought to be grateful for that.

We are ready to hear him now. That, in my opinion, is why his words are emerging.


I would invite certainty into my life today. I have not previously thought very much about certainty, but I have, unwittingly, thought “uncertainty.” Thank You for guiding Jesus to say these words that I read today in the quotation. Thank You for guiding me to understand these words.

Help us to really know You today. When I turn over my life anew every day, I know a peace that other days lack. This ought to tell me something about the advantages of re-surrendering to You each morning.


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