How to Rest in Certainty about Issues that We Confront

“You think it is perfectly sane to go through life without knowing anything “beyond a shadow of a doubt,” without knowing anything with certainty, when the reverse is what is true. It is sane to know the truth. It is insane not to know the truth.” (ACOL, D:12.17)

Good!! How often have we wished that we knew “the truth” about some matter oppressing us. And now Jesus is indicating that we CAN know this truth. Of course, we have to look to the rest of A Course of Love to glean out we would be certain of things.

There is a lengthy use of nouns that all refer to inspiration. Nouns such as insight and intuition. This lengthy list, in another section of ACOL, suggests that we will be certain of things when we turn to guidance from our Self, the Self of union outside the dot of the body. In a more traditional sense, we might think of this as guidance from God or the Holy Spirit, but Jesus uses the term “Self” (with a capital letter) to indicate what he is now talking about in this time of Christ. Our “little” or personal self will be eclipsed by the inner Christ Self, and this Self will draw upon a space beyond the body. We are all one Self. We can intuit from the larger Self Whom we are.

Certainty about things would be so reaffirming to us. If we know that we want sanity, and we have deliberately made a decision not to act egotistically and egoically, we will be in a good position to embrace this sanity. Our insane ego is no more, at this point in reading ACOL.

Rest in the knowledge—for it IS knowledge, not perception—that we will act when directed to do so by a Self Who is beyond anything that we could analyze in our little self in this world.


I ask for guidance from my Self today. I am concerned about a matter that has plagued me for about a year, maybe longer. I know that if I am to act, I will know when and where to do so. I trust that much. I ask to trust more, ever more.

Thank You for the assurance that certainty in life is intended, not a fluke. I think back over things that I have been uncertain about in my lifetime, and I can only praise you for this new direction, this new information.


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