Heed the Bright Light of Intuition

“What is known to you in an instant through the new means available to you within the state of unity will still seem, at times, to need to be learned anew in daily living. This is knowing that will often come in a flash, and is, in a sense, a humorous metaphor for the idea of a divine “ray” of light descending and granting enlightenment. Take another look at your Bible for many stories such as these, and you will read account after account of people who did not know how to live with what they came to know, with what was received in a “ray of light” from within the state of unity.” (ACOL, D:13.4)

Jesus is here talking about sudden guidance, guidance that come to us in a flash. But even though we “know,” from this happening, what we know, we may have some trouble living out what we know. I think of this as a sudden intuition, but stronger than the feelings that we do often attribute to intuition. As Jesus says elsewhere, we CAN “know,” in certainty, once again. Our egos are not confusing us. Our egos are gone.

Jesus also says that it is sane to be certain, to have certainty. And what a way of life opens when we listen to his advice about this! We have long had trouble, perhaps, in making decisions, because we weren’t sure what to do or say. We feared making a mistake, and doesn’t this happen to all of us? Mistakes are natural, and they will occur, even when we are farther along the path to home. But we do not have to be immobilized by our fear of mistakes. The Christ-Self from within, and the Self of union, can take any mistake and correct it for the good of all. Just ask, once we have realized that we have indeed made a mistake. In the asking, we receive, and we do not have to wait long. We may not recognize that our mistake has been corrected, at least right away, but as time passes, we WILL be sure that all has been made aright again.

So: Listen to guidance by way of sudden intuition. And act on it—to have a good day, a happy day. Nothing wrong ever turns out right without divine intervention, and now we do have the promise of divine intervention to right our little worlds.


I dreamed last night of the Latin motto, “Esse quam Videri,” which means, “to Be rather than to Seem.” I think this is the bright light of an intuition coming to me in a dream. Isn’t this what Jesus is meaning when he says to “be who we really are”? I don’t need to show a self that I am not. It would oppose all my religion.

Thank You for listening to me. Help me to know the truth that what You really will for me is happiness. I used to think that was such an inferior wish. But I do understand now. Thank You for clueing me in.


2 thoughts on “Heed the Bright Light of Intuition

  1. thentherestwo.com

    I was just speaking with my parents about this last night and sharing examples throughout the years of how God was teaching me to “fine tune” my listening to hear His voice.


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