A Bit of Instruction about Sharing from Jesus

“We come now to the second part of what we are exploring together here, the idea that what you come to know may literally not be sharable with those who remain in a separate state except through the sharing of who you are and who you know others to be. All this means is that while you may feel unable to share or express all that comes to you from unity, and while you may feel unable to share or express the authority and truth you know it represents, you will, by living according to what you know to be the truth, form the very relationships and union that will allow the truth to be shared. The relationship or union, in other words, precedes the sharing of what can only be given and received in relationship.

“This is why you were told specifically not to evangelize or attempt to convince. These are actions of the separated self attempting to fulfill inter¬mediary functions. Relationship, or union, is what negates the need for such intermediary functions. By being who you are, and seeing others as who they truly are, you create the relationship in which sharing can occur.” (ACOL, D:13.11 – 13.12)

Not everybody out there is ready to accept what we have come to see as the truths expressed in A Course of Love. And we aren’t, we are told specifically, meant to “evangelize or attempt to convince.” This means that we first form relationships with others, and, when they are ready, we share what we have come to know. Prior to the formed relationship, our brothers and sisters in Christ won’t be prepared to accept anything that we would say. We just wouldn’t be believed. And, of course, this would be very frustrating to us. As it has been for those, over the years, who have sought to evangelize for the Kingdom of God.

Jesus thus makes it easy for us, and for our brothers and sisters. First form the relationships, and then others will be curious about what we seem to have that they don’t. (Of course, many won’t see anything different at all, and this too is OK. Those not ready to hear will just see us as very ordinary people.)

We WILL, though, be led to those with whom we can share, those who are ready. And this is a great blessing to us as well. We need companions who understand us, and Jesus here assures us that these will be forthcoming.

I know whereof Jesus speaks. Just in the last couple of years have I found a Centering Prayer group in my community, a group filled with people who have read A Course in Miracles, believed its truth, and make it comfortable to share what we have come to know. One has even read A Course of Love, and it is true that ACOL is just now being launched. (If you are not familiar with Centering Prayer, I find it exactly like traditional meditation.)

So: Jesus is prepared to make it easy for us. Just go about our daily run, and then watch for openings, either for new relationships or for sharing with kindred spirits.

The blessings of giving of one’s self are truly phenomenal. And Jesus guides every step of the way.


Help me to share when my friends/family are ready to hear. I don’t want to press, when Jesus has expressly asked me not to seek to convince. People open up when they are ready.

Guide me to share without even the lingering patterns of the ego. Guide me always, sharing where indicated, keeping quiet when only a smile will be accepted.

Thank You.



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