Intuition Guides Truly

“Here it will be helpful to keep in mind the idea of “as within, so without.” We are not leaving the Self to explore, because the Self is the source and cause of exploration as well as the source and cause of discovery. And yet the Self is far more than you have experienced as yourself in the past.” (ACOL, D:14.2)

The metaphor of the dot of the body and the inner Christ-Self being in one place, and the white space surrounding being the larger Self of union is just that—a metaphor. I think we have to think mystically to get the gist of what Jesus is saying. ALL is actually “together,” not separated by a dot and a white space. All is One. And this Self includes our brothers and sisters as well. We are one Self, and this includes one Self with Jesus as well.

How do we deal with this? We can journal to our one Self; this is one way. This one Self knows far more than our personal self, even though out of separation now, can ever know. We need to draw on this Self in order to have a good life, in order to have a good mission, in order to create a new world.

This Self is, as Jesus says, far more than we have experienced of ourselves in the past. The easiest way to access this Self is probably intuition, intuition because we have, all of us, used it in the past when we “knew” something that we had no outer way of knowing. Let intuition guide today. See what the Self of union has to say.


I would energetically and passionately draw on our Self of union today, for it is a union that encompasses all living things. I would use my intuition to discern guidance. I ask You to be clear with me; don’t let me get off track.

The way back might entail many changes, but I ask that these changes me gentle, that I not be hurled into reality. And in so asking, I know that I am asking in Your will.


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